Pickles & Pancakes

Jimmy tells Austin and Ally to write on song for the food jam but they can't decide between Pickles or Pancakes so they all take a vote sequel to Spooks & Scares


2. Pancakes & Packing

Adam: okay welcome to the team Austin/Ally meeting Trish is late so Dez why don't you tell them our idea

Dez: okay so me and Adam decided we should vote on it 

Austin: sounds good to me

Ally: yeah me too

(everyone puts their vote in a hat)

Adam: okay so lets see the vote (pulls them out) 

Adam: okay so we have two pickles and two pancakes 

Ally: I guess we'll have to see what Trish says 

(Trish walks in) 

(Austin and Ally run over to her)

Ally: pick pickles 

Austin: no pick pancakes 

Ally: no pickles 

Austin: pancakes! 

Trish: what's going on?

Adam: Austin and Ally have to write a song for the food jam and couldn't decide between pickles or pancakes so we took a vote and there was two pickles and two pancakes so it's up to you 

Trish: I choose neither because I don't like pickles and I HATE pancakes

Austin & Dez: (gasp)

Adam: Trish is right you and Austin need to sort this put yourselves 

(Dez, Adam, and Trish leave) 


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