Love's Bind

17-year-old Charlie is coping with life after he decides he's gay. Living a tough life already with an abusive father and an alcoholic mother, Charlie finds himself stuck in a ticking time bomb. To make matters worse, Charlie finds himself in a love triangle that just might ruin his friendship with the only people he has.

Follow Charlie on an emotional and tear-jerking journey as he tries to discover his purpose in life and how to cope with the barriers around him.


1. Tears Are Not Enough

"I-I don't know. I don't want to be this. I want to change." Charlie cried out, tears falling from his eyes like a never-ending waterfall of sadness and sorrow.

His counselor, Mrs.Fannon, lightly mumbled, in a sweet tone, "Come here," and opened her arms to comfort Charlie. As he hugged her back, his tears falling onto her shoulder, she rubbed his back, trying to reassure him that everything was alright.

After a moment of silent-ness and crying, Mrs.Fannon pulled a couple of tissues from the pastel green tissue box that sat on her desk and handed it to Charlie. Charlie gently dried his tears and rested his hand on his head.

"I want to change," he sighed out, his voice cracking.

"No Charlie," Mrs.Fannon said, her voice sound stern. "I doubt you'll ever be able to change this." She paused, as if she was taking a moment to think, and continued.

"The heart wants what the heart want, Charlie." She said. "And I don't blame you for not wanting to tell anyone. I mean, kids these days can just be so judgmental. But don't let any of this bother you."

Mrs.Fannon looked at Charlie, who stared blankly at her mahogany desk.

"Charlie!' She snapped. "Look at me."

Charlie immediately shot his head up. His aquamarine colored eyes were align with Mrs.Fannon's dark brown eyes.

"But- Mrs.Fannon," Charlie hesitated. Before he could speak, he broke out into tears again. "I don't want to be gay. This is a private school we're in. And my parents- if they ever found out... I'd be disowned."

Mrs.Fannon handed Charlie some more tissues.

"Listen," she began. "There is honestly nothing wrong with being gay. Personally, I feel that everyone should be able to love whoever they want."

Mrs.Fannon looked around her office a little. It was rather small, only her desk at one end of the room and a chair sitting at the opposite side of it for whoever needed some help. Anti-bullying pictures were hung on the wall. And another poster read "I will love myself from A to Z".

Mrs.Fannon stood from her chair and began to pace around her office before speaking again.

"I had this professor in college," she said. "She was gay. And she was afraid of telling people because of what they would think, much like you're situation."

Mrs.Fannon sat down at her green office chair before continuing.

"She didn't come out until she was 60."

"Oh, wow," Charlie said, sounding startled.

"My point is that I don't want you to wait until your 60 to tell people you're gay. That's defiantly way to long to keep something that's apart of you a secret."


"Shut up you bitch!" Charlie (in a best-friend kind of way) shouted at Adelie.

"Nah, one-hundred percent true!" she said in reply with a smirk, fixing her messy bun. "Me and Jacob totally got it on that night!"

Charlie laughed. "Oh, so you're saying you ditched our movie night to fuck with some kid? What a slut!"

Adelie smiled. "He's my boyfriend you idiot. Aren't best friends supposed to remember these kinds of things?" She said, putting a handful of peas from her lunch onto a plastic spoon, launching them towards Charlie.

"Still, why in the world did you just decided to walk out on me? I thought we were going to watch Mean Girls?" Charlie asked, dodging the peas that were plummeting towards him.

"Passionate sex." Adelie responded with a chuckle.

A teacher, who looked like he was about 50, slammed his hand on their table. "You two better watch your mouth! One more vulgar word like that and you'll be in detention!" the teacher grunted. "Now get up and pick up those peas you 'foolishly' threw on the ground."

"So Charles," she said, scooping some of the peas from under the table. "Who've you been doing it with?"

Charlie hesitated. The thought of having sex with someone made him think of his sexuality.

"Adel," he said quietly to make sure no one could here him. He leaned in closer as if he was about to whisper a secret to her. Which, of course, he was.

"I'm gay."




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