Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


58. The Mysterious Bump

(Hailey's POV) 

I woke up on the couch, I groaned and yawned walking into the kitchen. 
I opened the fridge when I heard a yawn 
"Morning." I saw Niall 
"Morning." I said trying not to look at him 
"Are you seriously trying not look at me?" He asked with a chuckle 
"Nope I'm just too busy thinking about what kind of massage I want you to give me.. The chop or the intense rub." I said walking over to the counter 
"At least I can look at you." He said 
"Your gunna break Niall any moment now." I said 
"Oh please I can go for days without sex." He said he walked over pushing right up against me reaching into the cupboard and took out a cup. 
"That's not aloud." I said 
"What I can't reach for a glass?" He asked 
"No putting yourself against me like that it's teasing." I said 
"It's only teasing if you want it to be baby." Niall said with a wink filling his cup with orange juice and leaving I flipped him off but knew out of the two of us I'd probably be the one breaking Niall was just so cute and attractive. 
I sighed a moment and continued to make my breakfast. 
"Morning." Zayn said walking into the kitchen 
"Morning, do you want a tea while I'm boiling the kettle?" I asked 
"Uh sure, thanks." He said I nodded 
The front door opened and closed bringing me, Niall and Zayn c'mon in Lou hey girls" I said Delilah ran toward Zayn I watched as Zayn scooped her up and smiled kissing her nose I smiled at Niall. I looked into the infirmary and saw Harry sleeping on Louis' bed I smiled kindly and walked in I rubbed Harry's shoulder 
"Time to wake up Harry." I whispered 
Louis reached over and squeezed my hand smiling at me I took my other hand placing it on his hand. Harry groans as he wakes up 
"Long night Harry?" I asked letting go of Louis' hand I chuckled as I started the change Louis' IVs. 
Harry tiredly looked up at me
"Are you ok?" I asked 
"Why do you ask?" He asked 
"You seem out of it." I said 
"Well I'm ok." He said sending me a reassuring smile and nod. 
"Ok well I gotta wake up Karleigh and Liam so they can make your dose for the day." I said 
"Joy." He responded I giggled walking out of the room into the living room I woke Karleigh and Liam and while I was there I woke up Kelsey as well.
"How did we all fall asleep?" She asked 
"We must have all been tired from the drama." I said she nodded I heard the kettle finish boiling I walked in 
"I got it." Zayn said sitting Delilah on the counter he went over to the counter and poured the teas dropping tea bags in each. 
"Thanks" I said he looked back at Delilah and noticed something that made his eyebrows come together. 
He walked forwards and lifted up her arm it had a swollen egg on it. 
"What happened Della did you bump it?" He asked he looked up at her but back at the mysterious bump
"I don't know." She said Zayn poked it 
"Did that hurt?" He asked she shrugged 
"Can I go play now?" She asked 
"For a little bit, I wanna see you again in a few minutes be good ok baby girl?" He asked she nodded he kissed her forehead and lifted her from below her arm pits onto the floor she darted it out of the kitchen and down the hall. 
"She's a good kid." I said 
"I hope I'm doing a good job I mean I don't want her to grow up absolutely fucked." He said
"I don't think she's gunna be fucked at all your doing a good job Zayn." I said he scooped the tea bags out of the teas 
"How many sugars?" He asked 
"2 please." I said he nodded I walked up to him and hugged him 
"Hailey?" He questioned 
"You look like you needed it." I said he smiled at me
"Your right I did." He said I smiled and patted his back. 

(Harry's POV) 

Karleigh and Liam came in and started to walk over to the dreaded counter. 
"How much of these do I have to take?" I asked 
"As much as you need." Louis said before anyone else could
"Good your awake." Kelsey said walking in 
"Sit up." She instructed he grunted as he sat up leaning back in his many pillows
"I want you to eat this" she said Louis looked down at the bowl. 
"What is it?" He asked scrunching his nose 
"Now that makes the needle look good." I said he scooped up a spoonful and smelt it 
"Oh my god what did you do go outside and grab all sorts of different samples of animal shit?" Louis asked Kelsey giggled 
"No it's a remedy I read in your books." She said 
"I wish I never let you all read those books stuffing disgusting shit down my throat." He said Kelsey smiled lovingly 
"Eat it babe, you'll get better sooner." She said Louis nodded and scooped a spoonful in his mouth 
"Want some?" He offered me a spoonful 
"No Id rather have a steel needle penetrate my skin." I said 
"Then stop staring at me." He said scooping more into his mouth. 
"Oh yeah later if your up to it can to check Delilah's arm?" Kelsey asked 
"Why did she break it?" Louis asked 
"No she has a bump on it and it's quite weird" she said 
"It's probably a mosquito bite." Louis says scooping more into his mouth he licked the roof of his mouth after with distaste. 
"Louis..." Kelsey said 
"I'll have a look, why don't we do it now while I'm awake." He said 
"And so you can avoid that soup." I said under my breath with a cough 
"Did you say something Styles?" Kelsey asked 
"Nope, you should get Delilah though." I said she nodded she walked out of the room I grabbed Louis' bowl and walked out onto the deck and threw it off the side. 
I patted his shoulder walking back. 
I peeked over Liam and Karleigh's shoulders 
"Almost done yet?" I asked 
"One second" Liam said he stuck the needle into the bottle and sucked the dose up into it. 
"Ready." He said I nodded I sat as Karleigh held my hand Liam slapped my forearm near my elbow 
"Ow! Why do you do that every time?" I asked 
"I have to make your vein pop out so I can get it. Why do I have to keep telling you that every time?" Liam asked 
"Ooh sassy." Louis said Liam smiled at him 
"Watch what your doing with that thing in your hand." I said nervously 
"Harry keep bitching it's going in your neck." Liam says I grumble 
"Just do it." I said I felt the pinch telling me the needle was in I felt the cure surging through my veins. 
"I hate this." I said rubbing my arm 
Karleigh out some sort of chemical on it, it stung 
"Ouch." I said after a hiss and a jerk of my arm 
She tugged my arm back down and stuck a cotton ball and wrap gauze around it 
"Jesus you guys have to make it so friggin painful I mean that could have been smooth and I mean Kar seriously you could have just said "now Harry I'm going to apply some chemical that will make it sting like I just poured acid on it. Watch out!" I mean c'mon guys." I said getting up 
"God damn." I stretched out the word as I left the room 
I saw Kelsey walking into the room with Delilah and everyone else 
"Come back in" she said tugging me in to the room Kelsey handed Delilah to Zayn who handed her to Louis, Louis set her on his lap facing him 
"Right or left?" Louis asked 
"Her left your right." Zayn said 
Louis took her little arm in his hands Karleigh stepped out and moments later came back with Fern. 
I kissed Fern's little forehead. 
Louis kept inspecting the "Mysterious Bump" which Louis was right was probably a mosquito bite. 
"You never know it could be something else." Karleigh whispered 
"Get out of my head Kar.” I said she shrugged 
"Just sayin." She said I bit my lip turning away Louis finished examining her arm he handed her to Kelsey and signaled Zayn to follow him. He got off the bed using the wheels on the bottom of the IV holder as some sort of walker to help him balance he went over to the book shelf and skimmed the spines he found one plucking it out 
"There is some kind of venom in her, it's not snake, not insect...." He trails off 
"I don't really know what it could be... I mean I've never seen this before. Zayn I'm gunna ask you and it might be gross but you have to poke it with a needle or something and let the venom ooze out or you have to extract it with a syringe." Louis said 
"Eww." Karleigh and I whispered 
I smirked at her she winked at me. 
Zayn nodded 
"Your all not watching go. I want Liam to stay to help me with the needle Louis can you hold her down? Just cause she likes you." He asked Louis nodded we all moved out of the room 
"We should feed Fern." Karleigh says I nodded I took Fern from her arms and ticked her stomach she grabbed my index finger as we walked I wondered something 
"Do you think the "venom" is in Fern too?" I asked 
"Have Louis check her later." Karleigh says I nodded
We walked into the kitchen, sitting Fern in a high chair. 

(Louis' POV) 

Everyone left, I took Delilah from Kelsey she followed the others out.
I sat down holding Delilah on my lap Zayn took out a needle. 
He looked at Delilah and then me he breathed in deep breaths
I nodded to him he stepped forwards Delilah squirmed Liam helped him instructing him on what to do. 
I held Delilah against my chest as Liam held her arm 
"Calm down pretty girl." Liam whispered she stopped squirming allowing Zayn to poke the venom yellow venom and a little bit of blood came out into the syringe. 
"Put it in a bottle Liam, I'll take a look at it later." I said I kissed Delilah's cheek Liam's ability to calm people really was a good thing to have. 
I put cream on Delilah's needle hole and a cotton ball Zayn wrapped it in gauze he nodded thanking me. 
Harry walked in
"Rainey's at the door Liam." He said Delilah smiled 
"I'm just like uncle Harry!" She yelled gesturing to his bandage like hers. Harry smiled exposing his dimples 
"Yeah!" Harry yelled and walked towards her and grabbed her twirling her around smiling he handed her back to Zayn 
"Did it work?" He asked 
"Yeah she should be ok, I gotta find out what that venom is." I said 
"Need help?" He asked 
"Uh sure, first get me out of this shit." I said he nodded he took the IVs out and dabbed my IV holes with the "acid." Karleigh had put on him earlier. 
"Ok, Zayn she's gunna need a bath or something." I said he nodded Della following him.
I walked over to the lab area, taking the sample I set it down. 
"Is this poisoness to vampires?" He asked 
"I don't know and how are we suppose-" I cut myself off 
"Is everyone down stairs?" I asked 
"No they are up stairs." Harry says I grabbed a syringe and the containers I put the sample bottle and needle in its case in my pocket I took Harry's arm leading him out of the room I put the code in for the basement and walked down the vampire was weak. 
"Add more chains incase it's a strength booster." I whispered he was asleep 
"Wake up" I said landing a quick hard slap to his head, it slowly rose he spat on my face I wiped it away with my hand I looked at it and stood up straight from my bending stance and punched him landing it hard on his cheekbone. 
I took out the needle and sample and took his arm ripping off his sleeve he struggled 
"Harry." I said Harry came forwards and held his arm down as I injected the venom into one if the veins in his forearm we waited a moment when he started to transform he growled lowly and Harry grabbed my arm dragging me back as he suddenly jumped forwards the chains restricting against his strength I breathed heavily surprised by the effect
"A Hybrid?" Harry asked 
"No.. The venom makes people or even vampires werewolves.." I said looking over at Harry he looked at me 
"This is some serious shit Harry." I said 
"You bet what should we do now?" He said
"One second.." I said I walked up to the steps. 

(Harry's POV) 

Louis went up the wooden steps I circled Lex. 
"So what are you two? A couple?" He asked 
"No, why would you think that?" I asked 
"The vibe." He said 
"What vibe?" I asked 
"What vibe could I be talking about?" He asked I stayed silent 
People were figuring it out.. If this vampire with no special power could what will our house of vampires with special powers find out? I wasn't completely gay for Louis or any bit gay in that matter I was just into Louis... I mean you can't control who you fall in love with... 
I looked up at him 
"What are you doing here..? Who are you working for?" I asked gold flickered into his eyes. Werewolf gene now. 
"How about some answers for a bag of blood? Is that a good deal kid?" He asked 
"Fuck you im not a kid" I said 
"Ok...ok... Just get me a blood bag a gulp for an answer to whatever questions you wanna ask.." He proposed the deal. 
I crossed my arms across my chest nibbling on my lower lip thinking it over.. 

(Louis' POV) 

I went up the steps skipping 2 steps each I knocked on the door and opened it 
"Oh hey Louis"  Karleigh says as she finished pulling down her shirt. 
"Hey I need a favor." I said 
"What's that?" She asked 
I used my finger to silently tell her to come over to me she stood infront of me confused I leaned close to her and whispered in her ear lowly 
"I need you to read our prisoners mind." I whispered 
"What prisoner?" She whispered I bit my lip taking her wrist and escorting her down the steps I went into the basement. Harry was leaning against the wall staring down Lex. 
He took one look at me and then Karleigh 
"Why are you bringing her down here? It's dangerous." He said 
"I can take care of myself Haz" she said she walked over examining Lex circling him in one slow circle. 
"Ok" she said cracking her knuckles 
She put her hands on his temples and closed her eyes Lex moved his arm and Harry nudged forwards ready to pounce I gave him a warning look
"She can't do her job if you keep trying to be the knight in shinning armor." I spoke to his mind 

***Mind conversation****: 

"Well sorry for wanting to protect my girlfriend." He says to my mind putting emphasis on the "wanting" 
"Why do you say it like that?" I asked 
"You didn't wanna protect Eleanor look what happened to her." He says 
"Don't bring her into this Harry." 
"I just did." 
I looked over at him once more 
"Stop" I spoke sternly to his mind 
"You got tired of all of your fights with her... Tired of all the protecting so you brought her out to somewhere you knew Hugo would attack." He stated 
"I said stop, I mean it Harry." I warned once more. 
"Are you going to do the same to Kelsey when the wolves surely come for us once more?" He asked 
"Kelsey is different." I said 
"Different enough to actually try and keep her alive?" He asked 
"I love her like no one else." I said 
"I find that hard to believe." He says 
"I love her more than I ever loved you." I said looking over at him he looked at me 
"Ever." I whispered out loud to him 
"You never loved me so what difference does that make?" He asked my mind 
"Your wrong I loved you." I spoke 
"Not enough to fight for it. Not enough to let me love you.. You took my rights of love away." He said 
"I did what I had to do to protect you from Hugo." I said 
"Look how well that worked for you." He said 
"I didn't know he was going to come after me, I thought he was done." I said
"Done? He was ruthless Louis he killed people we loved he ripped Perrie's heart out of her chest right in front of Zayn for god sake." He says 
"I'm not discussing this anymore." I said 
"Of course not, run away from your problems once more." He said 
"Fuck off Harry." 
"You should be the poster child for cowards" he said 
"I'm ignoring you now." I said I looked straight forward watching Karleigh blocking out Harry's worthless comments on stupid shit from the past. 
"You don't care about anyone but yourself." Harry's comment broke through my wall it felt as if he ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it. 
"How dare you say that to me?!" I screamed at his mind 
"How dare you?!" He screamed 
"How dare I what?!" I yelled 
"How dare you accuse me of causing issues! I know you still love me and it bothers you so much, it sets you off like a firework you have to understand that will always be there. I'm in your blood now Louis get used to it every time you kiss or "love" anyone else I will always be there in the back of your mind. Don't blame that on me don't act like this was a one sided relationship just because you posted it was bullshit doesn't mean you believed it. You still love me as were speaking" he says 
"Your wrong Harry." I stated 
"How am I wrong?" He asked 
"I DON'T love you." I said looking straight into his eyes this was a conversation we've always NEEDED to have. Even though we were only speaking to each other threw our minds we still had this conversation before I knew it Harry flashed over and punched me I stumbled back 
"Oh my god." Karleigh said loosing focus just as Lex bit into her arm growling loudly she screamed in pain I saw red jumping forwards. 

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