The Dead Rises

Kevin was an average eighteen-year old, living with his mom and two sisters..
find out what happens as you read along...


1. Ash & Dust

            Tuesday it was, on the fifth to be precise. Kevin got on the bus with his pals Eugene and Kristie. "Where's Janie and Chan?" Kristie asked."You know them love birds...their probably in the school yard," Kevin answered. "This isin't like them though..I'm getting worried," Eugene stated. "Don't get worried! I didn't see them at school today either, I heard Chan was sick anyhow," Kriste concidered. The bus came to a stop at Kevin's house, Eugene and Kristie got off there also.

          Mrs. Monroe the neighbor, was watering her flowers outside "Afternoon Kevin and kids! How was school?" she asked


"It was fine.Where's Mr. Monroe?


"Hes inside..not feeling well."


"Oh..well I have to go..see you soon!"  She just smiled as he walked in.

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