Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


27. When Everything Turns To Shit

(Harry's POV) 

I sat in the room pacing I heard muffled conversation in the next room, I tried not to concentrate on that. I put my hands threw my curls, how would I get home? I would I save Kelsey in the process? 
I was fucked. 

(Louis' POV) 

I reached my body... Slowly opening my eyes I woke in a room not tied down or anything. I guess Hugo was planning to pull me back? I got up I had the clothes I had been wearing in the house. Harry's Hamilton tank top and black chinos with black vans. 
I slipped threw the hall breathing heavily I texted Niall.
"Ready." I said I moved out I went into a room and grabbed a cool looking stake I killed a gourd silently by stabbing the stake in to his neck after I stabbed his heart and kept going. There wasn't many guards and I knew Hugo would be in his office.
I quickly cleared out, I went to the door I opened it letting Niall and the others in. I walked down the hall, they followed. I saw a door marked "Armory" and went in. 
I handed everyone heavy duty stakes. Steal ends, wood tip. (Haha.. That sounds dirty... Sorry... Lol :p))
I looked around and when my eyes landed on it I smiled I looked back at everyone they smiled as well. I walked forwards breaking the pad-lock. 
I opened the metal grates and examined the fine weapon. 
I picked it up. 
"A Cross Bow? Really?" Hailey said I smirked 
"Hell yeah it's even got wooden arrows" I said I grabbed a stealth (or whatever it's called..) of arrows and nodded to everyone. 
"You guys go find Kelsey and Harry.. I'm gunna search for Hugo." I said they nodded. 
I nodded to them one more time and walked opposite to them. 

(Harry's POV) 

I sat on my bed picking at the comforter. When my door was opened and Kelsey was pushed in, her hands covering her breasts and her pants were gone only underwear remained the door slammed once more I stood up she started to cry when she saw me I felt angry. I walked forwards and hugged her holding her head to my chest 
"Did he...?" I asked she nodded I felt angry but then I realized I was all Kelsey had right now. 
I hugged her for a moment longer. I stepped back and too off my shirt giving it to Kelsey. I searched the dresser drawers for something else but there was nothing. 
"We gotta et out of here" she said I nodded and looked around 
"Don't look now but there's a vent on the wall we can fit into above my head" I told her mind. 
She looked at me she stepped forwards I boosted her up by cupping my hands as she took the vent off and dropped it, I boosted her all the way up and she stuck her hand down. I took it she pulled me up into the vent.

(Niall's POV) 

Running threw the halls I was leading the group I led them threw the halls while Zayn tried to sense them and Liam tried to feel their energy. My stake had been thrown down the stairs I had no time to get it so I was weapon-less. I searched around for another one. 
We opened the door to the stairs going up levels Hugo owned his own building type thing with like 5 floors. We had skimmed threw the first 3, the forth next just before we were about to exit I stopped 
"What?" Zayn asked I smirked walking forwards I smashed the glass and took out the fire ax. I turned around 
"Ni... Your crazy but I love you." Hailey said I chuckled and kicked the door down. Running threw the halls once more I was armed with an ax. 
I wanted to try something, it always looked cool in the movies... When one of Hugo's men came running I brought the ax to the side like a bat and swung and sure enough his head came clean off. 
"Awesome." I said wiping the blood off my face Liam high five'd me. 
Two more men came out I held my hand up telling the others to stay back. I walked forwards the front guy I swung once more taking his head off and the other one and brought the ax up and swung down splitting his head in two. I stepped back as he feel down I took the ax out of his head and nodded for the others to move out. 
We ran once more 
"Harry?! Kelsey?!" I called 
As I was expecting... No answer.

(Harry's POV) 

I crawled ahead of Kelsey in the vent I didn't exactly know where I was going but I was working off my gut. 
I looked threw a grate I saw a guard threw it I turned and held a finger up to my lips 
"Shh..." I whispered and pointed down she gave me a thumbs up. 
I crawled along we went forward for about a minute I looked threw another grate when I noticed the gory scene. Two men with heads cut off and one with a split skull. 
"Damn" I whispered 
"Let me see" Kelsey said I converted her eyes 
"No, it's pretty bad." I said she grumbled but pushed me and looked threw the vent she made a gagging sound. 
"You alright?" I asked she nodded 
"Lets just get out of this place" she said I nodded moving on. 

(Louis' POV) 

Walking down the hall I zoned my hearing in but I couldn't pin point Hugo's location. 
I dropped my crossbow when I was pushed into a dining room I looked up and saw Hugo he grabbed my throat pinning my down on the table he held a stake up over my heart adrenaline kicked in and I knee his stomach rolling across the table I threw a glass at him he threw the stake at me I ducked he jumped over the table. I picked up a chair and smashed it over him he fell to the ground but got up and punched me and pushed me over. He straddled me and put his hands around my throat I gasped for air I desperately swung at him I landed a punch to the side of his head and leaned up and bit a chunk of his neck off I spit out his blood onto his face and pushed him off of me he clutched at his throat and I snapped a leg off a chair and hit him over the head with it. Repeatedly. He stopped moving I assumed he was dead from force head trauma. but he got up. He pushed me and picked me up throwing me threw a door. I hit the bottom corner of my back on a counter top corner I fell to the ground I desperately tried to slide backwards I knew if Hugo could he would kill me. 
He came forwards holding the leg of the chair I grabbed a pot and threw it at him but that didn't do much. I whimpered and felt tears come to my eyes. I had mini flashbacks of all the boys. This would be how I died? After all we've been threw? I wouldn't even get to say goodbye. I blinked as a tear slid down my cheek Hugo lifting me up by my collar I stared into his eyes. 
"Are you prepared to die?" He asked 
"Go ahead. At least I'll be rid of you." I said I spit in his face he grabbed me by the throat and swung me threw the air and slammed my back off the counter I winced in pain. He took the chair leg and held it above my heart I grabbed it and it ignited in fire burning his hands he grunted throwing the stake, to the ground. It broke in two turning to ash. 
"How'd you do that" he hissed 
"I don't know" I said he was still shocked I landed a hard punch to his jaw breaking it. 
He fell to the ground but flipped up and pushed me back against the counter I grunted I grabbed a knife and stabbed it into his stomach
"Your gunna have to do better than that." He said he reached over my head and before I could tell what the object was he stabbed it into me I looked down to see he had stabbed the end of a wooden spoon into me  I fell to the ground gasping I tried to breath but I couldn't get any air I felt my eyes closing. 

(Zayn's POV) 

We were split up. On the final floor. We didnt know where Louis was or Harry or Kelsey. 
Niall led us at a slight jog. I tried my best to focus on our lost team memebers when two shots rang out it seemed like the world slowed down it sounded like I was under water I saw karleigh and Hailey sink down to Niall's side he had fallen to the ground, two bloody bullet holes I'm his torso he gasped for air 
"No!" Liam yelled another shot rang out causing him to go down I gulped but I dropped down to Liam's side he was bleeding tears in his eyes as he coughed I started to cry he coughed up blood I wiped it away. 
"No Liam" stay with me. Come on" I said 
"The bullet... It's against my heart... You need to get it out." He said I nodded I slowly stuck my fingers into the bullet hole he yelled out in pain I heard two loud thuds and then I felt a gun held to the back of my head I gulped I slowly pulled the bullet out of Liam's chest 
"Hands up pretty boy" he said I lifted my hands up cuffs were placed on my wrists. 
"Got them boss. Where do we take them?" I over heard 
"The cells, lock them up tight I got their leader. He's not going anywhere soon. Maybe not ever" he said I felt a tear roll down my cheek this was a trap. It was all a trap. My head was forced to the ground as I watched everyone get cuffed. They pulled Karleigh and Hailey away fom Niall. The one sight that broke my heart was they put Niall in a black body bag.
"Niall" I whispered the last thing I saw was his face he looked to be in a peaceful sleep. 
I felt the butt of a gun come in contact with my head and everything went fuzzy.
My eyes shut.

(Harry's POV) 

Crawling threw the vent with Kelsey we heard gun shots. Kelsey grabbed my hand I looked at her she looked at me about five gun shots rang out 
"Five?" She said I nodded 
Exactly enough shots for each if the others. But why would they be here? We weren't ready yet. I crawled forwards I looked down and saw something that just about felt exactly like someone ripped my heart from my chest. I saw Niall his bleeding body just as two men were zipping a black body bag up I turned to Kelsey tears dropping from my eyes I threw my arms around her neck and cried 
"What? What is it?" She asked 
"Niall..." I sobbed she hugged me starting to cry herself.
"C'mon we have to get out of here. Now." She said I nodded 
"He's really gone this time" I whispered 
"Just don't think about it Harry we need to get out" she said I could hear her efforts trying to hold back tears and sobs 
We quickly crawled along when all he sudden a squeaky sound stopped us. 
"What's that?" Kelsey whispered. 

(Play Saddest Song Ever :( her youtube account is: 1789K

Before I could answer the vent broke causing us to fall down crashing to the ground with loud bangs we landed in a kitchen I lay on my back groaning. I turned my head and saw Louis laying on his side his back to me the fuzzy part of his hair visible he wasn't moving. I dragged myself over and rolled him onto his back he had many wounds. And a wooden spoon in his chest I felt my chin wobble as I cried once more Kelsey was out from the fall I shook Louis he didnt wake up. I took the wooden spoon out of his chest and looked at his face motion-less, I sat crying hugging my knees to my chest sobbing quietly. I didn't know what to do I grabbed Louis' small hand and held it to my chest I heard footsteps and I quickly crawled and hid behind a counter. I heard muffled speaking I peaked over and saw them carrying Kelsey out I waited a moment after they left and slowly crawled back out towards Louis. Pulling his torso onto my lap I rocked back and forth sobbing like a little boy. This was so painful. True heart break. I just sat there in silence when I felt Louis twitch in my arms I looked down only to see his eyes flutter open 
He looked up at me 
"Harry?" He whispered 
"Louis" I said smiling threw my tears he reached up and touched my shoulder. 
"I thought you were dead." I whispered 
"I was." He whispered coughing 
I looked into his blue eyes 
"Louis..." I started 
"Yeah?" He said 
"Niall... They killed him." I said Louis sat up 
"They what?" He said 
"Killed him." I said 
"And the others?" He asked 
"I don't know. I only saw Niall but I heard 5 gun shots." I said Louis wiped at his eyes 
"Were the only ones?" He asked 
"It seems that way." I said 
"We can't turn soft. We have to kill Hugo. Honor our coven" he said I nodded 
"How? There's only two of us" I said 
"Harry together were unstoppable" Louis said I nodded he stuck out his hand I took it. 

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