Love Lust (Sequel to Blood Lust)

Months after the wolves were ran out of town things seem back to normal.
Ellie can give birth any day, most of all they had repaired their house completely getting what Liam always wanted. To stay home, everyone had their mates, and their lovers. Kelsey and Louis are happy, but when the towns population goes up and not in Louis' favor could it all go down the drain for Louis? Louis had a lot on his plate, after taking in Hailey, Karleigh and Kelsey that adds 3 to his list of 4 fledglings it's a lot of responsibility... And for one of the most irresponsible, childish 21 hear olds well technically he's 139.... That's even worse. Lets stick to 21. He cares for each and every one of them in different ways. Could another war break out or can he keep everything tamed before all hell breaks lose?


2. Amnesia Unravels

(Harry's POV) 

(Play Broken Wings - Beautiful Piano Music Youtube: blacksheep806) 
(this is also one of Harry's themes :))

I sat my back against a tree I hugged my knees to my stomach tears rolled down my cheeks, Liam was right. I killed her. I shouldn't have fallen in love with a human. The amnesia had blocked her from my memory. Everything was flooding back... In little sideshows of moments with her and the boys like the first day we met. 


I fed from the girl, there was a loud thud we all looked at the source of it. From the other side of the wall, we ran out and stood blocking the hall a girl came running out she ran into my chest and fell back ward. She looked up and tried to scream when Louis sped forward and put a hand over her mouth and lifted her up. I stepped forward getting her under my spell.
"Sleep" I whispered to her, her eye lids fell. Zayn picked her up cradling her. We walked to the elevator I walked behind Zayn looking at the girls pretty face. Louis led us threw a door Zayn walked her head bumped the doorway 
"Jesus Zayn be careful" I said 
"Sorry" he apologized sincerely I held the girls head up and tucked it under Zayn's chin.
We walked out to the garage. Louis got in the drivers seat I sat in the middle seats with Zayn Niall sat up front and Liam sat in the back. Her head was rested on my lap. I couldn't help but play with her long soft hair.
"What are we going to do with her?" I asked 
"Kill her, tie up the loose ends" Louis says 
"No" I said looking at him we make eye contact in the rear view mirror 
"What's it to you?" He asked. I really and truly didnt like fighting with Louis but I will fight for the right thing. Just deciding right away to end a girls life isn't fair. 
"I won't let you" I said his blue eyes burned into my green ones 
"Don't do this Harry" Liam said 
"Oh and your going to stop me?" Louis shot back 
"Here we go again" Niall muttered leaning his elbow on the window and setting his head  on his hand. 
"Yes I will stop you it isn't right to think you get to choose weather someone lives or not" I argued 
"Yeah well if we let her walk, she'll tell the cops we will become most wanted and we would all end up dying" he countered I looked down 
"It just isn't right" I said 
"Give me, until we get to the house to think about it." He said I felt a tickle of hope. I knew I could trigger Louis' soft side. 
When we pulled up to the house and this time I carried the girl to keep her from getting her head hit off another door frame. Louis held the door open for everyone. He stopped me as I was the last to go in 
"The girl lives but she can't get in any sort of contact with her friends or family." He said 
"Thank you Louis" I said 
"Control her though. This is like having a pet dog except its a human." He said I nodded
"Don't screw this up Harry because I could kill her faster than you can snap your fingers" he said snapping his fingers. I swallowed but walked in watching her head. 
I saved a life. I wasn't all bad right?

-end of flashback- 

I slowly opened my eyes remembering that day. It was like parts of my amnesia were being dusted off. I felt someone stroke my cheek only to realize I was being sucked back into another flashback 

-flashback 2-

I opened my eyes into the flashback only this time it wasn't Ellie. It was Louis. I smiled at him lovingly. He smiled back, I've never given much thought to being in love with Louis but I guess I forgot with the amnesia. I wondered if Louis had ever forgotten or if he carries that everyday. Knowing we had a relationship but I remember not knowing. Had it been erased from my memory even before the amnesia? Who did it? Was it Louis? I wanted to know as I felt the flashback it felt like I was in love with Louis, more than anything. I knew that somehow someway he loved me back just as much if not more. 
I walked with Louis in the forest he held a black duffle over one shoulder, 
"So today is your training lesson Harry" he said I smiled 
"No today is Niall's lesson" I teased 
"Hey lose the attitude Styles." He said smirking he dropped the duffle he took out a stake 
"Disarm me" he said 
"Really?" I asked 
"Fine you don't feel brave enough to do it with the wooden one?" He said he pulled out a metal one. It wouldn't kill me if it Accidentally stabbed me but it would still hurt he was in the fighting stance 
"C'mon Harry disarm me" he said I smirked and sped forward I grabbed the metal but he swung me around I hit a tree with a loud thud the birds flew away 
 "Nice try Hazza A for effort" He said patting my cheek 
Time passed and I couldn't disarm him. 
"How's this?" He said throwing the stake up in the air and catching it then he continued 
"I'll give you a little reward if you can disarm me" he said 
"What's the reward?" I asked 
"It's a surprise" he said winking at me
I ran forward grabbing the stake and flipping Louis I stopped the stake just above his heart 
"Your dead" I said smirking 
"The thing is Harry if the situation was necessary and you had this hold on me would you do it?" He asked I already knew the answer 
"No" I said he quickly grabbed the metal from my hand and flipped me over hovering over me 
"Then this would happen" he said our faces only separated by an inch 
"I'd rather be killed than kill you" I said he looked into my eyes lovingly 
"Where's my reward? I did disarm you. Are you going to keep your word?" I asked 
"Always" he said he leaned down our lips coming in contact I smiled against his lips. 

-end of flashback- 

I was dragged out of the flashback when a boom of thunder echoed I sighed I got up the rain started to pour down hard I walked I didn't use my vampire speed I walked to the playground sitting in the tube staying as dry as possible. 

(Louis' POV) 

I woke up on my back Kelsey's back towards me her bare back I peeled the sheets down and started to lightly rub her back. 
Half asleep I closed my eyes still lightly rubbing her back with the tips with fingers I tucked three fingers back and with my index finger I wrote "I love you" on her back I still had my eyes closed I drew I big heart. I turned over I grabbed a thin tipped sharpie. I took the cap off I had my eyes open now. I wrote my name in hand writing on the back of her shoulder then I surrounded it with floral designs I kissed the back of her neck where a tattoo already was, the symbol of her coven. I drew under it me and boy's coven symbol. It was almost like hers but different in a way. 
She rolled over to face me 
"What are you doing?" She said sleepy she put her arms around my neck I pulled me against her twisting our legs together 
"I gave you a tattoo." I said she smiled leaning away 
"My turn" she said she flipped me over onto my back she decided to put it on my left rib cage right under my (AN: what do you call a mans boob? Do you still call it a breast? I don't even know so I'm just going to call it a man-breast... Ok? I'll change it if someone tells me but for now it's that. K?) man-breast she wrote in perfect cursive "Kelsey" and did the same kind of design after she pulled on my arm she wrote on my forearm 
"Love is like wind, you can feel it but you can't see it" she put quote marks I looked at the perfect cursive. It started at my wrist and ended an inch later but she laired it half was on the top and half on the bottom. I smiled 
I kissed her holding her wrists in my hands she put her hands on my rib cage holding my sides. I got an idea. I knew how to show Kelsey how much I loved her. 
I swung my legs off the bed and pulled on some boxers nd ran into the closet full speed I got dressed in black chinos a black shirt and red suspenders I wore red vans. I took out some clothes for her. A strapless halter dress I grabbed a pair of matching toms I sat on the bed checking twitter as she dressed. Nothing new on there. I looked up seeing she was dressed I jumped up grabbing her hands I led her down the hall. I sat in a room. A full glass room even the ceiling was glass since we were on the third floor. A black shiny grand piano sat in the room along with a collection of guitars for Niall. 
I sat down helping Kelsey onto the piano she laid on the top like how Katy perry sat on California girls her legs looped together and her elbows rested on the piano her head resting in her hands I started playing the first keys to Cascada's Everytime we touch. (AN Right now it's optional you could play the song if you want or you can just keep reading. ;))
"Ooohhh" I breathed out. I played the keys reaching along the soft white and black keys. 
"Mmmmm" I hummed playing a few more keys till I started to sing the song it was harder to play and sing but, I managed. 
"I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me, I still feel your touch in my dreams" I sang I looked up at her smiling I sang the next lines while looking into her eyes...
"Forgive me my weakness, but I don't know why without you it's hard to survive" I sang lightly I quickly pecked her lips and continued to sing looking down at the keys...
"Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling and everytime we kiss I swear I could fly" I sang looking up 
"Can't you feel my heart beat fast I want this to last" I sang she smiled I continued 
"Need you by my side.... 'Cause everytime we touch I feel the static and everytime we kiss I reach for the sky" I closed my eyes singing the next part looking down 
"Can't you feel my heart beat so, I won't let you go. Want you in my life" I sang softly. 
I played more keys I looked up into her eyes again 
"Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky they wipe away the tears that I cry" I sang into her eyes. I kept my eyes locked with hers 
"Oh, the good and the bad times, we've been through them all..." I raised my voice for the next few lines 
"You make me rise when I fall!" I sang my voice acapelloing
I rolled into another coarse
"Cause everytime we touch I get this feeling and everytime we kiss I swear I can fly, Can't your hear my heart beat fast I want this to last, need you by my side" I sang 
I raised my voice for the next verse dragging out some of the words 
"Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static and everytime we kiss I reach for the sky." 
I softened up my voice for the next line..........
"Can't you feel my heart beat so I can't let you go, want you in my life" I lowered my voice to an almost whisper 
"Everytime we touch I get this feeling, everytime we kiss I swear I can fly" I played the keys slower, I kept my voice low, 
"Can't you feel my heart beat fast I want this to last, need you by my side"  it was time for the finishing coarse.... 
"Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static everytime we kiss I reach for the sky." I played the lower keys finishing the song with the last part of the corse 
"Can't you feel my heart beat so, I can't let you go, want you in my life" I finished taking my hands off the keys 
Kelsey smiled at me I leaned in kissing her. I pulled away 
"Breakfast?" I asked 
"Race you to the kitchen" she said I smiled 
"Meet you there" I said 

(Harry's POV) 

(Safe & Sound the civil wars ft. Taylor Swift :/ don't like her but I like the song :))

I sat in a tree my memory kept coming back in pieces I heard foot steps I sat up peeking over the edge I saw Liam I jumped down infront of him 
"Liam I'm so sorry I know what I did was stupid and wreck less and I hate myself for hurting you, I'm a big fuck up and I shouldn't think on Impulse" I said Liam just looked at me 
"I understand, Harry your not a fuck up your a kid. Kids make mistakes" he said 
"So were good?" I asked 
"Were good" Liam said I hugged him tightly we ran back to the house playfully shoving each other laughing when we got back Louis and Kelsey were cooking. Liam sat at the table I leaned against the door way crossing my arms across my chest, my eyes flicked over to Louis and we made eye contact I know he doesn't know I found out about us. 
I looked away because all I could see was the flashbacks. How much we loved each other my love for him was stripped from me without me even allowing it to. I was still waiting for the vision to see how it was erased  my odds were pointing to Louis covering up his tracks. He cleared his throat at the awkward loss of eye contact. 

(Louis' POV) 

What was Harry's problem? Why is he suddenly mad at me like WTF? I cleared my throat when he dropped his eyes from mine he sighed walking over and sitting down leaning back in his chair normally I would have made a comment for his attitude like 
"Wow someone's PMSing" but my gut told me to keep a sock in it. I stacked the bacon and eggs on plates and set them down on the table as I was moving away Harry used vampire speed to snatch my arm 
"You got another tattoo?" He asked his grip was rather tight and uncomfortable 
"No, it's just marker. Kelsey drew it on" I said as saw his eyes scan the words his hand was squeezing right before my elbow on my forearm, he released my arm and slouched again 
"Oh, it's nice" he said but his tone said something like "that looks like shit" or "that's dumb" and it also had a hint of "drop dead" to it. I squinted my eyes at him I sat at the head of the table I are silently it was almost like you could see the awkwardness in the room I sighed. The door opened and I heard Niall and Zayn and a baby's loud crying Niall walked in the room a loud crying baby in his arms 
"Oh please just shut up" he said begged rocking her Harry rose up he walked over to Niall 
"I got it Ni go eat, you too Zayn" He asked 
"Where's Hailey and Kar?" Harry asked 
"Still at Ellie's" Zayn answered 
"Hasn't woken up yet?" I asked Niall shook his head 
"But her skin is starting to look more livelier so she'll wake up anytime soon." He added 
Niall placed the baby in Harry's arms and she right away stopped crying 
"How'd you do that?" Niall asked 
"It's the fatherly touch" Harry said with a teasing wink
"Have you named her yet Harry?" I asked he looked at me almost like he didnt wanna answer me but he realized he couldn't ignore me infront of everyone.
"No. I wanted us all to pick out a name" he said 
"I thought you wanted to name your first daughter Darcy?" Zayn asked 
"I don't know if she looks like a Darcy" he said 
"What does she look like to you?" Niall asked 
"I was juggling our names last night and I picked out a few that had your names in them. For you Niall she'd be named Nialla. For you Liam she be named Liane, for you Zayn her named would be Zaynie and lastly for you Louis I'd name her Louise" Harry said 
"What about you? Wouldn't you name her something with your name?" I asked 
"Yeah how about Harriet" Zayn suggested 
"Or Harriane" Niall said 
"What about Harleigh?" I suggested blankly looking down at the floor I looked back at the boys and faced Harry once more he nodded 
"I like it..." He trailed off 
"I got it and it's perfect!" Niall shouted we all looked at him 
"Well spit it out!" I said we all laughed 
"Fern" Niall said 
"Fern?" Harry questioned 
"When we were at war when we hid in caves or bushes the bush was always a fern." 
"So your saying I should name my daughter after a bush?" Harry asked we giggled 
"A bush that saved your life." Niall said 
"If it wasn't for the ferns you wouldn't be naming your baby right now you'd be a pile of ash in a wolf campfire" Niall said Harry looked down at his baby girl 
"Fern" he said to himself he looked up smiling 
"I love it" he said 
"Fern Styles" I said 
"Sounds awesome" Liam said we all gave nods of agreement. 
Karleigh and Hailey walked in the room
"Ladies and gentlemen.. And Niall we now present you..." They held their arms out 
"The new and improved Ellie!" They said Ellie walked in our jaws dropped. 

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