Forever Yours

Danielle and Louis were friends till the end, now they are much more than friends till the end. But for Danielle, which we soon come to call Dani, the end may be coming sooner than originally planned. Will she survive it or die strong? Will Louis stay strong alongside her or will he crumble under the hardships?



The morning of the banquet day


Danielle's P.O.V

I can't believe I kissed him and I also can't believe he curled up and screamed and giggled in the middle of the MALL. I just woke up and I suddenly remember the banquet is TONIGHT.! omg I have literally 10 hours to prepare! I know its a lot but it includes a shower, hair styling, make-up, getting dressed, find the right shoes, texting Daley, Abby, and Sydney (my good friends with great fashion sense) and asking them to come over so we can redo the not great mess I made on my face, and then calling Louis and seeing when he wants to pick me up, and then getting there without breaking something. OH THE STRESS this is a VERY big event in our dance company! I hope all the teachers and dancers like Louis I am always the girl who never brings anyone because everyone else is taken and I was not but now its different! I simply smile and turn on the shower water while I get out my dress and gaze at it.

Louis P.O.V

everything was a blur I saw the eyes of everyone in the room judgement was filling them. I look at Danielle hoping for some reassurance. nope. all I find are tears and hatred. what did I just do? all I said was wait what did I say? I think all we did was walk in? whats happening why am I falling? why is everyone hurting me where is the razor where are all the blades why are we doing this to ourselves why do we even live why cant death be nicer why is everything black?


I shoot up from my sleeping position on the bed i'm sweating. I get up and shower I let the water run off me I just stand there thinking about why I used to cut. I thought at the time it was bringing me to a happy place until I ended up in the hospital Dani was waiting outside listening to Broken by Seether it was both of ours favorite song after she came over and found me in the bathroom with the blade to my wrist she didn't stop me she just started crying she literally sat down in the towel closet and climbed to the top shelf and cried. I opened the door half expecting a slap on the face when all that happened was she got down and grabbed a cloth and covered my bloody arm and then washed it she added a bandage and hugged me she didn't let go she just hugged me and I felt the tears threaten my eyes but I wouldn't cry not in front of her I was strong for her. She let go and led me to my room and turned this song on. We just stared at each other and finally she said something that made me think about the months of bleeding all she said was, "Was it worth it?" I never answered her that really changed me until that one day when I couldn't take it I cut until I fainted. Dani looked into the window where my room was she caught my eyes and a single tear fell down both of our faces, I mouthed, "It wasn't worth it." She didn't fall apart, she didn't scream at me she waited until she could come in and see me then she held my hand and said," If it wasn't worth it then why did you do it again?" I just broke down right then and there we sat in silence while the song played again. I got out of the shower and noticed I had like 6 hours to get ready. I grabbed the suit and just stared at it. I remembered the kiss and the second kiss I can't seem to believe I didn't ask her out yet she must think I was cray cray I style my hair and put on the suit I smile I look at the time and as if on time Dani calls she sounds tired,

Dani: Hey Louis, so when do you wanna come over?

I silently tell mom to start the car

Louis: oh im still getting ready I think ill be there in a hour

dani: oh okay well finish getting ready and ill call again

Louis:NO stay on the line

I knock on her door

Louis theres someone at my door hold on

she opens the door and her eyes were wide!

Louis I gotta go theres a mega handsome guy at my door

well then im not so bad myself I guess

we hang up and she stands back and just looks. I always admired how she doesn't over react and she calm most of the time it really helps having a person who truly cares. I take here hand and we walk to the car.

Danielle's P.O.V

We walk to the car and the whole ride there we just talked about how the venue gets better every year and how he's nervous. by god he is adorable when he is nervous those eyes are beautiful and his face is like a kitty so sweet! We come to a stop and Louis looks like he just saw a ghost! "Louis, what's wrong?" I ask him. "I had a terrible dream that everyone was hating me at the banquet what happens when I don't know what to do?" Louis whimpered. I hugged him and then I whispered, "They will love just as much as I do." We walk hand in hand into the venue its a beautiful penthouse on the beach I forgot it was a beach! its beautiful anyhow. Louis opens the door letting me walk in first. It was quite as we walked in to find the book with our names that had to be signed. I look over my shoulder after signing and everyone is staring at me like ' awe our little tinkerbell is all grown up' I search for Daley and her boyfriend Ryan they were in red of course she loves red roses. this is like my prom every year though. I look at Louis who is looking into my eyes I gesture towards Daley and we have another telepathy convo Me: Louis Daley and Ryan are my friends wanna go talk to them? he just shrugs and we walk over to them Daley immediately looks at me and squeals." Tink is this the infamous Louis Tomlinson you were talking about the whole time we were telling you don't move or the lips get ruined?" Syd and Abby run over like sprinters in pumps! "Dani dani wow he is better in person did you really *insert crappy smooching sound here*" I look at Louis and he is redder than Daley's dress! He says one thing as the out going one he is, " Yes and I gots ta say she kisses better than carrots taste!" the girls laugh until no sound comes out and I just look at him and say, "Really, I beat CARROTS!" Ryan can't hold in his laughter now. after a while of chatter and questions about Louis and I, we leave the reserved table and go to find the teachers, I notice Louis perked up while talking to them but now he looks like a nervous wreck! "Louis why are you nervous you already met miss kim!" he looked me in the eyes and said because everyone is just looking at me and I feel judged!" I put my hand on his and we interlace our fingers and he pulls me into a hug I  wrap my arms around his neck and we don't let go for a while. we finally break apart and we walk towards the teachers and older girls. They gasp and Kim smirks and I giggle I can't help it its just Caitlins face is hilarious! Louis finally talks, '' Hi, i'm Louis Tomli..." "oh we know who you are!" Caitlin said Louis looked confused "I told them about you and everything but the only thing they didn't know was what you looked like you broke the scale!" I say Louis smiles cheekily I know all he wanted was to prove to everyone he deserved me. We walk to the balcony and I sigh Louis takes my hand and holds in to his chest I feel his heart beat. He sits me down and he sits across from me and starts talking...

Louis P.O.V

 "Well now I can finally do this right, Dani I never asked you out properly and I wanna do this perfectly... Danielle Skye Hallaway will you make me the happiest person in the world and make me able to call you mine? I have always loved you from the first day I saw you I was a baby but I got butterflies and I'm not perfect I have flaws but I would hate to see another guy call you his when I had the opportunity to get you first. I want to make you mine until its legal to get married and then I want to marry you so will you please be my Girlfriend? " I was staring into her eyes the whole time I was holding her frail hands in mine, she was trying not to cry because of the makeup but it just flowed, the tears of joy, she slung her arms around me and held me tight in a hug she whispered in my ear, " Louis William Tomlinson you can now call me yours I will be your Girlfriend." I broke our hug and crashed my lips onto hers as we kissed we stopped in the middle to smile with our foreheads pressed together. We kiss again and I here Woops and hollers, screams and whistles, awes and pictures being taken, and then when I though it was all over and we could go home the song I Hope You Dance started and everyone pushed us to the dance floor for the newly made couples to dance even though we were the only ones on the floor it felt perfect! she pecked my nose and I grinned then she left and I looked confused. All the boyfriends pulled me to the front of the venue where a stage was. The song played that same song from when I snuck in and there stood my Danielle in her pointe shoes and a costume I've never seen before. She did that dance I saw the day I snuck in all the girls behind her in a formation it was just beautiful and it brought me to tears that I let run down my face. My Dani, graceful and perfect, was the greatest girl in the world.


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