Nothing can help you, your alone, no one can save you from yourself. Until the day you went to those concerts; that same day you chose to witness them at different times. You love them, but you would never be able to choose just one to be with; but they would rather die than see you with someone else.


4. Taxi Baby Focus

The taxi didn't come for another half an hour but when we climbed in we were greeted by Estrella, the woman from our plain ride earlier in the day. " Hola nenas!! ", Estrella said to us as we climbed in, " Hey girls!! ". We learned that while Estrella was staying in Spain she had a job as a taxi driver in the area, she then explained how she wasn't able to go to the 1D concert and how upset her daughter Maria was. However she did make it to the " Bieber Fever " concert and she asked us if when she brought us there since the concert was almost over and she had a few more routes take of if we could take of Maria. " Of course Estella no need to ask we would love for Maria to join us maybe stay for the night too? ", Julie answered and before I could say anything Estella responded with a yes and said she would drop her bag at the hotel later that night. " You sure get to know people before you leave them with your kids I said under my breath. Believe me I was fine with Maria coming but I had other things on my mind that night. As you could believe the concert had ended when we arrived and we found Maria waiting backstage for a picture with Justin Bieber. She was wearing I Justin Bieber T-shirt with " Believe " written on her face, her hair was in in two pony tails tied with pink bows. She smiled when she saw me and ran up to give me a hug. " Lani!!! Your here I knew you were coming I knew it!! ", the joy on her face as if she had just won the 1,000 dollars a week for life lottery. " Of course I was gonna come and guess what Mari ( short for Maria ) your staying at the hotel with us tonight. ", I said this with such a fake voice like I was talking to a puppy. then we laughed and it was her turn to take the picture but before she went up to him he was staring at me. The way Jose stared at me when I first met him, he looked naughty with hidden intention yet sweet and lovable, I felt sick. Maria ran up to him and gave him a hug, he then swooped her up spun her around and held her close to him. She smiled and my heart skipped a beat. Jose hated kids and everything about them. After the picture he looked up at me and Julie and said " Quieres un foto? ", with a english accent " Want a photo?" "Sure", I replied pulling Julie and Mari with me showing him that we spoke english. " Great ", he said he sounded so flirty, I loved it, unlike Jose who was 6 years older then me he was only 19, a two year difference. I went to stand next to him and he pulled me close the way Zayne pulled Julie to him and how Jose pulled me went we first met. Mari ran in front and Julie on the other side. Then I remembered an Instagram post about "Tom and Jerry" and how that's all Justin wanted I didn't understand it ; all I did understand was that his eyes, his smile, his everything were just beautiful. The just feeling his skin touching me was amazing, then as the flash took over my eyes we proceeded to leave. "Hey I didn't catch your name", he called after us, I kept walking thinking that he was talking to Julie. She didn't answer and kept walking so I thought she wasn't interested. "Hey!", he called again Julie still didn't turn around and he ran after us, but he didn't turn Julie around he took me by the arm and said "Did you hear me I didn't catch your name.", he glared into my eyes you could tell this was the first time he was ignored by a girl. "Oh sorry um I'm uh I'm Lanicea Lani for short.", i sounded so stupid, but he must have liked it and he smiled, "Okay", he responded, "Call me", he handed me his number on a piece of paper along with his autograph. Then I walked away, "What just happened Lani?", Julie turned to me; probably just happy because I had my first flirt and it clarified that I was not going back to Jose. "I don't know you tell me your the boy expert", I said back to her.

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