Just That Country Girl Wanting A Chance

This Story is about a girl originally from just a country town. she is inlove with the band One Direction as everyone has some celeb they love. It was just a normal shopping trip with one of her friends, when she got pushed to the ground. She didn't think anything of it till she looked into beautiful sparkling emerald eyes. She was looking into her idols eyes. From this point on Aleisha's life had Changed.
i started writing this last year some time then i lost interest, but this year i decided i wanted to finish it so im add to the story now. i hope you enjoy. and there is a noticable difference in the quality of the writing


5. bad luck continuing


I wake up to the buzzing of my phone. I had just got a text from Harry. Good Morning Beautiful. I had a good night with you last night. It would have been great if my beauty didn’t get hurt. I am sorry I can’t see you today (I wish I could relieve your pain) we are recording all day. Let me know how you are going later on today.Harry. I felt so loved when I knew that Harry cared about me. I wished that I could text him all day but I understood that he had to work. I spent most of the day just watching movies and doing homework as I had to stay on the lounge with my injured leg and I wanted it to be better for school tomorrow so I wasn’t on crutches. At the end of the day I send Harry a text.  Hey Hazz, I missed you today. I got through the whole day without getting injured. YAY. I will be going to school tomorrow. I really wish I could see you through the week. Is it possible? Leish xoxox. Harry nearly replied straight away. Hey Beautiful. I am glad you didn’t get injured today and it is great that you can go to school. I am sorry but I don’t think I will be able to see you this week but I might get to on the weekend. Harry. I’m not tired yet so I decide to go through folders on my laptop. I come to the 1D folder and decide to click on the Facts folder. I start to read through the facts about Harry and then I wonder how on earth I am dating him. There are all these facts saying things like ‘I LIKE A GIRL WHO HAS A SKILL’ or ‘ I HATE IT WHEN A GIRL COMPLAINS ABOUR THEIR WEIGHT’ which is something I do all the time. I read through so many and kept questioning how I got to be Harry Styles girlfriend. The week seems to drag on forever. Even though I had only dated Harry for a few days I was totally in love with him and missed him a lot.  When it came Saturday Harry had to work but invited me along to the studio. I was really excited and couldn’t wait to go. When I got up on Saturday I did my hair really nice with a braid along the front then pulled into a side pony tail. I would have changed my outfit many times but I ended up wearing a black lace singlet top, denim shorts, thongs and black sunglasses with bright bracelets. Harry couldn’t pick me up because he was working, so he sent his stylist out. She didn’t have any objections because the boys were real keen on using your house for the music video so she wanted to look around as well. I got along with her well, talking to her all the way into town and I just thought that her baby girl Lux was the cutest thing. When I arrived at the studio all the boys were in the recording booth. I went over to a spare seat where all the buttons and switches were so I could watch the boys through the windows. I was also given a set of head phones so I could listen to their new songs. After the first song I put my hands above your head and clapped for them. They had to record one more song before they had a break and recorded their solos. When the music started and they started singing the song it sounded familiar. I then realised it was the song that Harry was singing to me when I had injured my leg. When they finished I walked closer to the door they came out. As soon as Harry saw me he ran towards me and gave me a massive hug. Then all the other boys gave me a small hug and said hello. I sat on a couch next to Harry and Niall. Harry had his arm tightly wrapped around my waist and kept playing with the hair. He also kept playing with my hair and breathing on my neck and whispering in my ear which made me laugh. You were all having a good laugh when Harry had to go in and record his solos. I continued talking with the other boys and they asked me if you liked the last song I heard them recording. I told them that I really liked it and couldn’t wait to hear all of it and finished.  Liam then leaned over closer to me and told me that Harry wants to dedicate this song to me. I lean back on the lounge and stare into space in shock. I look over to the boys and question what they said and they told me that it was true. I couldn’t believe I only just met Harry but, I was so happy that I had tears in my eyes. Niall saw and gave me a friendly hug. They all said that Harry was totally in love with me.  I can’t believe what I am hearing and I say this.  Then Louis comes over and pinches me. I scream as it hurts and he has a good pinch considering he doesn’t have girl nails or anything. He then tells me that I’m not dreaming. I then get each of the boys to tell me what Harry says about me. I am nearly crying because Harry says the sweetest things about me to the other boys. The boys then change the subject and get me laughing again so Harry didn’t question me with tears in my eyes when he finished recording. We mainly talk for the whole time but the boys end up putting a movie on. I was on the lounge talking with Harry and the boys, when catering came and gave everyone a drink bottle of water and chewing gum. We then start to watch the movie just to fill in time while they do their solos. I was leaning on Harry with my head on his shoulder. I start to feel a little dizzy but just figure it was because I hadn’t had lunch. I start to feel more and more dizzy as times goes by. I occasionally shut my eyes for a minute trying to see if that makes a difference but it doesn’t.  Harry looks down at me and asks me if I am ok because he thinks I look a bit pale. I tell him that you are fine and just a bit dizzy and it must have been caused by the excitement coming here. He gives a little laugh, and continues to watch the movie. I decided that I would try to sleep a little bit to see if that would help. When the movie finished the boys all get up and go to record duets. Harry grabs my head from his shoulder and places it down on the lounge where he was sitting. He goes to kiss me on the head and realise that I have a temperature. He started calling my name and shaking me a little but I wouldn’t wake up.



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