Nothing can help you, your alone, no one can save you from yourself. Until the day you went to those concerts; that same day you chose to witness them at different times. You love them, but you would never be able to choose just one to be with; but they would rather die than see you with someone else.


1. "Cycles will always repeat themselves as if they are a never ending beginning"

I ran out of his house as fast as I could, " YOU'LL COME RUNNING BACK YOU LITTLE SLUT!!! ", my boyfriend yelled after me, knowing that he was right. As much as I hated him I would always come running back because at the same time I loved him, or at least I thought I did. I ran back to my apartment in Manhattan, New York. Running up the stairs shedding tears, I knew that my neighbors heard me but at the same time they were used to me coming home crying and kicking my walls sometimes making a hole in the wall separating our units. And that night the same things happened Julianna would come from upstairs to comfort me and beg me to leave him, " Lanicea you can't keep going back your gonna get hurt you have to call someone and get help and make sure he doesn't ever hurt someone again.", she spoke in spanish which was her native language from Colombia. Julie was a great friend when she moved her on her 18th birthday from Colombia we had so much in common together, we both had similar interest like partying and were both from Latin country's. The only things we didn't have in common was that i was born in the states she was born in Colombia, and the fact she thought that I should leave my boyfriend Jose. As she patched up the open cut on my left cheek I watched as she slowly began to cry, I hated seeing her cry she was such a beautiful person inside and out and hurt me to know that she cared so much for me, but I couldn't leave because I loved him and he loved me I just did something wrong to get him upset. And as always Julie stood with me for the rest of the night and as always she did my makeup to cover up the scars and bruises in the morning ,and as always she drove me to work however this time she wasn't driving me to work. Instead she drove me to the airport. " Lani you know I love you but I can't see you suffer this way. I but us both a plain ticket to Spain just for the sum-" I cut her off " JULIE I DIDN'T TELL JOSE HE WILL BE SO MAD AT ME DO YO- ' that time she cut me off, " I told Jose and he said he didn't care and quote ` Where the slut went `", this time she spoke calmly. " I packed our luggage last night and I told Mc-Donalds you wouldn't be able to come to work for the rest of the summer.", "Okay Julie but know you aren't gonna keep me from him, when I get back I'm going right back.", I could tell she was getting annoyed by the look in her eyes and the way she moved.





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