Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


76. One Last Kiss

(Louis' POV) 

I woke up sitting up yawning... 
I heard laughter and music, were the boys throwing a party? I swung my legs off my bed I went to the washroom and noticed I was dressed in a black suit from the 1800s I had a little hat on as well I sighed this must of just been a dream. I pinched my arm nothing happened. I just decided to go along with it. 
I walked out of my room and stood at the top of the stairs our house looked like a classic founders ball or an actual ball if you will. I mean girls were wearing dresses that were very detailed and expensive looking. I walked down the steps adjusting my jacket I looked around I stepped forwards 
"Louis!" I looked over and saw the boys and the girls I was confused... The boys weren't even born yet, the girls weren't even born either. 
I walked over and sat at their table pulling in my chair 
"What's going on?" I asked 
"What do you mean what's going on? We're celebrating!" Liam says 
"Celebrating what?" I asked 
"We caught the beast that has been tearing up the town.. Big wolf, word is they turn into men when wounded." He says 
"You mean Werewolves?" I asked 
"Were what?" He asked 
"That's what their called.." I said 
"What are you babbling on about boy?" I turned and shot my seat back standing 
"F-father!" I said surprised he chuckles walking over to me wrapping his arm around my shoulders 
"Rare one isn't he?" My father says the boys chuckle I looked confused at him 
I mean why was he even here? He would have died over a hundred years ago from old age or something else...
I just looked around confused... This is just weird.. 
I looked around and turned away. 
"Louis?" My father asked with the posh accent he had.
"Father.. I mean no disrespect but-" 
"Young man, you will sit and listen to me." My father scolds he says I walk towards my seat at the table and see the boys chuckling I glare at each of them. I sit down and my father turns my chair to face him slightly I sighed looking down 
"Look at me boy show some confidence your a Tomlinson not a George (haha Max George :p)" I was suddenly reminded of how much I didn't miss my controlling manipulative judging ass wipe strong willed cunt of father. 
"Sorry Father.." I apologized 
"Your mother would be ashamed" he says 
"Don't mention her Father." I said 
"Why must you sound so cheated, it's not like she's dead." He says I frowned at him he turned
"Farrah darling" he said the crowd broke and I saw her the women that had died when I was only 12, well I guess not. 
I stood up 
"Mother?" I said 
"Oh hello Lòuis!" She said her French accent on my name I smiled I went towards her and hugged her tight she hugged me back 
"Comment vas-tu mon fils doux?" (English Translation[ET]: How are you my sweet son?) She speaks French to me, we usually did this because my father couldn't understand us. 
"très bonne mère, je suis si heureux que vous soyez ici! Je vous ai manqué." (ET: very good Mother, I'm so glad you are here! I've missed you)
"où d'autre je serais Louis?" (ET: Where else would I be Louis?) I smiled at her 
"Je ne sais pas, mais comment vas-tu maman?" (ET: I don't know but how are you mother?)
"Je suis très bon merci pour vos pensées. Que diriez-vous me présenter à vos amis?" (ET: I'm very good thank you for your thoughts. how about you introduce me to your friends?) I smiled and nodded turning around taking my Mother's arm walking her towards the boys and girls. 
"Sorry boys my Mother has never been that good at English I have to speak French." Whispered they chuckled 
"Mère Niall Horan c'est qu'il est de l'Irlande, il est un très bon garçon, Liam Payne C'est qu'il est de Wolverhampton puis theres Zayn Malik qui a été très fidèle à moi. 
A côté de lui, c'est Harry Styles mon meilleur ami et nos amis Hailey, Karleigh et Kelsey. (ET: Mother, Thats Niall Horan he is from Ireland he is very kind, Thats Liam Payne he is from Wolverhampton then theres Zayn who has been very loyal to me. 
Beside him is Harry Styles, My best mate and our friends Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey) my mother smiles at them each as I gesture to them. 
"What in the world did you just say?" My father asks 
"I was speaking French, something you should have learned to do." I said 
"Facile Louis ton père veut pas de mal." (ET: Easy Louis your father means no harm) 
I stared my Father down ignoring my Mother's words 
"Well then I'm off... Mr.Renakay wanted to have a chat." He says excusing himself I shook my head 
"Mère, il est vraiment un salaud" (ET: Mother he really is a bastard.) I spoke to my mother she smiles and pats my cheek 
"Je vais aller trouver la bande peut-être qu'ils vont jouer une chanson agréable afin que vous puissiez demander à un des jolies filles à danser." (ET: I'm going to go find the band maybe they'll play a nice song so you can ask one of the pretty girls to dance.) I smiled as she walked away 
A flash of white blinded me 
"You know I've always wanted to try something." I heard Kelsey speaking my vision cleared I saw her beautiful purple violet silk and lace twirling in the moonlight. 
"What?" I asked 
She skipped forwards taking my hand. I smiled at her 
"Dancing outside." She said 
"Very rebellious" I said sarcastically 
"I know right." She said 
Oh I remembered Sarcasm wasn't used in the 1800s. 
"Why don't we try it tonight?" I asked
"There's no music." She said and if it was on que waltzing music started to play. 
I stretched out my hand with a raise of my brows. She smiled and took my hand I pulled her against me and positioned my hand on her waist. We stepped easily on the cobblestone path near the fountain smiling into each others eyes. 
I twirled her as she giggled shyly. 
The sound of the water slapping into its next level in the fountain and the music was the only sound the moonlight shining brightly. 
I kept my forehead placed on Kelsey's she smiled I swung her out and back in smiling at each other the music stopped screams erupted 
"What happening?" She asked 
"I don't know but I have a bad feeling, lets go." I said we ran towards the house breaking threw the door the party was a mess everyone was scattering and gun shots rang out. 
"Boys!" I yelled I saw Liam and Niall taking shelter under the bar I told Kelsey to find the girls After we a stablished a meeting place. I ran towards Niall and Liam and slid under the bar 
"Are you ok? Where's Zayn and Harry?" I asked 
"I don't know it all happened so fast we all scattered!" Niall says panicking 
"Liam get outside go inside the underground passageway in the shed. I'll meet you there, I have to find Harry and Zayn!" I yelled over the screaming crowd 
"What about your parents?!" Liam asked 
A wave of sorrow passed threw me did they get out? 
"I'll figure it out, go! Before things get bad! Make sure no one follows you!" I said to Liam pushing him and Niall away. 
I listened in I heard a thump and I grunt I looked over and saw Zayn meaning Harry was alone. 
I ran towards him and hugged him 
"Oh thank god your alright, meet Liam and the girls outside under the shed. I'll be there soon keep everyone calm ok?" I said he nodded I lightly pushed him towards the door I searched around pushing my way thew the crowd 
"Harry!" I yelled I went up the stairs and searched I couldn't find him
"Harry!" I yelled I saw him looking around but the crowd separated us 
"Louis!" He yelled I pushed and shoed desperately trying to get to him
"Harry!" I yelled I lost him in the crowd I felt like I was making no progress on getting closer to him. 
When I felt the arms around me and the curls nuzzle into my neck he was scared I could feel it on him. 
"C'mon we have to get out of here!" I shouted I took his arm and turned around only to feel the cold medal of the barrel of the weapon that was held to my forehead. 
"Not so fast." I swallowed hard 
C'mon if this is a dream wake up... Wake up! I felt Harry's grip tighten on me I swatted the arm away from my forehead and punched the throat of the man that stopped me 
"C'mon quick" I said I dragged him down the stairs and threw the door running as fast as I could dragging him behind me. We reached the old shed and opened the door and shut it opening the hatch under a mat and going down the ladder, breathing heavily we dropped down the others stood up from their seats on the black leather couches 
"What the hell just happened?" Liam says 
"I don't know...." I trailed off 


"Louis.." I heard my name being called I felt tapping on my cheek I slowly opened my eyes to see a flashlight going back and forth I looked around I slowly sat up and rubbed my head 
"H-how long was I out?" I asked the question wasn't directed at anyone in particular since I had no clue who was in the room. 
"2 days, what happened?" I immediately frowned at the source of the voice. Kelsey. 
I looked up at her she turned the flashlight off setting it on the table the house was quiet 
"Where are the others?" I asked 
"Hunting" she said 
"For what?" I asked 
"Humans, we needed fresh blood." She said 
"Oh." I said I swung my legs off the side of the infirmary bed. 
It was silent. No noises at all. 
"Look Kelsey I'm sorry." I said I looked up at her gripping the sides of the bed 
"I know you are." She said I looked her over confused 
"That doesn't mean I accepted your apology." She said I nodded looking down. 
I looked around I got up patting the mattress of the bed 
"Thanks for the..uh.. Help." I said I started to walk out putting my hands in my pockets 
"What happened to you?" She asked 
"You wouldn't get it and frankly I don't wanna tell you." I said curling my lips together and slightly raising my brows 
"Fine be that way." She said 
"You took this road not me." I said turning again walking out of the room I shut the door immediately I leaned against it and put my face in my hands trying to contain myself, I shouldn't be crying right now I mean this wasn't my fault... My technically it was... But whatever. I wiped my hands down my face and walked into the kitchen I opened a beer and poured it into a cup I looked over in the living room and saw Lux in her play pen I lifted my head up staring at her intently she stared back at me, baby's don't do that.. I think I stared to walk forwards as her look darkened I set my beer down I stood infront of her play pen she reached her hands up gesturing for me to pick her up I just shook my head 
"Not happening." I said and walked out of the room grabbing my beer, I heard her crying I just kept walking, I didn't particularly care for that child... I mean it was a spawn of Ellie aka evil. 
I walked up to my room which was cleaned up finally, Liam probably. 
I sat at my desk, I tapped my fingers on the desk I didn't know what to do... I was bored. 
I leaned back in my chair and looked over at the window the sun setting. 

(Play Crazy Kids by Ke$ha ft Juicy J) 

I got up and walked down the hall I wondered into Niall's room it smelt like Hollister perfume and Irish Spring. I looked threw his books and jumped on his bed jumping up and down I did I flip and actually landed it. I got up and snooped around a bit before I went into Liam's room... Organized.. I snooped finding nothing exciting I un made his bed and rolled around in it because I knew he liked getting into a bed that's been made all day for bed I got up and looked back at my work I backed out of the room before backing into something, I turned.. Kelsey 
"What are you doing?" She asked 
"Nothing excuse me." I said squishing past her heading towards Harry's room I opened the door it was already a mess there was t much I could do.. I walked in anyways. Kelsey stood inside the room watching me.
"It's no fun when I'm being watched." I said turning my head to look at her as I put one if his books back on his desk 
"It's not nice to snoop." She said 
"Oh look at you Mrs. Maturity, ha that's something I thought I'd never see." I said 
"What do you mean?" She asked 

(Play Forgetting by David Gray) 
(Listen to the lyrics!! Some seriously Kouis business there.) 

"You used to be fun, like me." I said I circled her 
"Yeah but then my boyfriend cheated on me, sorry if I'm a bit uptight." She said 
"So you date his Bestfriend?" I asked 
"I'm not dating Harry." She said I circled her still 
"But you want to" I said 
"So you wanna date my sister." She said 
"Don't use the throw it back card it's to cheap for you, I know you can do better than that. I hurt you and yet your still soft on me." I said I stopped infront of her. 
"I'm not soft on you." She said I slid my hands down her forearm and grabbed her hands in mine. 
"Your sift on me." I whispered I stepped forwards putting my forehead on hers 
"I thought we were in love." She whispered 
"Hell I even have permanent ink on my back that says your name, how ami I supposed to ever get over you?" She asked 
"That's easy" I said 
"How then?" She asked 
"Don't" I said I put my hand on the small of her back bringing her against me. 
"How do you expect me to drop the fact that you were unfaithful to me?" 
"Just forget about it" I said nuzzling my nose against the side of her jaw. 
"I can't forget about it Louis no matter how hard I try.." She says 
"If your gunna hate me forever.. Can I ask one thing?" I said leaning away looking into her eyes I gently placed my hands on her cheeks 
"Yes." She said 
"Can I at least kiss you one more time?" I asked she looked into my eyes and nodded I closed my eyes leaning in our lips met and she put her hands on my sides. I kissed her like it was the last thing I was ever going to do before I died. 
I felt a tear roll down my cheek I didn't know if Kelsey was ever going to forgive me, I hated not knowing if we would have a future even if it was as just friends. I slowly brought my ands down and locked my fingers at the bac of her neck. I felt my eyebrows meet in frustration why did it have to be so hard. Why couldn't I just move on like she did, of course I had that thing with Karleigh but that wasn't moving on that was suspending the pain. 
I backed her up into the wall not wanting the kiss to end, thoughts were coming into my head like wildfire about Kelsey and Karleigh, it shouldn't be this hard. Either way someone gets hurt. 
Kelsey turned her head away I leaned back understanding... She was done. 
I backed off letting her walk away. I felt angered after she was acting like SHE didnt kiss Harry that day she was acting like it was all ME. 
Fuck this. 

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