Love's Bind

17-year-old Charlie is coping with life after he decides he's gay. Living a tough life already with an abusive father and an alcoholic mother, Charlie finds himself stuck in a ticking time bomb. To make matters worse, Charlie finds himself in a love triangle that just might ruin his friendship with the only people he has.

Follow Charlie on an emotional and tear-jerking journey as he tries to discover his purpose in life and how to cope with the barriers around him.


2. Paper Planes

"Don't sweat it, Charlie."  Adelie said in a cheerful voice, lifting her hand from the car steering wheel to give Charlie a nudge. "I'll always accept you, no matter what." She smiled.

Adelie's smile is beautiful. Her perfect pink lips don't even fold, her white teeth sparkle. Her dark hair, usually in messy buns, was perfectly straight. And sometimes Charlie sees stars falling from her hair. She's beautiful. She really is.

By now, Adelie was pulling into my driveway. The rocky driveway crackled as the tires rolled over them. The car stopped.

"Grab your things for Drama," she said. "I'll be waiting."

Charlie got out of the car and went inside his  house. His mother was asleep on the hard-wood floor, empty bottles of beer surrounding her.  Charlie simply pushed her out of the way with his sneaker. She didn't care about him. So why should he?



"Now kiss!" The play director, Kathy, yelled at Charlie and Adelie with a clap of her hands.

Charlie became nervous. And by the way Adelie had looked up at him, she could tell it. Adelie, being the good friend she is, broke the silence.

"U-um... what?" Adelie asked, looking puzzled at Kathy.

"Kiss!" she exclaimed again. "It says so in the script. Did you even read the script? Oh, how come no one ever reads the dang script!" Katy complained. Oh, the usual perky Kathy.

Adelie looked up at charlie, his aquamarine eyes showing sadness. She frowned.

"Charlie," she whispered. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Charlie hesitated. "Y-yeah."

Charlie closed his eyes, as did Adelie. The began to slowly lean in for a passionate kiss, their lips slightly puckered. Charlie kept on pulling back a little every once and a while, but he later gave in. Their lips met. And Charlie, a gay guy, had kissed Adelie, a straight girl.

Charlie immediately pulled away and ran off the stage. The black stage curtain ruffled as Charlie ran by. He was running; he couldn't believe what he just did. People eh passes looked at him funny. The last hing everyone heard was the backstage door slamming shut.

Charlie was crying. And he didn't know why. It was his first kiss, and he wanted it to be a guy. But Charlie assumed he wasn't thinking correctly and wasted it on a girl.

Charlie slammed his back against the brick wall of the school, and slowly fell to his knees, crying out in agony. It sounded like he had lost an arm. Like he was in pain. But in all reality, he was in pain.

The backstage door flew open.

"Charlie!" Adelie yelled, running to him. By her side was her bofriend Jake. 

"Are you okay?" Jake asked, pulling Charlie up from his hands.

Once Charlie began to speak, he was back to his feet. He had a spaced out look, and his eyes were red from crying. He sniffled.

"Y-yeah. I'm fine." Charlie assured them.

"Dude," Jake said, sounding somewhat astonished "What happened to you out there?"

Adelie butted in, pushing Jake to the side and hugging Charlie. She rested her head on Charlie's shoulder, as did he.

"I'm so sorry Charlie. It's all my fault." Adelie cried.

Jake was confused; his face surely showed it. "Wait," Jake began, but Adelie didn't let him finish.

"Charlie is gay, Jake." She blurted out.

It went silent. Jake looked at Charlie, and said nothing. Charlie looked up at the orange sun that was setting. Flashbacks of him kissing Adelie sped through his mind, and as odd as it may sound, Charlie thought he was having a panic attack. But he only kissed a girl, it's not like it was the end of the world or anything.

Adelie frowned.

"I'm sorry Charlie. I didn't mean to-"

No, no It's fine." Charlie smiled, giving Adelie a hug. Jake could do nothing but join the hug as well.


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