Love's Bind

17-year-old Charlie is coping with life after he decides he's gay. Living a tough life already with an abusive father and an alcoholic mother, Charlie finds himself stuck in a ticking time bomb. To make matters worse, Charlie finds himself in a love triangle that just might ruin his friendship with the only people he has.

Follow Charlie on an emotional and tear-jerking journey as he tries to discover his purpose in life and how to cope with the barriers around him.


3. Wrecking Ball

** Hey guys! You've all requested it, so here's another chapter! **


It's been over a week since Charlie kissed Adelie. He didn't necessarily understand why he freaked out like he did; he just simply felt uncomfortable. But what hurt Charlie was that Adelie had the nerves to tell Jake about him being gay. It surely is his choice whether or not who knows about his sexuality, and he strongly felt that Adelie didn't have the right to just flaunt off his personal life to Jake. As mad as Charlie was a Adelie, he didn't let it get to him.

Charlie barely shares any classes with Adelie. And as ironic as it may be, he shares the majority of his classes with Jake. Jake is an overall cool person, he's very skinny. He's well built and has gorgeous blond hair. Charlie is not afraid to admit that he's had a crush on Jake ever since Adelie started dating him.

Charlie scribbled notes as fast as he could. English class was Charlie's least favorite. He liked it in all of his elementary and middle school years, but maybe the fact that the person who teaches Charlie's English class is a stingy, old man that goes by the name Joshua Burns. Mr.Burns is an extremely angry person (actually, Charlie often wonders how someone like him can simply just straight out hate people) who does nothing but blabber off in a jargon. The man speaks so fast Charlie can barely even get three words written down!

Charlie sat, bored, with his hand on his cheek scribbling useless words into his notebook. The sleeve of his sweater would occasionally get in the way of his pen, so he'd stop to pull it up, and continue writing to just have it fall again. Charlie was off into his own land, doing anything but listening to one of Joshua Burns' jargon-ish lectures, when someone tapped lightly on his shoulder. Charlie turned to see smiling Jake. He placed a crumbled up sheet of notebook paper onto Charlie's desk and quickly bolted away. He was obviously avoiding Mr.Burns.


Curious, Charlie uncrumbled the letter and read it on his lap. It read:


Let's hang out Thursday night at my house! Is 6 okay?

Charlie smiled, and looked over to where Jake was sitting. Jake was looking at Charlie, who was clearly waiting for his response. Charlie shook his head excitedly. He was in love with his best friends boyfriend.


Charlie rang the doorbell on Jake's door. Charlie fixed his hair, and stomped off the snow from his boots, his breath creating a winter night mist. Beautiful Jake answered the door, the warmth of his house and scent of ginger bread filled Charlie's nose.

"Come in!" Jake said, putting his arm around Charlie and escorting him into his castle. "Make yourself at home dude," Jake smiled. "Want anything to drink?"

Not wanting to be a burden, Charlie shook his head. But Jake-- being the nice person that he was -- poured Charlie a glass of water.

"Getting into the Christmas spirit I see," Charlie chuckled, looking at all of the garlin and Christmas decorations in the house.

"Eh," Jake laughed. "What can I say? My mom's crazy."

Charlie smiled.

Charlie stood up and wandered Jake's festive kitchen until something got his attention on the window sill. It was a family picture. It included Jake, his sister ( who must be at least nine or ten) and his mom or dad. A tear snuck out of Charlie's eye. It reminded him of his parents. His parents that don't even care about him. All his mom does is drink, leaving Charlie to fend for himself. And if Charlie does one little thing to piss off his crazy dad, it earns him a beating.

Jake touched Charlie's shoulder and Charlie shot around quickly.

"What's wrong Charles?" Jake frowned.

Charlie hesitated. "Uh-" Charlie stuttered, wiping a tear from his eye. "I-It's nothing Jake."

Charlie changed the subject quickly. "So what are we doing tonight?" he sniffled.

"Well I figured we could watch a movie and just hang out?" Jake suggested.

Charlie smiled. "Yeah Jake, that sounds like a great idea."

Charlie gazed into Jake's eyes. His eyes resembled that of a stars-- it sparkled. And Charlie could tell that Jake was happy, the only thing is that Charlie wished he, too, could be happy.

Jake gazed into Charlie's eyes as well for what seemed like forever. That was until, Jake moved in on Charlie, their groins touching, their complete bodies touching. 

Jake kissed Charlie.


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