Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


5. London Bridge Is Falling Down

(Zayn's POV) 

(Play Inspirational Piano Music - Dare to Dream Big by The Secession) 
(One of Niall's themes) (One of Zayn's themes as well) 

I was painting Delilah's room as Niall sat on her hot pink love seat which was covered by a white sheet. Della was on Niall's lap he had his hands planted under her arm pits making her bounce he was humming songs when he started to sing 
"London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down" he sang 
"Niall don't sing that..." I warned him 
"Why not shes fine." Niall said just then Della started to cry sobbing loudly 
"No it's ok, it's ok" Niall said trying to calm her down 
"Told ya" I said rolling another purple stripe onto the wall 
"It's falling down! I told you daddy!" She sobbed 
"No Della baby the bridge isn't falling down I promise." I said 
"Yes it is you don't know that were not even in London" she sobbed 
"Ok how about this, go get dressed and me and uncle Niall will drive you down to London. Deal?" I asked sticking out my hand she sobbed lightly 
"Ok" she said Niall set her down I sat down next to him on the couch with a sigh 
"How do you do it?" He asked I shrugged smirking 
"I don't know" I said I looked over at Della's closet door 
"Delilah you ready?!" I called 
"Almost I just gotta put on my sweater!" She called back out I got up I knocked on the door she opened it wearing lairs of warm clothing I lightly chuckled 
"Della it's like 40 degrees out wear a dress or shorts." I said she groaned sitting down crossing her arms making a grunt. 
"Aww Della, c'mon how about I help you find everything?" I asked 
"I thought you'd be proud I dressed myself" she whined I sat down crossing my legs facing her 
"Baby... I am, it's just you picked out the wrong pieces. You could over heat in that. How about we find you a cute pair of shorts and a cute shirt?" I asked she looked up 
"Can you find them for me?" She asked I smiled I pulled her onto my lap
 "I sure can" I said kissing her head. I went into her drawers and grabbed a white pair of shorts and a pink butterfly shirt
"How's this?" I said 
"I'll put it on" she said I handed the clothes to her and walked out of the closet shutting the door. I sat next to Niall once again.
"She's a hard one" Niall said 
"Just like her mother." I said suddenly feeling a cooled feeling in my stomach. Her mother died protecting Her. I will do the same if it ever comes down to that. 

(Louis' POV) 

(Play Uplifting Music - Legends Of Time) 
(One of Louis' themes.) 

Ellie and I walked in the door
"I'm going to shower" she said running up the steps I heard the TV I walk in and saw Harry laying with Fern on his stomach her little head rested on his chest. I gently sat down beside him I stroked Fern's cheek with my index finger her green eyes opened 
"Hi" I whispered she reached grabbing onto my finger with her hand I quietly whispered a little Awww my face relaxing from the frustrations of figuring out Ellie's powers issue. 
Fern's eyes shut again, I felt Harry waking up I got up before he could wake up. I sensed a few feelings of anger towards me from him but I didn't know how or why he could possibly be mad at me. 
I walked into the foyer and took the steps two at a time. I opened my bedroom door to find Kelsey finishing a fish tale braid on the bed wearing grey roots track pants and her favorite shirt of mine... The Leeds Festival one. I loved it on her. 
"Hey how was training?" She asked 
"Good I guess" I said plopping down on the bed beside her 
"What do you mean by I guess?" She asked leaning back on her pillow I sighed I played with her fingers looking down at them 
"I discovered that she had a power." I said 
"Get out! What is it?" She asked I put my finger on my lips 
"Keep it down" I whispered pointing to my ear she nodded 
"What kind of power?" She whispered 
"I don't know what it's called I mean I can't just type it into google. But she can shock someone with her hand." I whispered 
"Really? I've never heard of that before... Does it hurt?" She whispered 
"Yeah I little bit. It goes away in a minute or two" I whispered 
"Good, I wouldn't want to hear that she hurt you" she whispered I smiled and rolled over putting my hand at the side of her stomach I hovered over her 
"No need to worry love, everything is alright" I said leaning down and kissing her. 
"Louis!" Zayn called I sighed I kissed Kelsey one last time dragging out her bottom lip I got up I opened the door and stood out on the landing 
"What?" I asked Zayn stood at the door with Delilah and Niall
"Niall and I are going to take Delilah into London, don't wait up we might get dinner there" he said I nodded 
"Be careful, have fun Delly" I said waving to her 
"Bye uncle Lou" she said I smiled after they left I shuffled back into my room lazily 
"Lou, come cuddle" she said opening up the blankets 
"I wish I could but I have a lot to do" I said walking by she grabbed onto my shirt pulling me down she hugged me nuzzling her head into my chest under my chin 
"I said cuddle" she said I chuckled but put my arms around her 
"Ok" I said 

(Harry's POV) 

I laid down on the couch Karleigh fed Fern in the chair holding the baby bottle my eyes flicked from the screen which projected Scooby Doo to them. 
"Please tell me why you watch Scooby Doo?" Karleigh asked 
"It's a good show actually" I said looking at her 
"No it's not its un believably childish and it's very repetitive" she said I looked at her 
"Take that back" I said slitting my eyes at her a slight smile tugging at my lips 
"No" she said 
"Liam!" I called 
Liam came in the room 
"Yeah?" He said
"Can you take Fern? I need to have a serious discussion with Karleigh" I said he took Fern from Karleigh's arms and I sped over to her I grabbed her I brought her over to the couch pinning her down 
"I said take it back" I said smiling she giggled 
"No" she said I shook my head 
"Your so cute when your mad" she added 
"I was aiming for intimidating" I said tilting my head she pouted her lip 
"Aww, does baby need to watch some more Scooby Doo?" She teased I smirked I put my hands on her hips I slid my hands up under her shirt onto her stomach holding her sides I pressed my lips to hers she smiled against them 
"I don't need Scooby Doo, I need you" I said against her lips 
"Well this is awkward" I heard Louis' voice my head snapped over and I saw him and Kelsey smirking 
"Jesus Louis" I said getting off of Karleigh 
"Well if you wanted privacy you do have a bedroom..." Louis trails off, I still didnt feel on speaking terms with him but I couldn't act angry infront of anyone, that was for when we were alone. 
"Paul called, we all have to go to a radio interview and some other stuff today"  Louis says I look at Karleigh she sits up pecks my lips and riffles my hair getting up and walking over to Louis and Kelsey 
"He's all yours" she said to Louis towing Kelsey away. 
"Get ready Hazza me, you and Liam gotta go pick up Niall and Zayn" he said 
"What about Delilah?" I asked 
"She has to come, the story is Zayn adopted Delilah" Louis said 
"Ok" I said I got up speeding up to my room showering and slipping on a pair of back jeans a black shirt a light grey blazer and a red pocket square. I slipped on my converse. 
I ran down the stairs leaving a lingering kiss on Karleigh's lips. 
I followed Liam and Louis out Karleigh, Kelsey and Hailey were taking care of Fern. We weren't sure if we should tell people today at the interviews or if we should just leave it. I mean what would people think? Management would flip shit. I bet my nicest dollar, Zayn was gunna get in deep shit for "adopting" Della. 

(Louis' POV) 

I drove the SUV Porsche, Niall said to meet them in front of Big Ben. Which was pretty easy I guess. 
I knew Harry was angry with me for some reason but it made my head hurt on how confused I was I mean what could I have done? I could always ask Karleigh to dig into his mind but she's to loyal. I needed another mind reader... Heck, I should be able to read my fledgling's minds. 


When we pulled up Niall twisted his keys around his finger Della came s,upping up to the car cameras flashed but only a few where was everybody today? Harry opened the door taking Della into his arms and sitting her on his lap. 
"Niall, are you gunna drive behind us?" I asked 
"Yeah, I can't leave my car here. I'll just follow you." He said I nodded he walked and opened his range rover door. Zayn got in the back buckling Delilah into the middle seat between him and Harry. I drove forwards Niall following us we arrived at the Radio station minutes later. 
"Which station is this Louis?" Niall asked meeting up with us I held Delilah's hand as we walked in. 
"I don't know Paul didnt say..." I said Niall nodded we walked in and it was a radio station we haven't been too. We were set to a studio room and I set Delilah down on the couch 
"Aww who's that?" The interviewer asked 
"Delilah. That's get this show on the road" Zayn said the interviewer nodded 
"We are now live with the biggest boyband on the planet, One Direction!" He said we coursed hello's. 
the whole hour was just being asked the same questions and blah blah.. I was bored. I looked over at Delilah she looked bored as well I made a funny face at her she giggled 
"So Harry were gunna get serious here with you" Victor the interviewer says I look over at Harry he looks forward tilting his head
"Ok" he said Victor sighs 
"I assume you know about the tragic death of your ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift?" He said 
"She died?" Harry asked it seemed like he went to the best acting school out there. 
"How'd she die?" I asked playing along 
"She was murdered" he said 
"I can't believe this..." Harry said 
"We can't say who did it but I gather your upset..." He said 
"Yeah, I would love it if we could drive away from this topic..." Harry said 
"I was just going to talk about your soda commercials.." He said 
"You alright Harry?" I asked 
"Yeah I'm alright mate" he said Liam put his arm around Harry's shoulders
"I don't get how you boys couldn't have known, it's been on the news for the last few weeks." He said explains why... I thought to myself well, we were running for our lives and using her blood to heal our fatal werewolf bites on our vampire skin... I thought I shook my head. 

(Karleigh' POV)

I sat on the couch, Fern had fallen asleep in her crib. 
"Hey Kar, can you give me and Hailey a hand out here?" Kelsey asked her and Hailey were planting a garden outside. I got up walking towards the door
"Hey you" Ellie's voice comes from behind me I stop I look behind me 
"Hey" I said 
"Cut the friendly bullshit, it's not getting you anywhere." She said I was shocked 
"Excuse me?" I said 
"I know you think you and Harry can just live happily ever after but news flash honey, I've been with him longer than you. So I suggest you  just you back off." She said 
"Yeah well I'm with him now so you should back off." I said 
"I slept with him first!" She said acting like she could up-stage me I smirked 
"At least he remembers sleeping with me." I said walking out of the house. I couldn't be.ieve she would actually approach me like that! 

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