Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


39. You Make Me Glow

(Harry's POV) 

We helped everyone into the house, yesterday was eventful... Almost dying Niall killing Hugo resirecting more than half the coven Louis actually torching Hugo's mansion. We were finally home, it didnt seem to bother Louis that none of his other fledglings made it. 
I went up to my room and plopped down on my bed I stretched out and sighed. I felt the side sink and I felt a small hand on my chest I looked over and saw Karleigh I turned towards her and pull her into my chest 
"Ew you smell like vampire blood." She says 
"Aww you don't wanna cuddle" I said 
"Not unless you shower." She said 
"Well hey you smell like you've been dead for weeks" I said 
"Funny." She said smirking 
"So why don't we shower together?" I asked Karleigh smiled now. 
"Smooth." She said 
"Thanks" I said 
There was a knock at my door. 
"I'll be waiting" she says getting up she slid her shirt over her head as she walked into my bathroom I bit my lip and got up opening my door. 
"Lou called, she's bringing Fern and Delilah home" Louis tells me 
"That's great." I said smiling 
"We made it" he said I smiled 
"We did" I said 
"Were gunna get something to eat do you and Kar wanna come?" Louis asked 
"No you guys go we'll wait here were just gunna nap and stuff" I said he nodded smirking as everyone left I waited and then stripped down going into the shower I stood behind karleigh I put my hands on her hips and kissed her neck. 
"I love you" I whispered 
"I love you too" she says 
"Prove it" I said she smirked she turned around locking her lips with mine. I sucked the water off her bottom lip gently. 
She slid her hands up my bare chest and planted her hands on my cheeks and put ER hands in my hair and kissed around my neck.

(Louis' POV) 

I got into the range rover where everyone was waiting 
"Harry and Karleigh aren't coming?" Liam asked 
"No their napping" I said 
"Bullshit they probably are gunna fuck." Niall said Kelsey shook her head in the seat next to me smiling. I reached over and took her hand. I pulled out of the drive way and pulled down the gravel drive way. 
We made it through another disaster. 

"Life may throw you a curve ball but you always have to be prepared for that. Never underestimate your love for others and lengths you would go to keep them safe." 

- Natalie (Writer of Fan Fictions :p) (will return later on in the fan fic :))

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