Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


10. Explosions Of Feelings

(Harry's POV) 

Karleigh stood in front of the full length mirror as I stood watching her fix her hair she had her bang pulled to the side and held there by bobby pins she was wearing a tight fitting black dress that hugged every part of her body and she had cleavage out of the top of the strapless dress with a sweetheart neck line. Her hair was in brown ringlets I smiled behind her wearing a white shirt with a black blazer over top the sleeves rolled up to my elbows and black jeans with brown swede shoes. I put my arm around her waist. 
"My beautiful little bird" I said she smiled 
"So where too Harry?" She asked 
"Follow me" I said I took her hand and led her put of the house her heels clicking 
Even with her heels she was still smaller than me. I led her to my Audi and opened the door for her I heard Kelsey and Louis in the woods with my vampire hearing 
"I can't believe you actually got that tattoo!" Kelsey says giggling I felt something in my stomach 
"Well you mean the world to me" Louis says 
I tried to block them out of my head but they were all I could hear. 
I got into the car and turned on the radio. 
I started the car and pulled out of the driveway fast. Flinging gravel as I pulled away I drove down the back road that led to our house on a hill. 
"What's wrong?" Karleigh asked me 
"Nothing" I said smiling at her and grabbed her hand 
"I love you" I said 
"Love you too" she said 
"Hey when we get home do you feel like designing a tattoo for me?" I asked she smiled 
"That would be fun" she said I smiled 
"Thanks little bird" I said 

(Zayn's POV) 

I laid beside Delilah on her bed we had built a reinforced skylight right above her bed right now we looked out of it. 
"Daddy, how come I don't have a Mommy?" She asked I stared at the stars 
"You did." I said not talking about her actual birth mother I had a perfect Mommy for her. 
"What was her name?" Della asked 
"Perrie" I said looking down now 
"What happened to her?" She asked
"She Umm.. She died" I said the memory playing in my head 


We were sitting in the living room all of us. When there was a big bang
the bark door had been ripped off its hinges 
"Louis!" A deep voice yelled I looked over to see Hugo. One of Louis' arch enemies. We stood up ready to face the intruder. 
15 minutes into the battle Hugo had swatted me down Perrie was still human, I hadn't changed her yet. Just as Hugo was about to finish me off she stabbed a stake into his back missing his heart. 
"Perrie no!" I yelled he punched into her chest taking out her heart he dropped it  in front of her and she fell over. It was like I went half depth. Everything around me didnt matter anymore all I could hear was ringing and only slight echoes of what was going on I weakly crawled over to her bleeding body. Her blue eyes were still wide open as she stared out the wall of windows into the night. I closed her eyes and picked her up I cried violently, loosing Perrie was one of the hardest things I ever had to go threw. 

-end of flashback- 

Loosing her was horrible, just as her heart had been ripped out it was like he ripped out mine. I resented the world after that. Locking myself in my room, the boys tried many times to make me feel better but with no success we had told all of Perrie's friends and family she had left me and never wanted to speak to me ever again. We barried her in a special place I built some kind of tomb around her. It took me weeks maybe even months but it was perfect. I planted many flowers around it and made it so no one could get in. 
I would never see my amazing, funny, talented and beautiful girlfriend ever again. Before I put her in that wooden box I slipped the diamond engagement ring onto her finger, crying as I did it. 
"I love you Perrie Edwards. No measure of time will b enough for me to get over our love." I had said as tears ran down my cheeks a year later Liam lost Danielle in a fire Hugo came back, attacking our loved ones. He tied Danielle up and tortured her. And then when he was done he burned her and the building she was in down to the ground. The sickest thing.. He video taped it and sent the hours of torture and the video of the building burning down and her cries and plees for help to Liam. Louis put Eleanor on full lock down he wouldn't let her out of his sig he didn't sleep for a full month watching her making sure she was kept safe that wasn't enough though. We had taken Eleanor out for a walk because she hadn't seen sunlight or felt it for the longest time but that just made it easier for Hugo. He was sitting waiting. He had a gun. He put a bullet in Eleanor's head. Right infront of Louis. 
Niall broke things off with Demi to keep her safe Harry was single but Hugo didnt stop at just that, Hugo killed Harry's HighSchool girlfriend. Sending him her head in the mail. He also didnt stop Hugo still had Niall left but what could he possibly do? Hugo to this day hasn't done anything to harm Niall. But we know Hugo will return. Niall hasn't thought much of it thinking maybe he favored him. It's possible not likely though. I look over at Delilah Hugo wouldn't do anything to her would he? 
"How'd she die?" Delilah asked 
"Accident" I said 
"Daddy do you think you will ever find another girlfriend?" Della asked 
"Maybe, I don't know yet." I said 
"Do you hate being alone?" She asked 
"Hate is a very strong word Della" I said 
"People use it to often for it to be a strong word." She said Della was very smart for her age sometimes it shocked me how smart and how wise she was with her words. 
"Yes, people do use it to often..." I said trailing off going into thought. 


"I hate you!" Eleanor shouted at Louis, their constant fighting was getting on my nerves I don't even know what their fighting about. 
"I think we both know you don't hate me Eleanor" Louis said 
"Well I do!" She shouted and then their was a bang sound and I knew Eleanor had hit him with something I sighed, if Perrie was still here I wouldn't be fighting with her. Louis knew that Eleanor was in danger so why were they fighting? 
I left the house walking threw the woods towards Perrie's tomb. 
I reached the familiar river and leaped making it across I went over and turned the corner and saw the rock building I stopped walking for a moment and breathed out a sigh and walked forwards I sat infront of the half under ground half over ground tomb and crossed my legs. I played with the freshly laid roses. 

(Play Turn Your Face (instrumental/Karaoke) by Little Mix) 

"Hey beautiful" I whispered 
"I know you can't hear me, and I know I will never get a reply from you but I never realized how much I'd want your opinion or your advice until I didn't have it as an option. Perrie I never told you how much you meant to me. Of course I would tell you that I loved you but that never really covered it. Now that I hear Louis and Eleanor fighting, it didnt seem like they know how much they could miss each other. But right now I miss you so friggin much I could kill myself just to join you, I won't do that because I know the boys need me. Louis needs me to help protect Eleanor. Perrie, I need you.-" I took a break to let a tear filled breath in 
"I need you so much, I really do. I'm lost without you. Hell I'm way past lost. I'm deserted. I don't even know what to do anymore I'm just loving the days without you but I'm not feeling them, it's the same process every day. Stay home and watch Eleanor. I didn't think you'd actually try to protect me but you did. You died doing it. I would have chosen getting my eyes ripped out then watching you be murdered. I will never get that image out of my head. It's been 256 days 34 hours and 45 minutes and 27 seconds since you died. Yep I've been counting every second without you. 
Perrie Edwards you will always be my one and only." I sat there quietly crying my head bowed. It started to thunder but I didn't move. I put my hand on the smooth stone of the tomb and cried. As the rain fell on the back of my head and back I sat there crying.
I didn't want to go home I wanted to be in this tomb with Perrie and be with her. The saddest part was in reality, people like Perrie... Human, go to heaven but people like me.... A vampire... Go to hell, I'll probably never see my little flower ever again. Not even in ghost form. She's gone forever and so is half of my heart.

-end of flashback- 

I felt a tear roll from my eye. I sat up 
"Daddy has to go shower ok Della?" I said 
"Ok goodnight daddy" she said I tucked her in and walked out of the room despite the dark I walked outside determined to find it. 

(Harry's POV)

"Yum that was so good!" Karleigh says wiping her mouth with a napkin 
"I knew you'd like this place!" I said 
"Yeah it was amazing" she said I stood up and held put my hand 
"May I have this dance?" I asked 
"Well, of course you can" she said I walked her towards the dance floor where we waltzed. (Youtube it.) it was Ed's Give Me Love we were waltzing to. 

(Play Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran) 

"Your a very good dancer Mr.Styles" Karleigh compliments 
"Why thank you" I said smiling while looking into her eyes 
"I like to be good on my feet" I added sending Karleigh into a spin. 
She smiled as we came back to the normal waltz 
"Good to know..." She said 
"Don't act like you havnt taken dance lessons" I said 
"My maker taught me" she said I realized I didn't know much about her. I'd like to know... 
"Tell me about yourself" I said 
"There's not much to tell." She said 
"Come on, everyone has a story" I said 
"So young so dumb" she said I tightened the one hand I had on her hip and pulled her closer I bent my head down to face hers 
"I'm stronger for my age" I winked 
"Please? I wanna know about you" I added she sighed 
"My maker, was alive since the 1700s. He was intelligent, strong and handsome. But the few things he wasn't were, Kind, caring and helpful. Besides being a maker he was a complete ass. He used his strength to his upper hand. After he turned Hailey, Kelsey and I we were nothing to him but sex slaves and his blood fetchers" she said I brought my brows together and felt angry that someone would treat karleigh in such fowl ways. 
"Don't be angry Hazz. We got revenge..." She said a smirk spreading on her lips as the memory came to her. 
"What'd you do?" I asked 
"We poisoned him. Everyday he got weaker. Until one day he croaked." She said 
"You call that revenge?" I asked 
"What's your idea of it?" She asked 
"Well lets say their head and their body would become separated" I said 
She chuckled 
"That only lasts a second. Just imagine someone you hate, after I poisoned him I got to watch him suffer for a whole week. That's better than a second." She said 
"But then you don't get to feel them die in your hands" I said 
"Maybe a girl doesn't wanna get her hands dirty" she said 
"Your dirty enough without dirty hands" I said winking at her 
"Harry did you just make a move on me in a fancy restaurant?" She asked teasingly 
"Yes I did." I said smiling she giggled I rested my forehead on hers. 
"I love you" I whispered 
"Love you more" she whispered 
"Impossible" I whispered back 

(Louis' POV)

I pulled on a pair of blue plaid PJ pants and kept my shirt off I walked out of the closet Kelsey was sleeping spread across the whole bed I tiredly walked over and lazily wiped my hand across her face she moaned in her sleep I poked her but she didnt wake up I sighed I stood for a moment then I thought crossed my mind. I plugged her nose. In a few seconds she gasped and her eyes opened she swatted me I woke myself up from my lazy state from the laughing 
Kelsey pushed my stomach as I laughed 
"You idiot what are you doing?!" She asked cranky I raised my brows 
"Excuse me?" I asked 
"Your an idiot" she groaned tiredly I used vampire speed to go on the bed I hovered over Kelsey 
"Do you really mean that?" I asked 
"Of course I don't Boobear" Kelsey said smiling I smiled 
"Good cause I'd have to kiss you" I said 
"Idiot" she said 
"That's my girl" I said and pressed my lips on hers I heard the door open I listened I only heard Harry and Karleigh's voices I focused back on Kelsey her knee was pulled up to my side I held onto her thigh. Kelsey got up adjusting his tank top and nighty shorts 
"I have to use the rest-" she was cut off by my room door opening Harry walked in his eyes flicked over to Kelsey she swept her hair over her shoulder and walked to the bathroom Harry's eyes watched her retreating back his brows came together in confusion then he shook his head as if to get the image out and looked back up at me 
"Where's Zayn?" Harry asked 
"He went out he said he might be back late do we shouldn't worry" I said Harry nodded and turned to leave 
"Goodnight" I said he froze in his spot 
"Night." He said and walked out shutting the door. I laid back down sighing. 

(Play Lonely Soul by Mikael Sapin) 
(One of Liam's themes)

-Liam's POV- 

I sat in bed with Ellie. She went over to poke the fire I watched carefully
A log slipped 
"Ellie be careful!" I yelled she jumped out of fright from my sudden out burst 
"Jesus Liam!" She yelled putting a hand over her heart.  
"I didn't want you to get burned" I said 
"I wasn't going to, whats with you and fire babe?" She asked I shrugged 
"Bad memories I guess" I said looking down. 
I couldn't sleep that night. Tossing and turning. 
Only one thought went threw my head... Danielle. 
Watching those tapes was the hardest thing I had to do. It was like watching a plane crash. It's horrible and heartbreaking but you can't keep your eyes off of it.
Experiencing the pain of loosing someone you loved as much as I loved Danielle is the most difficult thing I've ever had to go threw. Not only physical pain but emotional damage. I was battered, depressed and empty. Ellie cleared her throat I looked over she started to unbutton her shirt as she walked over 
"You seem upset, maybe I can cheer you up?" She whispered she reached my side of the bed and placed her hand on my bare cheat and gently pushed my back towards the mattress she straddled my lap I stroked her cheek I was determined to do what I failed to do last time... Protect the girl I love. Ellie leaned down and our lips met in a bliss. I felt my insides flip. I locked my hands on her hips she kissed at my neck when I heard a loud boom and the sound of someone calling for help I tensed up moving Ellie off of me. 
Who was that? I ask myself I went into full phychic mode ignoring Ellie...

(Zayn's POV) 

(Play My Silent Cry - Beautiful violin music)
(One of Zayn's themes)

I still searched for Perrie's tomb. Where was it I ran around frantically I felt like I was loosing my sanity with every sloppy trip. I ran and jumped over a log and stepped and then I felt it, the excoriating pain I fell onto my butt and look down the bear trap was stuck on my ankle I started to breathe heavily, I tried to pry it open but it was jammed into my bone 
"Help!" I yelled dragging it out it came out as a loud throaty yell 
"Somebody help me!" I yelled then a loud thunder boom echoed again. 
I tried the trap again but felt the nerves spark making me stop 
"Oh god" I whispered breathlessly 
It started to down-pour. I've never felt so helpless and alone in my entire life but I also had a sense of fear flowing threw me. 
I looked over my shoulder it was dark. 
"Zayn?!" I heard my name in a yell stretched out 
"Over here! I need help!" I yelled seconds later a soaked Liam and a soaked Louis were at my sides Louis looked down at my ankle visible bone was out and it felt weird Liam looked down and covered his mouth gagging sounds leaving him, 
"Hold it together Liam" Louis said pushes his soaked hair to the side. I looked up at him 
"Louis it hurts" I said he nodded 
"Don't worry Zayn, I'm gunna get you out of this" Louis the sounds of Liam throwing up echoed in my ears 
"Next time remind me to bring someone with a stronger stomach" he says I nod 
"I hope there is no next time" I said he nodded 
"On three ready..?" He asked I nodded gripping his shoulder he to hold of both sides of the bear trap 
"1...2...-" Louis was cut off 
"Wait stop!" Liam yelled he pointed out a wire they followed it leaving me behind 
"What is it?" I asked 
"Oh my god get cover!" Liam shouted and before I could react a loud blast and a bright light lit up our area blinding me

(Harry's POV)

I laughed as me and Karleigh stood out on the balcony. Louis and Liam had went to save Zayn, I was waiting for them to get back so I could talk to Louis about the "memories"? I looked out in the direction they went. Karleigh kissed my cheek and went in to bed I stood out resting my forearms on the railing when 
An explosion went off I stared my eyes went wide I started to hypoventalate, 
"Harry?! Is it true?!" Karleigh runs back to me from reading my mind knowing what I saw 
"Get Niall and blood bags we might be able to save them" I said 
 "What about you?" She asked 
"I'll meet you there" I said I ghetto hopped the railing landing on my feet I ran into the woods towards the explosion site. 
I reached and saw it I heard a cough I looked over and saw Zayn his ankle was in a bear trap I ran over and ripped it open as he sounded like he wanted to yell out I'm pain but he couldn't. He had 3rd degree burns all over his body. 
"Oh my god" I said shaking as I held my hands just above his crispy skin 
"What happened?!" I asked he just shook his head 
"Where's Louis and Liam?!" I asked he weakly pointed I looked over and saw the burnt white van I crawled forward desperately I picked up the shoe sitting back onto my knees I cried sobbing loudly I leaned back down my forehead against the dirt ground. I hit my fists off the ground I screamed loudly but I couldn't hear it. It sounded distant. I sobbed violently I felt a hand on my back 
"Go away." I said 
"Next time you think I won't come back. Double check" the rocky voice saws 
"Tell our clan or whatever you call it or whats left of it. Hugo's back in town." I felt fear roll threw me was he going to hurt me? Kill me too? 
I stood still my forehead still on the ground 
In a flash Hugo was gone I dug my fingers into the warm dirt ground 
He will pay for this, with this life. 

Authors Note!!!!!!: 

Hey guys! So yeah I couldn't sleep like always so I kept Hailey up as we FaceTime'd and finished this chap together. I hope you guys enjoy! 
Much love!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo



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