Forever Yours

Danielle and Louis were friends till the end, now they are much more than friends till the end. But for Danielle, which we soon come to call Dani, the end may be coming sooner than originally planned. Will she survive it or die strong? Will Louis stay strong alongside her or will he crumble under the hardships?


18. We did nothing I PROMISE YOU

Louis P.O.V.

Last night was really fun! I wake up and find myself holding Dani, she is huddled up in a ball, like a baby, facing my chest. I watch her sleeping soundly. She slightly grins, "No, you can't date your dad hasn't approved yet!" she mumbles. What could she be dreaming of? She moves around a little, "Doll, wake up!" I whisper.

"I'm only waking up if you kiss me." she mumbles.

"And if I don't?" I question.

Then no kisses for you!" she giggles.

"GASP" I say, I dive in and plant one on her nose, she scrunches her face up, adorable!

I roll over about to get up when I realize Niall standing in the doorway... I stand shirtless and she is still in bed, eyes open and covered in the sheets.

"What are my eyes seeing?" Niall screams, causing Liam, Kate, Perrie, Zayn, Jillian, and even Dani's dog to come upstairs and onto the scene.

"OOHHHHHHHHH CHIKLD!" Jillian shrieks and jumps onto the bed and on top of Dani, creating gasps from the girls and woops from the guys.

"We did nothing, I PROMISE YOU!" Doll and I say almost simultaneously.

The group just nods and the girls stay behind as the guys, and myself, flee the room.  Into the kitchen we head.

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