Forever Yours

Danielle and Louis were friends till the end, now they are much more than friends till the end. But for Danielle, which we soon come to call Dani, the end may be coming sooner than originally planned. Will she survive it or die strong? Will Louis stay strong alongside her or will he crumble under the hardships?


12. Your the Barbie to my Ken

Louis P.O.V.

I start pulling random things out of my bags and things and I found a kit for making a dresser along with some paint. Dani gives the paint some weird look and went through her own dresser and runs to the bathroom to change. " I'm almost ready Lou." she screamed from the bathroom. I guessed I should get ready so I naturally just grab an old shirt and gym shorts take off my shirt and jeans, " Hey, Lou I wanted to know what you we-..." I turn around and see her gaping at my body. I guess I'm fit to her I don't even much know! ".. I uh, You, uh uh um Hey there hot stuff" she winks. I'm in only my boxers.... awkward! It's awkward for a piece of me, but compelling and flirtatious for half of me.

Dani"s P.O.V.

I walk into my room unaware a basically naked Louis was just standing there about to throw on a t-shirt," Hey,Lou I wanted to know what you we-....." he was fit! Very visible six pack, the v-line, the whole package, man was I lucky! "..I uh, You, uh uh um" thing of something don't just stutter D!! "Hey there, hot stuff" I add a wink at the end for attraction. Gawd what a nerd move. " Hey, eyes up here doll!" why does he call me doll? I don't even have the slightest clue... I'm already ready so I wait for him grab the paint unlock the garage, grab a tarp, brushes, and the Kit. I start looking at colors in the cans grabbing brushes, etc. I run upstairs grab my flash camera set it on the hood of the golf cart where I can see what we do, MEMORIESSSS!!!! He finishes building it so I pop open the lids of the paint cans. Wonderful, we've got black, light blue, white, and navy. I have ideas popping up like bullets in my head I draw them out on the tarp and Louis nods and points towards the pattern with white on the top drawer, light blue next, navy after that, and finally black on the bottom drawer and black as the over all color. We start placing painters tape on the edges of the drawers and when we finish that Louis grabs the tape and disappears behind the dresser. I hear random tape pieces being torn off to be put on again and him mumbling some song I haven't heard before," Hey handsome, what's that song called?" I half-scream across the yard while I grab the scissors and cut off some inches in this shirt exposing my almost flat tummy. " It's Perfect by Hedley, and why do I here scissors doll?" again with this doll thing I mean its cute, but I'm not exactly Barbie you know? " I'm making this shirt a crop-top handsome. I am turning my grooveshark on anything specific you want turned on?" "SHOW ME HOW YOU BURLESQUE!!!!!!!!!!!" he practically squealed like a girl, oh wait he did.... I grab my camera, sneakily set it up to where I can grab video of him while he screams the lyrics out and them I quit hearing screams and I'm singing it now he giggles. I have a good voice, but not x-factor ready just yet... He comes back from behind the drawer and grabs the paint brush and all the paint cans, " Lou, what's going on I'm coming back there!" " NO DANI STAY UP THERE!!! HERES THE WHITE!" good I can do one drawer. I start painting and I hear a cop drive into our driveway, I glance over my shoulder, its my uncle Dawson eating a carrot, Lou pops his head up as he hears a crunch. He smirks and goes back to whatever the heck he's doing back there. I run over and hug my uncle, 'hey Dawson! Long time no see." I say he take one look at me, the dresser in the background, and the hardly noticeable whisp of hair that's bobbing up and down to the music. oops? "Girls hair doesn't do that I should know I pulled a hooker over today for no car tag, but back to the point, whoooooo'ss the guyyyyyyyy" he squeals like a girl and I call Louis over He's covered head to toe in paint smudges.  " Lou, I left you to work for 5 minutes and you're a mess!" I laugh and smile as he puts his hand around my waist. My uncle introduces himself and Lou does the same, soon my uncle runs into the house to grab a bathroom break and heads off to second shift and help new people. We wave him goodbye and he's off. "Wonderful man, loved the carrot eating lol Dani I have like three more pieces to do and then I'm coming up to help in the front okay doll?" I sigh " Okay handsome, I don't know what's taking so long though.."

Louis P.O.V.

I'm almost done the masterpiece, soon she's gonna see how much I love her. I don't have much to do left one... last.. stroke Okay I'm done. I walk up to the front of the dresser a smile across my lips. She gives my this relieved look and picks up a brush. We dip it in paint and go to town by the time we finished we were both covered in paint! Dani laid down on the tarp, the crop top revealing her tummy, my oh my is she amazing. Her eyes a milky chocolate, her long legs, and her always pointed feet, her tummy is so cute with her little belly button I grab the light blue paint and draw LWT+DAN= across her stomach and then a big pretty heart by her left hip bone. She's just staring into my eyes smiling lighty. The radio interrupted her grooveshark with an announcement that school was canceled for the next week do to a fire in the main hall and then instead of it going back they played Perfect, that song Dani heard me singing earlier, I widen my eyes and she narrows her eyes and starts moving her fingers as if she's playing the piano up and down the area from wrist to elbow. It felt funny at first but then she sat up and started drawing shapes into the palm of my hand. She had a tear fall from her eye. I didn't even notice she was crying I sat up a bit and place her in my lap and hug her, "Doll, why are you crying?" I bring her eyes to meet mine, her gaze falls from mine to her hands fumbling In her lap, "This song reminds me of myself, and us a little, like how it says 'Making ever kind of silence take a lot to realize' i'm quite and we aren't perfect we aren't Barbie and Ken you know? And I don't want either of us to leave. And how as long as I can feel you holding on, I wont be able to fall because you're holding me up and its pretty too." She was starting to wringle in my hold. " Dani I'm not leaving, I'm not Ken not perfect, But we make each other perfect you're beautiful and i'm holding on to this, us, with a Death Grip I wont leave until I'm dead and I love you so much Dani. I'm gonna keep trying so that we will be stronger than ever. I love you more than anything in this world!" I take her small, frail hands in mine and kiss the top of her nose. She scrunches up her face and we stand up and I bring her to the back of the dresser to see what I created.

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