Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


14. Back Off

(Niall's POV) 

I spread my arms out in a silent yawn and rolled over and wrapped my arms around Hailey pulling her close to me. 
"Morning" she whispered 
"Morning" I said 
"I don't wanna wake up" she whispered
"Then don't. Stay in bed with me the whole day." I said 
"But the boys we need to-" I cut her off 
"Kelsey and Karleigh are doing it right now." I said she giggled 
"I guess we can cuddle for a little bit" she said I smiled 
"Good" I said 

(Karleigh's POV) 

Kelsey and I carried the bins of bandage and blood bags into the infirmary I walked over to Zayn as Kelsey went to Louis. She changed his blood bag and opened his lips and put the tube back in. She couldn't kiss him because of the burnt skin. But she clearly really wanted to. 
I looked down at Zayn. He had blotches of healed spots unlike Liam who was starting from his feet and going up. I called Zayn the cow healer and Liam the elevator healer. 
I applied cream to the burnt skin that was in the process of healing and wasn't crispy. Zayn had one whole foot healed I applied cream to it and wrapped it up and changed his loos bag. 

Kelsey had Liam so I decided to go look for Harry he didn't come to bed last night so I guess he crashed on the couch. I walked into the living room there was no sign of Harry. I looked around I couldn't see any sign of him. But then I saw it I saw him walk out if the forest. I walked towards the door angry. I stepped outside the door arms crossed u raised my brows. 
"Oh hey babe" he said
"Where were you?" I asked 
"I just went out" I caught that amazing scent I un zipped Harry's windbreaker and saw the blood stained shirt 
"Care to explain?" I said 
"I went hunting? Jeez chill Kar" he said 
"Chill? Babe you didn't even tell me where you were going or anyone where you were going, considering after 3 of us got bombed I think I have the right to be worried." I said 
"I'm fine ok. I promise I won't do it again" he said 
"Heard that one before" I said Harry walked forwards slipping his hands onto my waist and resting his forehead on mine 
"It won't happen again" he said and kissed me 

(Ellie's POV) 

I woke up and looked outside at the sunny day I smiled and walked towards the window I looked around I looked down to see Karleigh and Harry kissing... I slit my eyes and I growl rumbled in my throat. I heard crying I went into Fern's room and cradled her just as Harry rushed into the room 
"Oh you have her.." He said 
"Why does that not sound good?" I asked 
"It wasn't meant to." He said turning to leave 
"Hey since Louis is sick can you train me?" I asked 
"Since Louis' what?" He asked walking back into the room 
"Sick... As in temporally off duty..." I said he smiled 
"Your the first person to say like your sure he's coming back..." He said 
"How else am I supposed to see it?" I asked he smiled at me once more 
"Be ready in 15" he said and left I smiled to myself he's so mine... 

(Harry's POV) 

I walked into the infirmary hugging Kelsey. 
"How is he?" I asked the same as always she said I wanted to tell her the reason why Louis wasn't coming back was because he was a pussy who was hiding from his problems. 
I was completely livid with Louis but I still missed him. I liked the way Ellie put it... Sick. 
I looked over at Zayn and Liam 
"How are they?" I asked 
"Good, Karleigh's been putting a cream on them developed from Louis' blood. She read it in one of Louis' books off the shelf that the makers blood always speeds up healing so she mixed some of his blood with a burn cream and so far it's working." Kelsey explained
"She's smart..." I trailed off 
"Where'd she go?" I asked 
"Making breakfast for Delilah..." Kelsey said 
"Oh if she asked where I went I took Ellie to train ok?" I said she nodded 
"Good luck coach Styles" she said 
"Shush, she needs it. If we ever got into a fight with any other vs,pores shed be dead." I said 
"No need to explain go ahead, have fun" she said I smiled and pecked her cheek 
"See ya Kels" I said I ran threw the kitchen a s pecked Karleigh 
"I gotta go train Ellie... Bummer I know don't be mad but with Louis gone she needs it. I can't just let her not have training... She'd die in the first seconds" I thought in my head knowing Karleigh would read my mind. She turned around and looked at me 
"Your serious?" She asked 
"Don't worry if she tries anything I'll come straight home" I thought she nodded and leaned in kissing me I slid my hands into her jean pockets 
"Eew uncle Harry!" Della shouted from the table I giggled against Karleighs lips 
"Gotta go Kar love ya!" I pecked her lips I walked out and met up with Ellie. 
"Show me where Louis took you." I said she led me threw the woods I watched as she carefully stepped around the branches and logs. 
"Ellie, how one your so good on your feet?" I asked and if right on cue I stumbled over a root. 
"I don't know suddenly I'm good outside, the field or meadow or whatever is just up here" she says I nodded but then fell smack on my face Ellie was there in seconds 
"You ok?" She asked 
"Yeah" I said as she gripped my arm helping me up. When I got to my feet she s,I'd her hand down to my wrist and pulled me threw the last final steps. She stepped into an open meadow and dropped my wrist I dropped my bag and ran across the meadow 
"Some just fight?" I asked 
"I guess, come at me" she says with a wink 
"Meet me half way" I said smirking 

(Play Sail by AWOLNATION)

We took one last look at each other and with a nod from me we ran at each other. Colliding in the middle of the meadow I tackled her down and did a front flip leaving her on the ground. 
"How'd you do that?!" She asked amazed. 
"Lots of practice now come on let's fight" I said she landed a quick movie-like slap on my face I rubbed at my cheek and tackled her down she revered me and punched me I grabbed her waist and threw her over my head she landed on her back I did I cart wheel and landed beside her 
"Get up" I said she smirked getting up she slapped her hand onto my chest making a electrifying surge go threw me. I fell to the grass
"Ow" I said as I sat up 
"Louis discovered that power with me" she said smiling at the memory. 
"No time to skip down memory lane, What are your intentions with Liam?" I asked she looked shocked at my question 
"What?" She said 
"You heard me." I said 
"I know I did but why are you asking me such a ridiculous question that you already know the answer to" she said.
"I think I know the answer..." I said
"What's your prediction?" She asked 
"Your using him." I said 
"What? No!" She said I raised my brows at her 
"Your not going to get away with messing with my friends fragile heart" I said 
"Very noble of you Harry but that's not my intentions." She said I scanned her with my eyes I didn't really trust Ellie. She was fooling everybody else. Even Louis... But not me. 
"I sense your lack of trust towards me..." She said 
"You can feel that eh?" I said 
"Why don't you trust me? Is it because you found yourself a new girlfriend while you were on your adventure?" She asked 
"Don't act like I was cheating on you" I said 
"You were!" She yelled 
"I didn't even remember you!" I shouted 
"How is that even possible?! We were dating only a few weeks before all that stuff happened...." She said 
"I had Amnesia Ellie! I was lucky I remembered the boys!" I shouted impatiently 
"Sometimes Harry you can be a complete asshole" she said 
"And you can be a real bitch most of the time. I'm leaving. Have fun training."  I said putting on my back pack and turning away Ellie flashed infront of me and tackled me pinning me down 
"Your stay right here!" She said 
"Back off Ellie." I looked over and saw Karleigh I didn't remember ever being this happy to see her she walked up to Ellie and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back and slammed her into a tree 
"Get your own boyfriend" she said I got up standing protectively infront of her incase Ellie tried something 
"Your pathetic Karleigh. Following us? Jealous much?" Ellie said 
"Your one to talk... I can read your mind you stupid little twat. I know what your think..." She paused her push me aside to stand by Ellie 
"I know what you think about Harry and I think it's disgusting the way your leading on Liam. Do you not realize how trashy that makes you look?" Karleigh finished 
Ellie went to throw a punch but Karleigh caught it. 
"I can even know your moves before you even try to perform them." She said Ellie yelled while desperately trying to get atleast one punch to land on Karleigh's body. 
I stood waiting Ellie landed a hard punch on Karleigh's cheek and then kicked her into a near by tree I shoved Ellie to the found faster than she could congratulate herself Ellie rose and went for me I dodged her punch and clapped my hands at the side of her head a talent only Louis and I possessed of being able to do it correctly. She stumbled backwards allowing karleigh to tackle her down and punch her. After a few minutes of punching and scratching I stopped them, pulling Karleigh off and holding her infront at me as she shouted insults and Ellie. Ellie ran off in the opposite direction I still held Karleigh she was so angry I thought she'd chase after Ellie if I let her go 
"Let me at her, let me at her!" She said squirming I stopped and leaned her against I tree I planted my hands beside me 
"Kar, calm down" I said 
"She's a bitch" 
"Kar-" she cut me off I sighed 
"She thinks she can steal you from me." She said 
"As much as your turning me on right now because your so hot when your angry you need to calm down your radiating heat because our so angry." I said she smiled and blushed 
"Or maybe that just because your just plain hot." I said putting my forehead against her's 
"Harry stop. Your making me blush" she said I smiled but then all the sudden everything froze like a paused movie I looked around 

(Play They Don't Know About Us 1D :))

"What the...?" I said 
"Is hell the word your searching for?" I groaned at the voice... Louis. 
I turned to see him still wearing black chinos a black tshirt and my baige fedora. 
"Not now Louis..." I said with a sigh 
"Wow, and here I was thinking you'd be happy to see me, guess I was wrong..." He said walking past me u looked down at him with an eye roll. 
"You know things are falling apart without you..." I said 
"Do you think I don't see? Your not really protecting our legacy well Hazz. I thought if I was out of the picture you'd step up. Especially since Liam is... Un available..." He said 
"Why is it so hard for you to say it? He's dying, I can handle it. If I can take my Bestfriend telling me that he'd rather be in a ghost land than with me I can handle the fact my friends are dying." I said Louis looked me over 
"I never meant it to hurt your feelings Harry." He says 
"Well it did and not once have I heard that little 5 letter word leave your lips." I said 
"What word?" He said 
"Sorry!" I yelled stressed 
"I'm doing this for all of us!" He shouted back 
"Ok so why can't you DO it somewhere else and leave me alone? I don't wanna see you I don't wanna hear you I don't even wanna know you anymore." I said Louis looked at me in disbelief his eyes filled with tears he blinked causing two tears to fall from his eyes 
"Louis I-" he cut me off 
"You've said enough. I think I can take a hint. Got anything else you'd like to say?" He asked I shook my head. A part of me told me to apologize but another part said that he deserved it. But before I could apologize Louis was gone. 
I was returned to looking into Karleigh's eyes. When I felt faint and fell backwards.

Authors note: 
Sorry about the short chapter. It's really late! Emphasis on "really" it's like 4 in the morning. I swear I like never sleep. I usually make up for it sleeping in class or what ever.. So anyways sorry again I'll update more... My friend Hailey (Louis!!) is posting her sequel to "Number 17" tonight(I guess today in London time ;)) or tomorrow... Is anyone excited?! I am she hasn't let me read if yet... See you guys soon. Love ya! :) 

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