What I wanna say

This girl make me so happy but idk how to tell her


3. The blues

All the things I wanna say
But I'm to scared to flip the page
And go chill with u by the bay
I barley can stand on a stage 
Let alone try to pour out to u
Wishing I would just tell you how I feel
Instead I sit here with the blues
Cause If u were to say no My heart wouldn't heal
But if you said yes
U would be my princess
I would treat u the best
And be here for u to relive stress
But more importantly is the love 
That we can hopefully share
Just me and u chillin in the cove
But I couldn't bear
Risking our friendship 
So I sit and think what could be
So idk what to do so many thoughts skip
Around my head only if u could see
What u have done to me
How I have fallen for you
Only if you could see
But I sit here with the blues

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