Pickles & Pancakes

Jimmy tells Austin and Ally to write on song for the food jam but they can't decide between Pickles or Pancakes so they all take a vote sequel to Spooks & Scares


3. Fighting & Crying

Austin: Ally! We're going with pancakes! 

Ally: no! Austin we're going with pickles!

Austin: you know what I can do this with out you! 

Ally: oh yeah how! You can't write songs remember 

Austin: get out of here Ally!

Ally: I can't believe your being such a jerk! (A tear drips down her face she runs out) 

Austin: wait Ally! 

(Austin runs after her) 

(Austin sees her sitting on the park bench crying into her knees) 

Austin: Al? 

Ally: (looks up sniffling) Austin? Go away

Austin: (sits beside her and puts his arms around her) no Ally I am so sorry we can do the pickle song

Ally: no Austin 

Austin: c'mon Ally I just wanna see you happy again 

(Adam and Dez run up) 

Adam: guys we know what do about the song 

Ally: what 

Adam: do it about  both pickles and pancakes 

Austin: that's a great idea 

Dez: I know right 

Adam: what are you talking about I came up with it 

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