Nothing can help you, your alone, no one can save you from yourself. Until the day you went to those concerts; that same day you chose to witness them at different times. You love them, but you would never be able to choose just one to be with; but they would rather die than see you with someone else.


7. 7:30

I woke up at 7:30 and Mari and Julie were still asleep. We had went to sleep late that night so I didn't bother waking them up instead I got up and dressed and took the elevator downstairs to the lobby in order us some breakfast. I ordered 3 orders of chocolate chip pancakes, two coffees, and a glass of orange juice. Then I went back upstairs but before I even made it to the elevator I ran into Zayn Malik from 1D.

"Hey sorry about last night Justin was a bit pushy and I know that could kinda get annoying seeing that you had that littl e girl with you.",he said when he ran he ran into me.

"No problem are you guys sharing a hotel room or just hanging out?",

"No huh we were all hanging in Harry's room for a bit",

"Oh, well I have to go upstairs and wake up Julie and Mari so um seeya 'round?", 

"Yeah of course bye.", 

And that was the end of our conversation. When I walked into the room I saw Mari and Julie were already enjoying the breakfast ordered for them and my breakfast not in sight except for the empty coffee cup and plate on my bed. 

"Hey Lani we ate breakfast that we're guessing you ordered.", Julie said to me when I entered the room

"Yup and I see you saved me mine.", I said sarcastically

"Hey we were hungry don't blame us", Julie said.

"Okay then why don't we go out for breakfast common get dressed finish eating that and we'll go", I responded,

"Okay", Julie said finishing up her breakfast.

Mari was already done and getting dressed.

"Let's go guys"



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