Just That Country Girl Wanting A Chance

This Story is about a girl originally from just a country town. she is inlove with the band One Direction as everyone has some celeb they love. It was just a normal shopping trip with one of her friends, when she got pushed to the ground. She didn't think anything of it till she looked into beautiful sparkling emerald eyes. She was looking into her idols eyes. From this point on Aleisha's life had Changed.
i started writing this last year some time then i lost interest, but this year i decided i wanted to finish it so im add to the story now. i hope you enjoy. and there is a noticable difference in the quality of the writing


21. Goodbye

4 days later

I just put the finishing touches on my makeup. Harry and the rest of the boys were back and we were going into town as a fair well dinner sort of thing. I went out to the kitchen when my family was along with the boys. We finally all piled into the cars. My brother, dad, harry and I went in our car and my mum went with the others in the van since she wanted to talk with Lou. Paul and the others left first and we followed. My brother was driving since he needed night driving for his L’s. Harry and I sat in the back but didn’t really talk as we didn’t want to distract him.

We are about half way into town and we come to a cross section. My brother wasn’t paying enough attention and didn’t slow down enough. We stopped abit infront of where we should have been to wait. My brother looked to the left to see if there were any cars and then the right. There was a car coming from the right. He decides to go quickly before the car because he knew the oncoming car would hit the front and send us spinning. But he wasn’t quick enough. I see the bright lights coming towards me. Fear overtakes my body. Before I know it the car is spinning. The car hit the end of my door where the handle is and abit of where the boot is. My body flings across the car partly from the impact before springing back. As the car hits us it all goes black for me.

Harry’s P.O.V

I open my eyes to broken glass and blood. The car had finally stopped spinning. I look up a bit dizzy from it all. The boys in the front were both conscious and doing the same. I look over to Aleisha. I almost scream, she is lying there blood pouring from her head, broken glass all around her, gashes all over her and worst was she wasn’t responding. “Aleisha” I yell trying to get her to respond. At this point ongoing traffic has stopped and called an ambulance, her brother has gotten out of the car barely injured, her had may have a injury butI’m not sure. They try to pull me out of the car but I refuse toI’m not leaving her. I feel someone grab my shoulder and try to pull me out I shrug it offI’m not leaving her not until I absolutely have to. she is still breathing but with difficult. I stay there pulling her hair back. Her beautiful blonde/blonde hair stained red with her blood. I finally hear sirens coming closer. The ambulances finally pull up I am forced out of the way by paramedics. One hops in where I was to examine Aleisha while the other tries to get the door open and attended to everyone else. The other car has the front all compressed and the couple that was in the car have only a few bruises. I stand to the side waiting for them to get Aleisha out. They finally get the door open and rush a bed straight to the side of the car. They get her out of the car, she has a neck brace on, a oxygen mask on and is covered in blood. I run over to the bed and walk next to the stretcher right up to the ambulance along with her Dad. I kiss her hand as they load her into the ambulance. I walk over to where the police are and everyone else involved and the extra ambulances. I stand on the grass on the side of the road. Everything starts flashing before me. From the day I met her in her One Direction jumper, to her school dance when she wore that light blue dance, sitting on the log in her paddock, singing to her in concerts, taking her to meet my family, the massive get together we had in the uk, the laughs we had on the plane. All of this was going through my head right up to now the car hitting her arms swinging across and hitting me. Everything it was too much I couldn’t take it, I felt light headed, I couldn’t control it anymore I collapsed right there and then.

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