Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


61. Hero

(Kelsey's POV) 

"Niall?!" I questioned as I saw the blood figure pinning Louis down 
"Go Kels, now!" He yelled I obeyed I turned to leave when Liam, Zayn and Harry came in Harry and Zayn helped Niall pin down Louis as Liam stuck a needle on his arm his legs started to kick slower and weaker and hen they just stopped 
"What'd you do?" I asked 
"It won't hurt him K I just out him to sleep" Liam said I nodded feeling tears come from my eyes once more his chocolate eyes softened he out the needle on the counter and walked up to me wrapping his arms around me I buried my face in his chest holding onto his shirt I watched as Harry and Niall carried Louis out of the room Zayn stopped long enough to kiss my head. 
"Hey hey stop crying." Liam whispered as I sobbed into his chest 
"What happened?" He asked 
"I don't know he just snapped" I said 
"Are you ok?!" Hailey and Karleigh ask coming in. Liam rubs my back soothingly 
"Her and Lou just had a fight." Liam says 
"Aww Kelsey." Hailey says I close my eyes allowing more tears to soak into Liam's shirt. 

(Harry's POV) 

Niall and I plopped Louis down on his bed in the infirmary. 
"What happened?" I asked 
"He and Kels were arguing and she slapped him he.. He almost hit her." Niall says 
"Louis? Hit Kelsey? He would never do that" I said 
"Apparently not." Niall says 
"How do we wake him up?" Zayn asked 
"How about this?" I asked I grabbed a fist full of his shirt and held up my fist 
"Woah woah!" Niall yelled he grabbed my fist pulling it down 
"Violence is not the answer! Whats with you?!" Niall says 
"He hit Kelsey!" I said 
"ALMOST hit Kelsey" Zayn says putting extra emphasis on the "almost" 
"Whatever" I said 
"So how do we wake him up?" Zayn asked Niall clapped his hands above Louis' face. Nothing. 
Zayn clapped beside his ear, nothing. 
Niall propped himself up and leaned down in Louis' face 
"Wake up!" He yelled 
"Wake up, wake up, wake up!" Him and Zayn sang song.
"That's obviously not working.." I said I grabbed a blood bag from the counter and put some of the blood on my finger and waved it around Louis' nose. 
His eyes opened he tried to sit up when Zayn and Niall out their hands on his chest. 
He looked around 
"Where is she?" He asked his eyes flicking to mine 
"I'm not telling you." I said 
"Funny. Where is she?" He asked 
"I'm NOT telling you." I said 
"Kelsey!" He called atleast twice before she walked in Liam standing in front of her in a protective way. 
"Kelsey I'm-" he started 
"Oh no no no... You are not getting off the hook with a simple dry sorry." I said 
"Harry let him finish." Kelsey says stepping out beside Liam 
"No! That's bullshit he almost hit you!" I said 
"Louis, continue" she said
"Kelsey no. This is stupid, you can't simply accept-" they both cut me off 
"Shut up Harry!" They both shouted at me at the same time I looked at them both I felt the tears coming to my eyes I walked out of the room I went into the foyer and opened the front door and stepped into the dark rainy night slamming the door.  

(Liam's POV) 

The door slam echoed threw the house a loud thunder clap followed it 
"I have to go get him" Louis said 
"What?" Kelsey said 
"I can't just let him go out there by himself in the rain." He said 
"You can't leave were sorting things out." She said 
"I'm leaving with your approval or without it." He said getting up he adjusted his sweater and looked around and walked out of the room. 

(Louis' POV) 

I stepped onto the porch, I looked around the dark night, 
"Harry!" I called I got nothing 
"Harry!" I called again stepping off of the porch. 
Immediately getting drenched 
I smelt the air and got Harry's trail. 

(Harry's POV) 

(Play Don't Let Me Go by Harry Styles ft. Sam McCarthy) 

Water dripped down my face and bare arms... I crossed my arms across my chest and walked down the path. I hated how I was so disrespected in that house. I was just protecting Kelsey. Doing the right thing. I kissed her today I felt something between us a spark? It didn't mean I didn't love Karleigh anymore she was truly amazing I just didn't know what got into me. 
I heard Louis calling after me but I ignored him walking on. I stepped over a log and kept walking I looked behind me and tripped over a tree root landing on my stomach I sat up and sat down hugging my knees to my chest and buried my face in them as the tears fell.

(Louis' POV) 

I stepped over a log and looked down and saw Harry sitting on the ground his back shook as he choked on his tears. 
I sat down beside him he leaned over and buried his face in my shoulder crying
No words were shared.. 
"Why'd you say those things?" I asked he wiped at his face as he leaned away from my shoulder 
"What things?" He asked 
"Those things when you interrupted me." I said 
"It's true Louis you almost hit her... If Niall wouldn't have stopped you you would have hurt her." I said 
"Why did you care so much?" I asked 
"Why did you care so much about Karleigh that you killed Lex?" He asked 
"That truly is an un-answerable question isn't it..." I said 
"Louis I have to tell you something and I don't want you to be mad at me but I st can't keep this from you..." He says 
"What is it?" I asked 
"I....I kissed Kelsey..." He says I did feel a sense of anger inside me but it did take a lot for him to say that... 
"So that's why you care so much..." I said 
"I know I'm an asshole I'm sorry." He said 
I nodded 
"I kissed Karleigh." I said I looked over at him he tilted his head to the side 
"What?" He asked 
"I kissed Karleigh..." I repeated 
He looked kinda angry too but I guess he kinda had to let it go since he kissed my girl. 
"I guess I can't really be mad at you for that one.." He said 
"Well... Was it good?" He asked I smiled 
"What?" I asked 
"Was it good?" He asked chuckling 
"Sure sure... She's got great lips..." I said 
"I can say the same for Kelsey, great hips too." He said I nodded
"We should probably head back before they think we killed each other" I said 
"That's a good idea.." He said 

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