Nothing can help you, your alone, no one can save you from yourself. Until the day you went to those concerts; that same day you chose to witness them at different times. You love them, but you would never be able to choose just one to be with; but they would rather die than see you with someone else.


6. Room 82D

As we walked into the room 82D Justin led me through. There we saw the other three members of the band 1D, Niall, Liam, Louis. They didn't immidiantly recognize us but when they saw Julie and Zayne we popped back in their minds.

"So theese are the girls who have been so loud.", Niall said with his irish accent.

"I admit you don't look like the other girls around in Spain", Louis responded to us, they all agreed and looked at us.

"Well that's because all three of us are from New York we're here for part of the summer I'm brazilian and puertorican hence why i speak Portuguese and English but Julie is bolivian I don't really know why she speaks Portuguese, we met Maria here on the plain  with her mom and we became friends and here we are.",I said quickly to them trying to act as sassy as possible.

"Explains why you girls are so sexy New Yorkers are hot", Justin replied to me staring at me but not my face,

"And we're leaving now", I said quickly picking up Maria.

"Julie we gotta put maria to bed we have long day tomorrow let's go!.", I rushed to get out of there I don't know if it was past experiences with Jose that got me scared or if I was just nervous.

"Nice move Justin.", I hear Harry say to Justin then Zayne threw a pillow at him.

"Okay um do you want us to walk you back?", Harry asked us.

"I'm not tired yet Lani", Mari replied but you could see that she was in her eyes.

"Sure", I said back and all 6 boys cam to walk us back they even sang a lullaby to Mari. That was sweet, she fell asleep and they all one by one kissed her forehead and left an autograph addressed to her on the night stand. They were great to her.

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