Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


41. Deep Sleepers

(Louis' POV) 

(Play Where I Come From by Passion Pit.) 

I woke up and turned over looking at Kelsey the light hitting her face reflecting I tilted my head examining her, she was beautiful. I put my hand on the other side of her head and leaned down and kissed her, she woke up. 
"I wish I could wake up like this every morning" she said I smiled 
"That could be arranged." I said I leaned down and locked my lips with hers as my tongue gained access to her mouth I positioned myself on top of her my hands on either side of her head her hands on my back under my arms. I kissed her deeper her chest and mine met up sending a spark threw us. Our foreheads met as I slid one on my hands down her chest and around to her hip and slid up the back of her shirt her soft skin felt amazing on my fingertips. I found my target... The clasp to her bra I grabbed it and struggled to unclip it with a growl against her lips I ripped the clasp off. I slid my hand up the front of her shirt and pulled the bra out from under her shirt. I slowly slid my hand down her stomach goosebumps forming on her skin I smiled against her lips and put my hand on her lower back still under her shirt and pulled her up towards my chest, I put my thumb in the hem of her pj shorts she moved my hand away and pulled at the hem of my shirt and reached around to the back and pulled it off over my head I leaned up temporarily and threw it across the room. She giggled as our lips met our tongues immediately entering each others mouthes she felt down my spine I pushed the hem of her shirt up just as my door opened. 
"Hey Lou- Jesus!" It was Niall he covered his eyes 
"Jeez niall!" I said 
"Oh my god I am so sorry!" He said 
"Ever heard of knocking?!" I asked 
"Jesus I am SO sorry!" He said 
"Just get out!" I yelled 
"Sorry he apologized one last time before shutting the door Kelsey started to giggle and I heard Niall's loud and contagious laugh outside the door and I too started to laugh 
"God I am so sorry!" He said threw the door laughing. I smiled down at Kelsey and pecked her lips before hopping off the bed and putting my shirt back on. 
"Meet ya down stairs" I said and gave her bum a little slap she opened her mouth in. Perfect O. I chuckled and walked out. I saw Niall in the hall he smirked at me 
"Niall." I warned he but his lip to suppress a smile or laugh 
"Don't worry non of us were naked." I said and patted his back
"You didn't waste a masterbation session." I teased 
"Hey!" He yelled I smirked he slit his eyes at me but smiled. 
I walked down the steps and looked around the house and then I saw him... Zayn painting designs on the walls graphiti designs on the walls 
I rushed 
"Zayn what are you do-" I was cut off by missing a step and tumbling down the stairs. 
I landed at the bottom on my side. I didn't wanna move so I just laid there. 
"Oh my god Louis are you ok?!" Zayn asked running up to me I sat up and lifted my arm and snapped my elbow and shoulder back into place. 
"I was just putting some design into the house... I didn't think you would mind." He said 
"I guess I'm ok with it..." I said he hugged me 
"Thanks Lou!" He yelled zooming back to his paints. 
I sighed standing up I straightened out my back feeling my spine click back into place all the way up. I sighed once more walking into the kitchen. I saw a glass of blood sitting on the counter. A note with it. 
"Went out so I had the lads mix our blood only need you and Harry. - Liam" I nodded picking up the liquor glass and walked up the steps I knocked on Harry's door. No answer I knocked again nothing. I banged my fist on the door. nothing I opened the door and saw Harry and Karleigh sprawled out on the bed I walked up to Harry and swatted his forehead he shot up and breathed heavily I put my hands up. 
"I just need some blood" I said he nodded he bit his wrist 
As he dripped some blood into the cup I chuckled 
"God you two are heavy sleepers." I said he chuckled 
"Yep, it comes in handy when you love with an Irish boy that laughs so loud it sounds like he swallowed a magi phone and another guy that chooses to fall down the stairs so hard and loudly that the neighbors probably thought we were hammering the roof." He said his eyes flocking up to mine. He pulled his wrist away and licked it like a cat 
"You can go back to sleep I promise I'll try to be quiet." I said he nodded I walked out of the room I opened the door to my room and bit my wrist Kelsey looked up from sitting on the bed 
"Oh no not again..." She whined I smirked I licked my wrist and handed her the cup. 
She examined the cup and drank it down. She coughed and handed me the glass. 
"You alright?" I asked she nodded 
"Just fine" she said with a smile 

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