Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


42. If That's Alright With You

(Karleigh's POV) 

Harry leaned over me kissing me I smiled he pulled the sheets over us. I gently bit down on his lower lip. He tugged on it, I felt aroused by Harry... Who didnt right? I flipped him onto his back and straddled his lap I leaned down and sucked at his neck 
"I like to leave my mark.. Of that's alright with you." I said he chuckled he leaned me away. 
"I like you on top but..." He flipped me over our faces inches our noses side by side. 
"I like to be on top... If that's alright with you." He said I bit my lip. 
"Don't do that." He said 
"Why not?" I asked 
"Because, I can't handle it." He said I smiled and bit my lip he put his finger on my lips as if to hush me. 
"No" he said I opened my mouth and bit down on the tip of Harry's finger he crinkled his nose in pain at first but then he moaned slightly. 
I released Harry finger he pulled it away and sucked on the sore end. 
I slid my hands up his abs and chest disappointingly he was wearing a shirt. 
"Karleigh? Are you feeling me up?" He whispered raising a brow playfully 
"No, I want you." I said pulling at the hem of his shirt. 
"Slow down love" he said taking my hand in his leaning down kissing me. I put my hands on his back and found the neck of his shirt and put my hands in it and ripped. 
I continued to rip until the shirt was off his body. 
"You mean business..." He said I flipped him over straddling him
"Serious business" I said he tilted his head slightly and slightly closed his eyes in examination 
"Look who wears the pants on the sudden..." He said I smirked I slid my hands up his bare torso he grabbed my wrists. He slowly blinked his eyes meeting mine 
He sat up me still straddling his lap he leaned on the headboard he kept his large hands on my wrists holding them against his chest. 
"What's wrong?" He asked 
"Nothing's wrong..." I said 
"You've never been this forward... What changed?" He asked 
"Nothing." I said he leaned in close to my face inches apart 
"Tell me." He said 

(Liam's POV) 

I sat on the edge of a cliff that dropped a hundred feet into the lake below. I threw rocks and stuff down. I didn't wanna go home and I didn't have anything else to do. 
I heard a snapping twig I turned around quickly and saw Niall. 
"Niall? How'd you find me?" I asked 
"I can sense you... Our best friend bond thing or something... Plus your not hard to track." He said 
"So your a tracker now?" I asked 
"I've always been." He said 
I stayed silent 
"What's eating at you Liam... Why aren't you coming home?" He asked 
"Because I don't want to..." I said just knowing Niall was part of Ellie's killing just made me want to throw a tree at him. I missed her so much these days. I really needed her lately. 
"Is this about Ellie?" He asked just the sound of someone else saying her name made my heart ache. 

(Niall's POV) 

"No. You killed her thats it." He said 
"Liam I...That wasn't my fault..." I trailed off 
"Of course it was!" He snapped back at me 
"I had to! She kidnapped me!" I shouted still standing 3 meters away from him beside a tree
"Just stop talking Niall." He said 
"No you started this Liam! Is it because now that you don't have a girlfriend you feel like shit? I mean c'mon Zayn deals with it fine." I said 
"You don't know anything Niall. Just leave me alone." He said 
"Liam don't do this don't stick a wedge between us because of some girl that was gunna kill me and Harry." 
"She wasn't going to kill you!" He shouted 
"You weren't there Liam how would you know?! She lost her shit completely lost it. She wanted Harry to be with her!" I shouted 
"Your lying!  Liam yelled looking back at me 
"Liam I swear to you I'm not lying!" I shouted why was he so stubborn?
"Ellie wasn't a good person. She was a murderer." I said 
"And your not? You killed her didn't you?" He said that's when I felt the severing between me and Liam's friendship. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it that had hurt me... A lot. 
"What did you just say?" I whispered 
"I said you were a murderer. You killed an innocent girl." Liam said 
"Innocent girl? Are you crazy? She tried to kill Harry right in front of his baby!" I yelled 
"But she didn't try to kill you but that didn't stop you." He said standing up 
"What had gotten into you?" I asked 
"The realization that my "best friend" murdered my girlfriend" he said using air quotes 
"I did it to protect Harry! I'm sorry ok?!" I shouted 
"That doesn't bring her back to life does it!?" He shouted back I shook my head 
"She wasn't even supposed to be in this coven! Louis was gunna make her leave! He didn't trust her! We all didn't you were the only one that actually trusted that witch!" I shouted
Liam leaped forward and tackled me to the ground she put his hands around my throat I desperately tried to breath struggling under his weight I dug my heels into the forest ground I put my hands on his wrists and put all the effort I had left to getting them off my throat. I swatted them sideways and shoved Liam off of me he stood up and pinned me into a tree. I shoved him he shoved me back. I punched him in the face he punched my stomach I curved over his arm coughing I spit out blood. I brought my arm up and put him into a headlock. We struggled, he struggled to get out I struggled to keep him in it. He managed to shove me off I stood and heard a cracking I looked down and noticed I was standing right at the end. I heard a crack and it gave out. I dropped 

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