Nothing can help you, your alone, no one can save you from yourself. Until the day you went to those concerts; that same day you chose to witness them at different times. You love them, but you would never be able to choose just one to be with; but they would rather die than see you with someone else.


2. The Hotel

As we boarded the plane we headed to the back where our coach seats were waiting for us, we were next to a woman maybe in her late 20's and her young daughter. The child didn't cause much fuss I talked to her the whole 6 hour plain ride to Madrid, Spain while Julie kept herself occupied while talking to her mom, Estella, although Julie was only a year older than I she was so much more mature than me. We later learned that Estella was visiting her sister who just moved out there from America after coming from Bolivia, and that her 8 year old daughter was going to a Justin Bieber and One Direction concert in the same week. I had never been a fan of those pop star boys I thought they sang mostly for the younger girls. As the plane slowly came to a stop Julie exchanged numbers with Estella and we went our separate ways, we caught a cab to the bank so that we could trade our American dollars into euros, when we had that straight we headed for the 5 star hotel that Julie managed to get us into because of her telling the manager that she was single, ( of course Julie was a huge flirt and and she was like I said beautiful inside and out ). We settled in and fought over who got the window bed and of course I won ( I was the dominate one when it came to our friendship ). Later we planned where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do while we were there, but first we raided the kitchen, after a 6 hour plane ride with noting but nasty airplane food you could get hungry, while we fatenned ourselves out we decided to just roam the streets. Which we did for about 45 minutes until we got bored and decided to look for some free concerts they were having in the area. We found that there was a free 1D concert at 8:30 pm and a Justin Bieber concert at 10:18 pm we weren't really intrested but then we realized that we might run into Estella there so we decided to go and feel like the little girls we were never able to be.  Growing we both had to drop out of school at grade 9 to support our families so now we were 15 again. getting ready for the One Direction concert, we should then have time to attend the Justin Bieber one too. We called a cab which came at 7:30 we knew we had to get a good spot but surprisingly the concert was walking distance and so we waited outside for about 15 minutes.

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