Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


1. This Feels Like Fallen In Love

(Louis' POV) 

(Play California Girls Katy Perry) 

I drove my new red mustang convertible the roof down it was summer, I had my aviators shielding my eyes and the love of my life sat beside me Kelsey smiled widely soaking up the sun raybands covering her eyes, I smiled we were headed home, the boys had sent us put to find Niall some orange supras. He really wanted them and they were limited time. So now we were on our way back. The music blaring, I smiled and cheered along with Kelsey. 
We sang along to California girls 
"The Boys break their necks trying to creep a little sneak peek at us" I said sang putting my hand to the side of my mouth fake gasping Kelsey laughed I sang the next part she kept laughing...
"You could travel the wor-uuuurld but nothing comes close to the golden coast" I looked at her she laughed I continued 
"Once you part with uh-us you'll be fallen in love, oh, oo-oh oh oo-oh oh." I belted out the coarse putting both hands on the wheel 
"California gurls were in forgettable daisy dukes, bikinis on top! Sun kissed skin so hot we'll melt your Popsicle!" I sang then we both laughed I stopped singing after that but when the "sex" part came up I echoed her like the back round singers did making a giggle escape Kelsey's lips. 
I danced in my seats body rolling. 
I wished I could do the rap like Niall but sadly nope. 
I rocked my head blasting the song louder I sang along with the coarse as we pulled up Kelsey opened her door I just climbed over the door 
"Louis, this is a nice car" she said I shrugged she smiled it was silent I got worried I rushed into the house it was dark I flicked on the switch 
"SURPRISE!!!!" The boys and some of my other friends yelled I smiled widely surprised completely. Harry came up to me 
"Happy late birthday!" He yelled but then whispered in my ear 
"But we all know your real birthday is today" Harry said patting my shoulder and trotting back to the boys and Karleigh's said Niall came forward and put a paper party hat on my head that was striped it said "birthday boy" on it, it squised down part pf my quiff but some parts still stuck out neatly. I laughed the string slipped from his fingers and smacked against under my chin I slightly yelped but laughed it off 
"Lets get this party started!!!" Harry yelled 

(Play Kids by MGMT) 

(Louis' POV) 

I stood with the boys 
"Thanks for this guys!" I yelled over the music 
"Hey we all need it" Zayn said 
"Where Delilah and Ellie tonight?" I asked 
"At Ellie's moms house" Zayn answered 
"You've still got her mind tricked?" I teased he winked 
"You know it" he chuckled 
I looked over the crowed my eyes locked on her, Kelsey, she danced body rolling in her white jeans and black off the shoulder shirt that showed off her stomach. I wiggled my brows at Harry who was looking at Karleigh who was right near Kelsey. We winked at the other boys disappearing I walked over to Kelsey putting my hands on her hips I pulled her against my chest 
"Hey hot stuff" I said she giggled 
"Hey handsome" she said I chuckled 
"Don't stop now love, keep going dont be shy" I said I pulled her hair over her one shoulder and kissed at her neck we started to work up a rhythm to the music Niall, Hailey, Harry and Karleigh came over 
"Grind line!" They yelled I laughed Niall's sandwiched Kelsey with me smiling Hailey and Karleigh danced but Harry he wasn't complaining... 
We cheered the party's volume was thudding in my chest. The beat of the song throbbed in my ears. Niall laughed as Kelsey out her hands on his shoulders I kept my hands on her hips Niall laughed putting his hands on her rib cage I saw Harry and the other girls tipping back red solo cups 
"Hey easy there Harry." I said he smirked 
"This is only my fifth one!" He said grinning I chuckled he kissed Karleigh but Hailey pulled her away, Harry shook his head smirking the three of them disappeared into the crowed me, Niall and Kelsey still kept our rhythm. We split up I took Kelsey's hand and spun her Niall caught her in his arms we laughed Niall spun her around again she collided with my chest. 
She pushed away from me and closed her eyes swaying her hips to the beat 
"I'm going to get Hailey have fun" Niall said patting my shoulder I smirked I walked towards Hailey and took her hips in my hands once more and put my lips on hers, she parted her lips letting my tongue inside. She put her arms around my neck locking her fingers around the fuzzy pieces of hair at the back of my head kissing her made it feel like my world was spinning and we were the only two people in the room. 
I put my hands in her back pockets still kissing her she parted her lips from my 
"How cliche" she teased her lips brushing mine when she spoke I shook my head smiling I kissed her again. 

(Harry's POV) 

I disconnected my lips from Karleigh's as Niall came Hailey went up to him he nestled his head with hers. 
"Where's Louis and Kelsey? I didn't think he'd release the dragon this early" Harry says 

(Play I Love It by Icona Pop) 

(Harry's POV) 

Niall chuckled 
"He hasn't "released the dragon" yet" he said using air qoutes on "release the dragon" 
I smirked as a new beat picked up 
This was me and Karleigh's song we turned to each other and smiled she grabbed my hands and dragged me away and turned her back to my chest and put her arms around my neck I smiled she rocked her hips I kissed her smiling my hands on her stomach holding her against me 
I looked over and saw Niall and Hailey standing on the couch jumping singing along 
"I put your shit in a bag and threw it down the stairs, I don't care! I love it!" They shouted jumping. I laughed at them. Karleigh turned around and grabbed my jaw in her hand and kissed me I liked the rough nature of it I was surprised I've gone this long without sleeping with her. I pulled her roughly against me using vampire strength she grunted against my lips causing me to smirk. She pushed me towards the stair case 
I stopped disconnecting our lips 
"So persistent" I teased she tore open my button up shirt I looked around there were humans here I quickly winked at her and used vampire speed to run up the stairs when I got to the top Karleigh crashed against me with a thud on the wall I forced her to the wall across the hall I ripped her camisole revealing her hot pink Victoria's Secret bra. Se pushed ripped the shirt I had on in half from the back it fell to the floor I pulled her against me. She gripped at my built back. 
"Are you sure about this?" I asked 
 "I've never wanted anyone more than I want you" she said I kissed her again this time opening my door carrying her in and slamming the door locking it. 

-10 minutes later-

(Louis' POV) 

Me and Kelsey met up with Niall and Hailey in the kitchen when a memory hit me of falling from the third floor and landing on the island the punch bowl and beer cans were on. 
I laced my fingers with Kelsey's. 

(Play Come & Get It by Selena Gomez) 

Niall had just drank down an entire cup of beer in less than 2 seconds he threw the cup to the ground and threw his arms up in triumph cheering a loud "woooo!" I smiled at Kelsey 
"I wanna try" I said Niall smirked sliding a red solo cup to me 
 "Ready.... GO!" Niall said I tipped the cup back and before I could even register the taste it was down my throat. Niall clapped 
"Amazing" he said 
"I've had lots of years to train" I said only Niall, Hailey and Kelsey gettin my joke because the other people in the room were human and didnt know about me. 
"Where Zayn and Liam?" I asked 
"They went over to hang out with Ellie and Delilah" Niall said 
"Sounds like fun" I said sarcastically

-20 minutes later-

(Play That Power ft. Justin Bieber) 

(Louis' POV) 

Niall and Hailey had ditched us yet again to go dace I wondered if Justin was here tonight as his song with blasted threw the speakers threw out the house. 
I stood between Kelsey's legs as she sat on the counter I looked around 
"I can't get over how cute you look in that hat" she said Id forgotten I had it on. 
When the beat picked up I kissed her. She smiled against my lips. 
"Beeeeeeeeeer?" A very drunk Andy Samuels offered 
"Nah I'm good thanks Andy" I said 
"C'mon birthday boy. Take it." He said laughing I took it he started to walk away 
"And no sex on the counter!" He yelled back I smirked I looked Kelsey in the eyes 
"Fun guy isn't he?" I asked sipping the beer 
"Uh I can't handle this come with me I need a real drink" I said I towed Kelsey threw the crowd. We went down into the basement I did the code for the blood storage and we walked in shutting the door. I took my favorite type A Negative off the shelf Kelsey took a random one she didn't really have a favorite type.
We sat on the floor drinking the blood in swallows at a time 
"Fun party eh?" She said I nodded 
"I have this feeling in my gut the something going to happen" I said 
"Lou, you've been having that gut feeling since the day the panthers chased the wolves out of the country" she said 
"I'm just cautious that's all" I said 
"Can you be a little less cautious for just a few minutes?" She asked slowly zipping my sweater zipper down I looked down at her hands, and the. Back at her I leaned forward she backed up I hovered over her kissing her neck. Her legs wrapped around my waist I had the zipper of her halter tight denim bra type thing half way undone when my phone started to ring I groaned I answered it 
"Hello?" I said aggravated 
"Louis it's Zayn" he said out of breath 
"What's wrong?" I asked 
"It's happening" he sad 
"What's happening?" I asked 
"Wht do you fuckin think?! Ellie's what broke I don't know what to do fuck get over here! Get Harry too hurry up it's disgusting I'm generally scared right now" he said 
"Ok I'm gathering them all" I said 
"Hold on" Zayn said there was a muffled sound 
"Just take deep breaths Ellie ok? In out in out!" Zayn shouted
"Where's her mom?" I asked 
"Out at the store with Liam! I'm all alone, oh fuck hurry please Louis" Zayn says 
"I will" 
"Daddy..." Delilah's faint voice comes over 
"One minute baby, Daddy's on the phone" Zayn said 
"I'm getting the boys and I'm on my way"
"Hurry.... Please" he said and hung up I chuckled 
"What?" Kelsey asked 
"Ellie went into labour and Zayn's alone with her he's freaking out" I said 
"We have to go then" she said 
"Hold on I gotta summon the boys" I said I summoned Harry and Niall. 
I leaned down kissing Kelsey once more I leaned away slowly dragging out her lower lip I got up, I offered her my hand seconds later the boys came in. 
"What's wrong?" Niall asked 
"What's going on?" Harry asked 
"Ellie went into labour, we have to leave" I said 
"What about the party? All these people?" Harry asked
"Harry, your daughter is being born. Who cares about my party. We'll leave without people noticing and after we'll slip back in, Ellie will sleep at her Mum's with the baby. Everything works out" I explained 
"Ok" Harry and Niall agreed Harry looked down at Karleigh pecking her forehead. 
"C'mon" he said 
We all slipped out of the back door no body noticing. We drove to Ellie's Mom's house. 
We all ran in 
"Oh thank god!" Zayn yelled he ran out of the house and threw up 
"I got Zayn, you guys help Ellie" I said 
They nodded I walked outside. Harry walked out 
"Is he ok?" He asked I rubbed Zayn's back 
"Yeah, I think so" I said 
Niall came out of the house sweating 
"That is the most disgusting thing ever!" He said 
"Tell me about it." Zayn said Niall sat next to Zayn. 

-30 minutes later- 

"How long does birth usually last?" Harry asked as me, Niall, Him and Zayn sat on the porch steps of the small cream green house. 
"Oh depends, it took Olivia only minutes. Ellie's been...." I grabbed Harry's wrist looking at his watch 
"Half an hour." I said 
"How much longer? I'm hungry" Niall said we all chuckled Niall frowned. 
"Not much longer" I said 
I felt signs of panic my stomach flipped I turned to the boys 
"Stay here" I told them 
"No problem" Zayn said 
I walked into the house and into the room 
"What's wrong?" I asked the girls
"She's dying. Hen she gets the baby out you need to turn her." Kelsey says I walk up to Ellie's head 
"Are you ok? Ellie?" I said she nodded 
"Just get her out" she said 
"Push" I said she pushed I looked over at Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey smiles spread on their faces little cries rang put Kelsey cleaned her off 
"What are you waiting for?" Hailey said gesturing to Ellie I looked down I bit into my wrist feeding her my blood I grabbed her neck and snapped it. Laying her head down gently I tucked her in like she was sleeping and walked over Kelsey placed Harry's beautiful baby girl in my hands. 
Karleigh went and got Harry. He walked in followed by Zayn and Niall. 
He looked in my arms I walked towards him he met me half way he stroked her cheek she still lay in my arms 
"She's beautiful Harry" I whispered Harry smiled 
"She's perfect" 

(Play Spark by Ed Sheeran) 

(Louis' POV) 

Harry sat at Ellie's head 
"We should change her into some clean clothes" Kelsey suggested
"I'll carry her up she has her clothes upstairs" Harry said he scooped up Ellie keeping the blanket wrapped around her. He carried her up the steps. I sat down Harry's baby girl still in my arms.
I heard the door open nd Liam's voice I handed the baby to Niall and got up 
"Louis?" Liam said 
"Hey" I said Ellie's mom looked at me I walked up to her looking into her eyes
"Sit down don't move until I tell you" I said she nodded and sat at the kitchen table,
"What's wrong?" Liam asked 
"Ellie gave birth" I said Liam smiled 
"That's great, where is she?" He asked I stopped him from walking in the door 
"She was dying during the birth.... I had to turn her" I said Liam looked at me 
"Is she awake yet?" He asked 
"No, Harry and the girls brought her up stairs" I said Liam nodded he ran vampire speed up the steps I sensed his anger. 
I walked into the living room 
"How's she doing?" I asked I didn't get an answer when Liam and Harry came tumbling down the steps they reached the bottom Liam gave Harry a hard shove I stood between them one of my hands planted on their chests 
"You killed her!" Liam yelled 
"I didn't mean to! I thought it was impossible!" Harry yelled back I looked at Niall 
"Take her out get Zayn to go with you" I said to his mind he got up holding the baby girl and got Zayn to go out. I looked at Liam and then Harry 
"Explain" I said they both started shouting at me 
"One at a time" I said aggravated. 
They both gave me their reasons I sighed 
"Do you guys realize what your doing? Your throwing away your friend ship for something that's go to fade in a matter of years, Liam in a way Harry did you a favor. Now you can be with Ellie forever." I said 
Liam stayed quiet.
"I need some air" he said roughly pushing the side door the the house open and walking out. 
"What have I done?" Harry asked 
"Harry-" I started 
"No. I don't wanna talk" he said he pushed the door Liam walked out of he didnt shut it I saw him use vampire speed running into the park across the street and disappearing into the darkness. 
"Zayn! Niall!" I yelled they came in
"What's wrong?" They asked 
"Harry and Liam got into a fight they ran away" I said 
"Don't worry they'll cool off and come home" Niall said still cradling the baby girl. 
"I'm going home to the party. Just in case they come back there. Keep me posted" I said I summoned Kelsey she came down the stairs I took her hand and left. 

-skip to their home- 

The party was cleared I cleaned up the house vampire speed I stood in the living room on the third floor looking out the ceiling to floor windows. I stood arms in my pockets 
"Where are you?" I whispered the question directed at Harry and Liam. 
I saw in the reflection of the glass Kelsey walking over. I sighed my looking down. She slipped her hands around my waist from behind she kissed the back of my neck I looked in the corner of my eyes. 

(Play Quiet Ballad Of Ed by Ed Sheeran) 

"They'll come home, but for now we have this whole house to ourselves... No wolves, no fledglings. No problems." She said I turned slipping my hand onto the back of her neck pulling her lips against mine my hand rested on the small of her back she had her hands on my back. 
I took my hands off her neck landing them on her hips lifting her up she hugged my waist with her legs I backed up onto the couch sitting down Kelsey straddling my lap. I tilted my head up to connect our lips once more. 
I put my hands on her back she had hers on my jaw. I un zipped her denim bra thingy and pushed it off her shoulders I pulled on her bra clasp tugging on it she opened and blue and grey plaid button up shirt, she opened it sliding her hands up my newly exposed stomach and chest. 
 I lifted her up once more going into my bed room. I took off her jeans I puts my hands on either side of her stomach planting them on the soft sheets. I kissed from her underwear line up the middle of her flat stomach over her bra and her collarbone I felt her giggle her toes I kissed at her neck moving on. I kissed her jaw and then kissed her soft sweet lips. She slipped her thumbs in the waist band of my chinos. She un buttoned then pulling them down exposing my power rangers boxer she giggled I did as well resting my forehead on hers smiling at each others I nuzzled her head with mine giving her an Eskimo kiss. 
"I love you" I whispered 
"I love you too" 
I leaned down kissing her again. 

(Dont really think I need to describe what happened next ;))

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