Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


91. Authors Note... About Me!

I'm actually so bored. Like I have a bit of writers block and Hailey is at the movies so that's lame so I thought I'd tell you guys a little about me! 

All these questions I found and Copy and Pasted I got them online from googling 1D Questions and shit so yeah, I DONT KNOW WHAT SOME OF THEM SAY SINCE I KINDA JUST CLICKED AND DRAGGED AFTER READING THE FIRST 3 QUESTIONS! I actually managed to category a few but other wise their just random thrown together questions from some random person on the Internet most of the time involving 1D! (That's googles results for you.) 

Full name: Natalie Jane Morrison 

1. Age?: 15-ish 

2. Hair color?: Jet black 

3. Hair style?: Straight.. (All the time! And It's impossible to curl!) 

4. Eye color?: Blue 

5. Birthday?: September 12th (THE DAY BEFORE NIALLS EEEEE) 

6. Live?: somewhere in the UK (ain't telling where)

7. Siblings?: NONE (BLESSED) 

8. Fav member of 1D?: Dont got one but if I had to pick one to marry/fuck, it would most likely be a half of Niam or Louis cause damn that boy is cute

9. Fav 1D song?: Change My Mind 

10. Fav 1D Gf?: PERRIE <3 

11. "I Ship...": Larry Willard Stylinson 

12. Celeb Crush other than the boys?: George Shelley 


14. Favorite movie?: This Is Us (even though I haven't seen it.) 

15. Favorite color?: Red 

16. Fav 1D Album?: Take Me Up All Home Night 

17. Fav Album that doesn't belong to 1D?: Night Visions - Imagine Dragons 

18. Fav song that doesn't belong to 1D?: Mr. Brightside by The Killers 

19. Sports?: Used to play Football (soccer to some) before I saw 5 British boys become One Direction on the X-Factor... #TrueStory

20. Boyfriend?: Yes, because every guy is simply just not good looking enough because One Direction took my expectations, standards and needs to the moon and never brought them back. 

21. Piercings?: Eyebrow and Lip. 

22. Bra size?: C. 

23. Parents Status?: Still Married. 

24. Uncles and Aunts?: 3 aunts and 4 uncles. 

25. Cousins?: 13 (yep. And my parents stopped at one.) 

26. Friends?: like being honest 13 the least but I pretty much only hang out with Hailey... 

27. Fav Liam hair cut?: I liked the buzz cut and his cute XF hair but I love his hair now! I love any hair he has so... 

28. Thoughts on Namy?: Just No. Niall always has to be single fuck Amy! I want happy single free Niall.

29. Thoughts on Payzer?: they broke up. 

30. Thoughts on Elounor: Sit the fuck down and shave off that beard Louis your better than this god I can give you a razor! (A very sharp one ;)) (ps sorry if you ship Elounor I did not mean to offend you it's my own opinion xx) 

31. GQ Harry interview?: I will cut that bitch who cornered that poor innocent cupcake. 

32. Thoughts on On stage TMH Larry: Makes my heart melt. I love how much they care for each other. All 5 of them as well like damn. 

33. Thoughts on Paul Higgins: 👍 #Higginator 

34. Thoughts on Anne: Hey girl we gotta get our nails done some time ;) 

35. Thoughts on Louis and his Football playing: YAY LOUIS LIVE THOSE DREAMS YOU SEXY BIT*H PROPS TO YOU BABY CAKES

36. This Is Us: DERP. 

37. Thoughts on The Wanted?: Cunt sluts that have a bald man in their "band" that thinks its ok to lash out on an innocent British boy from Doncaster. I will cut you Max George I swear it. 

38. Thoughts on Max From The Wanted?: Cunt just read my thoughts on the wanted. 

39. Thoughts on Jay from The Wanted?: annoying air head drunk bastard. 

40. Thoughts on Tom from The Wanted?: bigger asshole than manhattan island. His girl friend is an annoying loud bitch #NipSlip 

41. Thoughts on Siva from The Wanted?: Pussy. Can't even stand up to his own girl friend she doesn't even have a penis but it's bigger than his. 

42. Thoughts on Nathan from The Wanted?: Annoying sloth resembling douche bag.

43. Thoughts on BTR?: What is that? A sandwich? Haha. :)


45. Weight?: To scared to step on a weigher 

46. Health?: A bit personal. 

47. Worst Period Story?: I got it. #WorstDayOfMyEntireLife 

48. Sheets or Bar?: Sheets & Bar freshest smelling bitch at my school

49. Ever had a crush on one of your teachers/Professors?: HELL NO. 

50. Ever seen someone that looked like a member of 1D?: I once saw 2 guys that looked like Louis and Zayn just walkin around. 

51. A song that's stuck in your head?: BABY YOU A SONG YOU MAKE ME WANNA ROLL MY WINDOWS DOWN AND CRUUUUUUUUUISE (fuck my life. It's been up there for months.) 

52. Concerts?: None. (Help me I'm poor.. Haha bridesmaids) 

53. Ever wrote a fan fic about 1D?: Awkward....

54. Thoughts on Cher Lloyd?: Wanna be friends with her so bad it hurts. 

55. Fav Lyric to ANY song: Too much pressure. There's like 40 1D songs and don't even get me started on other songs. PASS 

56. Thoughts on Eleanor Calder?: I don't deny she's some what nice but I don't like her at all she's gets on the nerve of every bone in my body. Her voice makes my skin crawl her face triggers my gag reflex and the fact that she's "not famous" or "just a floor model for Hollister" how could she afford all of those really expensive clothing but some Elounor shipper say "Maybe Louis bought her that outfit jeez whats your deal?" I know Louis is amazing and obviously giving but I don't think he'd walk up to Eleanor and be like "Hey babe lets go shopping for your wardrobe!" Like WTF is YOUR deal? I mean her clothes are like Louis Vutton and top model shit like that I mean if you can make thousands of dollars enough to buy a new outfit for every time you step out of the fucking door to go somewhere at Hollister sign me the fuck up because I've NEVER seen Eleanor wear the same outfit or item of clothing twice. 

57. Thoughts in BSE video?: BEST 6 MINS IF MY LIFE
Fav Social Network?: Vine/Twitter. fuck Facebook. 
Thoughts on Little Mix?: My fashion icons. No joke like if their fashion and Cher Lloyd's fashion were to have babies that would be my clothes. 
Thoughts on Harry being the center piece of the 1D Table?: Fuck that their all equals I mean they all have blessed by god and all things holy voices and amazing looks and caring hearts I mean whats so special about Harry?
Fav childhood movie?: This Is Us 


58. Favorite Animal?: Hippo or Flamingo 

59. Favorite wild cat?: White Leopard (they're just so pretty) 

60. Favorite farm animal?: Sheep or Cow. 

61. Favorite deep sea creature?: Dolphin or Blue Whale. 

Celebs & Actors! 

62. Most hated female celeb?: Taylor 'the cunt' Swift 

63. Most hated male celeb?: Max George 

64. Best female actress?: Emma Stone or Chloe Grace Moretz 

65. Best male actor?: Jim Carrey or Leonardo DiCaprio

Super Heroes!

66. Best superhero?: Iron Man/Batman/Spider-Man/Thor/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(do they count?) 

67. Best super villain?: The Joker/Green Goblin/Harley Quinn/Loki/The Riddler/Two-Face/The Penguin/Doctor Octopus/Venom/Killer Croc/The Lizard/The Shredder/Backster Stockman(if that's how you spell it)/Poison Ivy (I LOVE VILLAINS) 

68. Fav Comic?: Never really read one.... 

69. Which 1D member is which super hero?: Louis = Spider-Man + his ass would look real good in that suit daaaam. Liam = Batman Niall = Green Lantern 
Harry + Iron Man Zayn = Superman 

70. Favorite Book?: Dare To Dream by One Direction

71. Fav food?: cupcakes ;)

72. Own a car?: nope 

73. Do you like Adam Sandler?: How can you not? Just wondering. 

74. How many members of 1D are single? (Write your date.): So Louis is still sporting that Louis Vutton beard and Zayn is still with the queen Perrie Liam and Dani are broken up so... 2/5 aiming for only 1/5 (the beard has got to go, sorry Louis but your not a Robertson from Duck Dynasty. My date: 2013 

75. If you could only choose one member of 1D to see naked right now which one would it be?: ummmmmmmmm....... Niall. 

76. Left handed or Right handed?: Right 

77. Janoskianator?: Huh? 

78. Favorite Janoskian?: Um... 

79. Spend a day with Taylor Swift or Honey Boo Boo's Family?: Obviously Honey Boo Boo's family even if their loud, obnoxious, smelly, weird it's better tan Taylor Swift. 

80. You got Taylor Swift M&G ticket what do you do?: sell them to get 1D M&G. 

81. Socks or no socks?: No socks 80% of the time tbh the only time I wear socks is winter. 

82. Ross Lynch?: My baby cake sugar gum drop. 

83. Cinnamon Challenge?: accomplished in 1 minute. Yeah I swallowed that shit. 

84. Can you dance?: Like a fucking pro. No joke I'm pretty good. 

85. Glee?: I've never watched an episode but R.I.P CORY 

86. Jackson Rod Stewart!!!: OMG HANNAH MONTANA 

87. Directioner?: hell yeah. 

Justin Bieber! :/ 

88. Thoughts on Justin Bieber?: I used to Love Justin don't get me wrong I liked him I thought he was sweet and humble and down to earth but now peeing in buckets and spitting on your fans and neighbors and breaking laws that are meant to keep people safe... He just dropped. He has lost all respect from me. I love young Justin and the Justin that was here months ago but now it's just... Not for me. 

89. Thoughts on Beliebers?: evil little peoples.... 

90. Jelena?: I like Selena Gomez and I USED to like Justin so yeah I shipped it but now I'm glad Selena got away in one piece. 

Back to regular questions! (Yaaaay!)

91. Favorite video game?: Black ops or The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (Daryl😍) 

92. Do you want a tumblr boy?: no thanks. 


94. Thoughts on Miley Cyrus?: MILEY YEAH BABY I LOVE HER 


95. Harry Twerking at the TCAs?: My life made in 3 seconds. 

96. Liam's voice crack during the BSE performance at the TCAs?: the cutest shit I've ever heard in all my time on planet earth. 

97. Liam, Niall and Louis not wanting to go to their seats because Niki Minaj do they stayed backstage?: Legends. 

98. Harry winning Best smile & male hottie?: Happy for him but the boys should have been nominated too. 

99. Everyone seeing One Direction as Harry Styles at the TCAs?: I wish there was a middle finger emoji. 👎

The Question Askers random self confidence drop.... 

100. Why have you been here for 100 of my stupid questions?: I'm bored. 

101. Why are you still here?: idk. 

Random Shit once more. 

102. Alright since your not leaving... What's your sexuality?: Straight but I support gay rights 100%. 

103. How many sisters does Niall have?: zero. 

104. Who's your fav Vine users, top 3?: 1. Brittany Furlan 2. Robby Ayala 3. Kc James 

105. Ever rode a horse?: nope. 

And then the questions just stop. Well I'm gunna just end it here. Good bye! :)

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