Just That Country Girl Wanting A Chance

This Story is about a girl originally from just a country town. she is inlove with the band One Direction as everyone has some celeb they love. It was just a normal shopping trip with one of her friends, when she got pushed to the ground. She didn't think anything of it till she looked into beautiful sparkling emerald eyes. She was looking into her idols eyes. From this point on Aleisha's life had Changed.
i started writing this last year some time then i lost interest, but this year i decided i wanted to finish it so im add to the story now. i hope you enjoy. and there is a noticable difference in the quality of the writing


2. Dinner with the Boys

  You got out of the car and led Harry to the door. My leg was good enough to be able to walk on it and if my mum saw you limping badly she wouldn’t let me go out with the boys tonight. I went inside and introduced Harry to my parents. They actually didn’t say anything bad or embarrassing.  My mum then asks him where we will be going out to for dinner and the restaurant his says is one of my favourites. My mum knows that the restaurant has a good atmosphere and one of her friends work there as well. I go into my room to get ready while Harry stays and talks to my parents. As I was doing my hair I could hear Harry laughing and figured that he was getting along with my parents. When I came out of my room I felt embarrassed as my mum was showing him photos of me when I was little. I then got my money off my parent and left because we had to pick Bec up as well. All the other boys were going in a van which they got around in. when we got to the restaurant there was a huge group of girls out the front so I pointed out a back way to save the fight of getting in. All the boys were already in there and waved to Harry when they saw him. Harry was such a gentleman when introducing me and Bec to the other boys. After Bec, the boys and myself had eaten dinner we all started to talk. “So how long are you boys in Australia for and my town for that matter”? Harry said that they were recording there new album here and they were thinking about recording part of a music clip in an area near my house as they wanted a scene with paddocks and long grass with trees and were probably here for a month or maybe even longer depending on the video and if they want to spend part of their Holiday here. I smiled and said that they can freely use my house. They all laugh and accepted the offer. We were standing in a bit of a group while everyone went up individually to pay. I was the first to pay followed by Harry. Harry pulled me away from everyone else to talk to me. “Aleisha I have a lot of fun tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to meet up again tomorrow and hang out, just you and me”.  I smiled back at him “ I would love to but it depends on the time because I am meeting up with my friend Bella in the morning but I think I am free in the afternoon”. “Sound perfect” he replies. He then asks if Bella is a fan of 1D. I have a huge grin on my face and reply yes and tell him that she is quite fond of him. He offers to pick me up after hanging with Bella so she can meet him. I told him that he was so sweet to do that for someone that he didn’t know. He reply back saying “Not as sweet as you will ever be”. Niall then decides that he will catch a ride home with Harry because he wanted to see where I lived, with how it was like where they wanted to shoot the video clip. On my way home after you dropped Bec off I could help but think about tonight. I couldn’t work out whether Harry liked me as a friend or more than a friend or wanted to work on becoming more than friends, my head was spinning a little thinking of this. I was so busy in another world that I fell asleep. When Niall saw that I was asleep he stole my hand bag which was in the middle of the backseat and took out my phone. Harry told him to put it back but then said he was putting Harry’s number in and getting mine for him, he soon didn’t argue with Niall. Harry didn’t want to wake me so he picked me up and carried me to my room followed by Niall carrying my jacket, handbag and shoes as I took them off in the car. He gently kisses my forehead and says goodnight to me before he leaves. I got woken up by my phone buzzing in my bag. I grabbed my phone to see who it was and surprise to see the name Harry Styles come up because I didn’t remember giving him my number so I open the message to read it. Hey Aleisha, hope you had a great night with me and the boysJ. I am looking forward to seeing you later today. Txt me the address, you fell asleep in the car before I could get it. Bye Harry xxxJ. I thought that I had just been dreaming all of this before I got the text, just another one of my many One Direction dreams. I reply to Harry’s text and then I got ready to go to Bella’s.

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