Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


113. History Lesson

-2 days later- 

(Karleigh's POV) 

I slowly opened my eyes I smiled at the sight in front of me, Louis sleeping on his side features soft with sleep. His eyes fluttered open bright blue he curved the corners of his mouth up smiling. 
"Morning" he whispered 
"Morning" I said his sleepy voice was adorable. He took my hand under the blanket. 
"How'd you sleep?" He asked 
"Like every night." I said 
"Your still scared?" He asks, I nodded 
"Babe, you don't have to be scared. I'm here." He said 
"I know having you here helps but I'm scared... I'm scared something is gunna happen... What if they do come? What if they get Harry..? What if they get you? Or my sisters?" I asked he tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear. 
"Nothing is gunna happen were safe." He says I nodded 
"Now, what do you want to do today?" He asked I shrugged 
"Oh come on you have to have one idea" he said 
"I don't know, there's a beach down the hill I think that would be fun thing for all of us to do." I said 
"Why don't you and I just go skinny dipping?" He asked smirking I giggled 
"C'mon, I haven't even seen you naked yet." He said I shook my head no again 
"I'll get you one day." He says I giggled 
He rolled to hover over me. 
"You can really make a guy work for it." He says his face over mine 
"That's part of the game." I said 
"I don't wanna play I wanna mess around." He said 
"Don't hate the rules hate the game." I said 
"Rules are stupid I just wanna have fun." He pouted putting his forehead on mine 
"Don't pout." I said 
"Fine." He said I put my hands on his cheeks 
"Kiss me." He whispered I smiled and leaned in locking our lips together he dipped down getting closer to me. 

(Kelsey's POV) 

I laughed at another one of Harry's stupid jokes smiling at him un controllably 
"I know my jokes are stupid I'm sorry." He said I smiled 
"No, it's cute." I said 
"Your just saying that because your too nice to say other wise." He said I closed my hand into a fist on his chest from laying on my side beside him as he laid on his back his arm wrapped around me 
"No, their cute BECAUSE they're cute." I said 
He shook his head I shook mine copying him he smiled at me exposing his dimples I kissed his cheek smiling at him he turned his had kissing my lips 
"Breakfast!" I hear Liam yell Harry slowly pulls his lips from mine 
"I don't wanna get up!" I whined he smirked as he got up walking over to my side of the bed he kneeled down 
"Hop on" he said 
"Hop on?" I asked 
"A piggy back." He said I smiled as I did what he said he stood up I shrieked giggling 
He walked out of the room just as Louis and Karleigh walked out Louis closing the door while pulling a shirt over his head Karleigh stops letting us threw causing a clueless Louis to walk into her. 
I giggled at his stunned reaction to the unexpected contact 


"That was so good Liam!" Niall said 
"Well it's hard enough to cook alone, but man that stove is like from the 1800's" Liam complains I looked over at Louis at the other end of the table he sipped his drink and looked at Liam 
"I mean...." Liam looks for an alternate route from the direction he took his complaining in.
"What was life even like back then?" Hailey asks him 
"It was pretty good... Except the clothing.." He says 
"Do you have any pictures?" Harry asks with a smirk on his face 
"Albums actually." Louis says 
"No way! Video tapes?" Zayn asks
"Tapes but they need to be projected." Louis says 
"Oh you gotta show us when we get home" Hailey says 
"Actually if I remember correctly the last time I was here I left a box." He says he gets up walking towards the old brown pantry type room he brushes around and makes a sound of discovery. 
"Found it." He said setting down a large wooden box. 
"Ew get that off the table it's old and dusty." Karleigh says 
"You don't have a problem with old things when they're laying next to you." He said 
"Yeah but at least that old thing isn't dusty and rusted." She said 
"Don't hate on it, it's an antique. Now shall I dare bring you all into the living room to look at some of these no doubt embarrassing photos?" He asked we all nodded 
"Did I even need to ask." He said he picked up the box once more and lead us all into the living room we all sat in a circle. He opened the bow and a smile spread on his face... Memories...? 
He picked up and old picture 
"That's me, 1856.." He said passing it to the first person on his left which was me. 
"Wow your so young." I said in this picture Louis was only 6" I looked at the bottom corner 
"Lóuis 1856, 6 years" I read out 
"Yeah that's baby me." He said I passed the picture to Harry who was at my right. 
Louis dug into the box again he took out a pouch he opened it dumping it out, two rings came out he examined them 
"Your parents?" I asked he nodded 
"You don't really have to pass those around" I told him 
"I want you guy to know my history." He said he put them back in the pouch and passed it to me I passed them to Harry. The picture was half way around the circle in Niall's hands. 
Louis pulled out another picture 
"1862.. The year my mother died." He said he passed me the picture Louis had a baby face he kept almost all of his features from when he was a child. 
"How old are you here?" I asked 
"12" he said I nodded looking at it one more time before passing it on 
Louis went into the box again he pulled out a little jar about the size of a small jam jar I tried to get a good look at the contents but couldn't really see he shook it and smirked 
"Wait till you see what's in that." He said he tossed it to me I opened it and my eyes widened at the sight, Louis has been keeping a jar full of fangs. 
"Where did you get all these?" I asked 
"The vampires I had to kill through the years." He said 
"Are Chloè's in here?" I asked 
"No. I didn't want any piece of her" he said I nodded 
I passed the jar to Harry who made a sound of approval Louis chuckled at him looking threw the box again 
"Oh your gonna like this one Kel" he said he took out an orange envelope I looked inside and smiled at the contents 
"Train tickets" I said. I have an obsession with old train tickets. I have about 20 back at the house from my maker but Louis had to have stacks in here. 
"How many have you had?" I asked
"Enough to bring half of Canada over for a visit." He said I smiled closing the envelope once more passing the train tickets on to Harry. 
Louis dug into the bow once more he pulled out dried flower that was sealed I'm a bag 
"What is that?" I asked 
"It's a dead flower from 1870." He said 
"Why do you have it?" I asked 
"It was a rare orange rose. I wanted to keep it and give it to a woman I liked." He said 
"What happen to her?" I asked 
"She... She got hit by a train." He says still looking at the flower 
"I guess it's just my bad luck" he said I nodded I looked over at Niall and Hailey who were red faced covering their mouthes with laughter 
"Laugh it up" Louis says  to even looking at them 
"So pass that on." He says handing me the bag the stuff that had made it around Karleigh was neatly placing in front of her until we were done. 
"This is a juke box disc from a jukebox" he said handing me an object about the size of my palm I examined it 
"How did you get this?" I asked 
"A group attack on a diner, dinner time" he said licking his lips 
"With who Lenny and Rose?" I asked putting a different tone on Rose's name 
"Don't be jealous." He said 
"I'm not jealous I just didn't like how they barged in and frightened us" I said 
"Your jealous" he said his blue eyes softening on me 
"Lets move on shall we?" I asked passing on the jukebox piece Harry smirked as he took it. 
"What's next?" I asked 
"You won't believe this but a while ago some vampires were... "Allergic" to the sun so they had to wear these certain jewels to protect them or some sort on bonnet watching them was quite funny though." He says he pulled out a necklace with a large jewel on it and a bonnet. I looked them over the jewel was pretty. I handed them off to Harry 
Louis picked out the next item and then his smile disappeared 
"What?" I asked 
He turned the picture to me 
"The Styles-Tomlinson Family 1878" I read in my head I looked at the woman with Louis she did poses the curls and dimples 
"Here's a better one he said handing me another one it was a picture of just her. I put the picture towards Harry to compare the resemblance. 
"What?" Harry asked I handed him the pictures he looked at the one with the woman 
"Is this her?" Harry asked 
"Anastasia" Louis said 
"Ana for short... That's what I used to call her" he said I looked at him pain was on his face, he missed her he missed his children. He looked over at Karleigh who gave him a smile and a peck on the cheek 
"Are these your babies?" Harry asks turning the photo towards Louis once again 
"Yes. Maxwell, Zoey and Luther." He said pointing to each child 
"How do you remember all this stuff?" Liam asks 
"Trust me, in about 100 years you'll remember this exact moment in extreme detail." He said 
"It's weird to think we went from singing Forever Young to actually being forever young." Harry says Louis smiled 
"And can I tell you guys something?" Zayn speaks up 
"Go for it." Louis said 
"I wouldn't wanna share eternity with any other group of people." He says 
"Aww Zayn!" We all gush Harry and Hailey hug him Hailey kisses his cheek
"How did you get turned?" Liam asks 
"Wrong ally wrong time." Louis says shuffling threw photographs 
"Were you scared?" Niall asks 
"Very. I was also almost relieved... I welcomed death." I said 
"Why?" Niall asks 
"Well, my father was a douche I had so many rules I was getting to old to play with my siblings and my father had set me up with a girl only at the age of 16." He said 
"What about your mother?" Harry asked 
"She died when I was 12." He said 
"How?" Liam asked 
"My father told me and my siblings it was a horse back riding accident but she was killed by one of what I am." He said 
"Your mother was killed by a vampire?" Niall asked 
"I try not to think about it because that's what makes me sort of hate what I am but the more I think about it... The way I am was a blessing. In a way I should have thanked Chloé but I hated her to much" he said 
"Did you ever catch the vampire that killed your mom?" Harry asks 
Louis shook his head 
"I hunted for years after I found out the truth." He said 
"But I just continued to come up empty handed." He adds 
"So you'll never guess what I found" he said he lifted up a projector. 
"Liam you know how to work this, I have a number of tapes." He said Liam nodded 
"Lets set this up.. Have a movie night."


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