Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


29. Good-Bye

(Louis' POV) 

we arrived at the airport walking in people took pictures off us but we went out like normal and waited in line, when we got Lou a private jet Harry kissed fern and squeezed her little hand one more time before I had to subtly yank him away. Harry and I walked out of the airport heads hung low. We had changed do we weren't wearing the blood clothes. 
We drove back to the house and lay there on the couches not knowing what to do. Everyone we loved was gone. 
Without good-byes without anything. I hated the fact that I couldn't burry them either. Nothing to even remember. I turned my head looking over at Harry he did the same and in that moment we nodded to each other as more salty tears rolled down from our eyes

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