Forever Yours

Danielle and Louis were friends till the end, now they are much more than friends till the end. But for Danielle, which we soon come to call Dani, the end may be coming sooner than originally planned. Will she survive it or die strong? Will Louis stay strong alongside her or will he crumble under the hardships?





I take Dani all over the downtown area thank god its a small town as much as she looks unhealthy and tired all the time she can stay up till 3 and run the town 4 times if she felt up to it! i'm so tired I bought a bike and we have been riding that the rest of the day. We start at the ice cream shopppe and waltz in hand in hand interlaced fingers , finally perfect, we walk to the cashier and I order a chocolate cone waffle with sprinkles and since its recital time and the place is also a fro yo area she got strawberry fro yo with chocolate chips, strawberries cut up, caramel cups, and last but not least NILLA WAFERS this girl oh em gee she is an eater right here but never looks like it. WHERE DOES ALL THE FOOD GO! "Louis its my matabalism its super high" did I just say that out loud? "yes" oh god I have to stop that! " yeah but I don't mind that!" we talk for a while about everything and anything until we both finish our pre meal dessert and head out onto the bike (only one seat /c imam sneaky sass masta)I hop on and she hops on behind me arms around my abdomen(finally im so excited) and we go to this dance store.




I walk into the dance store and I squeal inside of me for pure enjoyment I already see my dance instructor sitting behind the register talking to the owner when she sees me, she smiles and waves as if she is the queen, typical kim! Louis is parking the bike and he comes inside and practically drops his jaw to the ground he's obviously looking at the girls walking around in tutus and leos and I nudge him in the shoulder and we interlace fingers once again I can't help but smile because I love this and he looks up at the lady in to check out zone as we make our way to my instructor I brought just enough money so I can get all the goodies! My instructor looks at me the hands being held and then Louis and then back to the hands and then me. I knows she is trying to figure this out i'm not one for dating but Louis is just a friend for now anyways. "Hey miss Kim this place is WONDERFUL!" I say breaking the small silence... "Hello tinkerbell, who is this young man?" she states blatantly to get to the pointe (see what I did there! eh eh) " Oh, I'm Louis Tomlinson, Danielle or tinkerbell and I have been friends for a loooooong time and I've been helping her with all this stress and such because she explained so well that recitals are HUGE deals in the world of dance so i'm here to help this little gal here" he says drawing out the o in long and emphasizing the huge and I can already see miss Kim likes him and I cannot help but smile a tad. She and us all talk for a while and we head to the racks for further search of clothes.  The first thing Louis pulls out is a cayute tutu with lace material on the top piece of it. I look it up and down and bring out a leotard that could match. we smile and race to the dressing areas with all other clothes. about thirty runway walks sashays and cutsie dance moves later we come back up to the desk and we both grab for the wallets..... "No Louis I've got this one it is my thing after all" I say worried it might be too much for him. "No Dani I can handle all this just be the cutie you are and go try on crowns!" he says i'm befuddled I didn't even know there were crowns here.  I hand him EXACTLY half of the amount due and try to act cool walking to the crowns I try a lot on before he comes back handing me my half of money and hugging me from behind with one arm and the other holding bags like a lady I grab the money disappointed that he wouldn't use any and grab half the bags as we head to the bike we put the bags on the bar handles and make room for Louis hands and we mount the bike once again this time we head to the shopping centre.



Well what a great lady miss Kim is I think I rather enjoyed our conversation.  She is like a second mother to Danielle and I really wanted my first impression to be a great one.  We mounted the bikes and rode to the shopping centre I ain't no normal lad so im okay with being inside beauty places and such like claires I actually enjoy some of the things in there like the cray cray glasses. The first place up is this little store that we both like it holds old replicas of things from shows and movies, I grab this old model of the tardis the first thing im thinking is lord is this light weight! And then I see Dani she is oogling over all this cool stuff from movies with swimmers and mermaids I must say all these years and Dani never once said anything about water she doesn't enjoy the beach but likes to go to watch the water move and she always seemed not one for water because of her pale complection so pale sometimes she will be sick and nobody would know except me of course because I know when she is different.  She finally picks out this replica of the moonlight cavern from H20 and we pay up in separate transactions my replica is a smidge bigger and they are both hand holding objects if you look through some areas you can see inside them!  Then we head to the nearby Claire's and she goes off into the hair accessories, I bolt to the cray cray glasses and grab a pair of Retro Rubber Rainbow Sunglasses even though Danielle wears prescription glasses she likes to pretend every now and then. I see her from across the store two objects in hand, one is a bag that is multi coloured and has Aztec print on it, and the other is a cayuteeee canvas painting thing that says always wear your invisible crown! I think its perfect for us both so I walk over and hug her from behind and squeeze, "I like 'em both get them!" she says worriedly, "THESE PRICES I don't have enough for it! Lou." I look at my wallet it still has ALOT of money b/c my dad always makes sure I take care of the people I love and he knows I love Dani. "I do so we can both pay i'll get the picture and you get the bag." I say excited once more. she always wants to pay for herself but she cannot say no now. I grab some HOT PINK suspenders and we pay happy for what we have I waltz like a queen to Dillard's for her to find a dress for the recital banquet apparently her mother already gave Dani a card that is LOADED for this its pretty big to her so I think since she begged me to go with her because a lot of attention is on her im gonna try on some things also! She giggles from behind and matches my pace and goes straight to this woman that is a family friend and she brings us to this area with mens/boys and womans/ girls clothes and we pick out things that would match I notice Dani grabbed big girl and little girl things poor gal so tiny cannot even wear clothes her age.! we get a personal dressing room and we take to the clothes and get into the green set first. My blazer is a forest green and my slacks are black as open the door Dani is judging herself in the mirror with a modest green(forest) sequin bust and green forest bottom its not classy and we both could blend into the trees if we wanted! we get into Mint colour next and I am lovin this blazer! My blazer is Grey and this dress shirt is like a mint blue I walk out all fancy shmancy and look mouth agape at Dani her face says it all she loves me in this and herself in hers is like a just before the knee styles sweetheart bustline, shirred bodice, spaghetti straps  and has intricate glitter lines along bust and underneath it! what? I am really good at fashion I should work here! ( this is what she was wearing Jodi Kristopher Spaghetti-Strap Embellished Dress on dillards under formal dresses and in the color blue fourth dress on the second row!) I don't even know what to say I am just like WOW! she finally says , "Is this okay I look weird?" I stare at her and now I am upset I mean we both look good I cannot believe she thinks she looks weird! I walk to her grab her shoulder and stare into her eyes she is looking from my left to right eye staring inside, "Danielle Aridth Nash you are nothing less than perfect and now we match!" I say and I kiss her. Our lips touch mold together and she smiles not breaking the kiss.. As I pull away I watch her intently with pleasure and happiness. She doesn't know what to do this was her first kiss. she gigges so I guess its an official thing now. US. and as we walk into change and pay we never break hold of eachothers hands. we pay and we ride back to her place and that's where we are the rest of the day.

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