Nothing can help you, your alone, no one can save you from yourself. Until the day you went to those concerts; that same day you chose to witness them at different times. You love them, but you would never be able to choose just one to be with; but they would rather die than see you with someone else.


5. The Party

"I thought hes was talking to you. I didn't realize he was talking to me.", I told Julie as we walked home with Mari.

"This is great",

"Well we have Mari so let's not talk about it".

"Talk about what?", Mari said curiously.

"Nada Mari","Nothing Mari", I told her.  

"Mari when we get to the hotel do you wanna have a dance party with music and everything?",

"Oh yes can we please Lani", she asked, I looked at Julie,

"Of course we can Maria" she responded. When we got to the entrance of the hotel she instantly reacted.


" Well yeah this is Casa De Luna but I doubt that they are staying here Maria", Julie explained to Mari, but still Mari was eager to go inside.

At the front desk they told us that Mari's mom dropped off her bag about 15 minutes ago. So we took her upstairs and by then it was already 11:30pm so after we had room service bring us up some food we told Mari that it was time to 'Have the best night of her young life.' so we flashed the lights to make it look like we were having a party. I had plugged my iPhone into the speakers and we put on the music. We were on the 82nd floor at they very top so there wasn't many people and we didn't have to worry about complaints. I allowed Mari to choose the song and she chose 'Beuaty and a Beat' by the Bieber kid.We had alot of fun with that song alone. We were lip singing and dancinging jumping up and down on the beds, I through Julie on the bed and she laughed then Mari pretended that the bed was a crowd and that the crowd was carrying her and the we put on another song by 1D at the same time. 'Live While We're Young'. It was a great mix. Then we put on the movie 'Pitch Perfect' which was a great movie for three girls, we sang along to the end of the movie and I was OBSESSED WITH FAT AMY AND I SANG HER PART. Then we made a Youtube video to the end song of the movie,

"Lani I'm gonna have to start calling you 'Fat Amy" or should I say 'Fat Patricia'", Julie said jokingly,

"Yeah",Mari said she was laughing. I was glad to see her happy, then there was a knocking at the door.

"Uh Oh Julie this is for you I look crazy right now you look sexy right now and whoever it is you can charm them and say sorry." I laughed then we all did and Julie went to the door, but she pulled me with her saying i looked pretty sexy too if we wanted go there. Typical. But as she opened the door I ran back into the room and Julie grabbed me, then familiar face greeted us. Zayne and Harry from the group 1D, really. Immediantly mari ran to the door,

"Oh my god Lani Julie I told you they were staying here too that must mean Justin Bieber is here too.", she ran up to give them a hug which they graciously returned.

"Yeah actually he is here in our hotel room and oh here he is.", Zayne responded then Justin came from the corner of the hall.

"Heyy", he looked at us for a second and so did Zayne and Harry. Then they recognized us.

"Wait you guys came to my concert with that little girl Maria", he told us, then he looked at me and winked. Zayne recognized Julie and harry recognized me too.

"Um no offense but how are you guys and why are you in this hotel room?", Harry asked us looking up at me. "What do you mean?", I asked sounding offensive.

"Well to get in this hotel it's alot and just to get to the first floor you have to have a bit of cash.",Justin said to us.

"Oh ha Julie wanna explain that?", I smirked at her.

Her face was priceless but they could probably figure it out by seeing she was wearing a red push up  bra to bed.

"I hate you go call Hesus or something", she said this in Portuguese knowing the boys wouldn't understand her.

Hesus haven't heard that name in a while, my 8th grade crush. Haha.

"Sure but sweety you alreadly show so much don't speak in Portuguese to hide it your showing enough why don't you call him.", that embarrassed her for sure so I stood right there. The boys faces were priceless.

"So do you need us to turn down the music?", I asked with my little New Yorker accent.

"No actually we wanted to say you have good taste in music", Zayne looked at me while he said this.

I was wearing sweat pants and a New York Giants Jersey not much to look at.

"Mm yeah bye now", I said trying to close the door.

"Wait!", they all yelled as I shut the door, Julie opened it,

"Yeah" she said I swear pushing her body out there.

"You guys wanna come to our room maybe watch some movies", Harry asked,

"Umm", I said pushing Maria to show them her again.

"No I don't think we can't today", I said pointing at Maria.

"No please Lani and Julie!" Mari spoke in spanish ( the following convo with Mari is in spanish )

"We can't okay Mari?" I told her ,

" Aye Lani let's go with Mari nothing will happen", Julie looked at me,

"Please", Mari looked so cute,

"Fine let's go we come back in an hour though",I said. Then we left to the hotel room.

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