Forever Yours

Danielle and Louis were friends till the end, now they are much more than friends till the end. But for Danielle, which we soon come to call Dani, the end may be coming sooner than originally planned. Will she survive it or die strong? Will Louis stay strong alongside her or will he crumble under the hardships?


20. One of a Kind

"I have something very important to tell all of you."  I say, my voice shaking.  "A few weeks ago, my mom and I went to a doctor... I have a problem with my lungs.  The doctor said I had a 'Lung Stone' something like a Kidney Stone, but you can't pass it or anything.  I'm scheduled for a surgery the day before Graduation.  The surgery..... the surgery has a 30 percent chance of success, I am the 4th person in the world to have this surgery.  Please don't freak out."  I keep on, I'm holding back something in my eyes, something I've never had before.  My face is hot and wet, its wet with something from my eyes.  Am I...crying?  Oh my god I'm crying!

"Dani?  Are you okay?" Kate asks.  "Oh, I'm fine.  Are you okay?" I ask, not exactly directed to just her.

"When did all this start happening?" Jillian asked.  "The day after our huge sleepover.  That's why you guys had to leave so early." I answer.

"Doll, if I had known.... I could have helped you, I'm so sorry.  Oh my god, you could die in the surgery and I would never get to see you again.  I'm so sorry Dani, I'm so sorry." Louis sobs.  He literally sobs.   He hugs me too tightly, "Louis, I can't, I can't breathe!" I say, breathlessly I kid you not.  "Doll, I'm sorry did I hurt you." he cradles me in his arms.  "It's okay, Lou, you need to cool down." I say.

"We should come to the surgery.  We should be there to support you."  The guys say, well Liam does.  The others nod.  Perrie runs to hug me, she stops, lightly kisses my forehead and gently hugs me, basically touches my shoulders.  "I'm sorry about all this." she says.

The group sits around, quite is one word.  Dead silent seems to fit the scenario better though.  Louis gently holds me and whispers positive thingie mah bobbers in my ear.  He kisses my cheek every so often.  My mom  called everyone and the parents were talking in the kitchen.  The graduation happens  right before Christmas, so we had played Peter Pan instead of something like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 
"Louis, you look like Peter Pan." I point out, I'm half asleep half awake.

"Do I now?  Do you like Peter Pan?"  he asks, in a comforting tone.

"Yeah, you guys are both pretty." I say, but I didn't say it.  My tired conscience did.

"Really?  Thank you baby,"  he kisses my cheek, then my forehead, then my nose, "I love you, no matter what happens."  I almost reply, but I fall asleep.

----------THE NEXT DAY---------------

I wake up, screaming and crying.  My face is hot with tears.

I'm sorry Mrs. Hallaway, Danielle is gone.  We couldn't stop the bleeding in enough time.  She's dead.  I'm sorry.  Flatlining, not breathing...I'm afraid.  We tried to revive her, she isn't responding.  My condolences.  He then walks away.

"SShhhh, it was only just a dream.  You're okay, you're safe now."  Louis comforted me while he held me close.  I cried into his chest as he rubbed circles on my back.  I was gasping for air, I opened my eyes.  I was still in the living room.  I jump up and sprint to the back door, Topper barks at my feet. I ran too fast, I still can't breathe.

"Dani!  Slow down, breath.  Where are you going!" Louis was running after me.  I fiddle with the locks and the door opens.  I run outside as my mom and the machine find their way to the porch.  I'm coughing, raspy coughs escape my throat.

"Dani! Oh my god are you okay?" Louis is freaked out.

"Yeah, I needed fresh air.  I'm sorry I startled you." I reply.  I sounded like a hoarse idiot.  I catch what little breath I have.

"D, you've got an appointment with Dr. Royce in 3 hours." my dad calls from the porch door.  The phone to his ear tells me the office had called him.

"Dr. Royce?" Louis asks.

"The doctor I see for my lung problem.  He's gonna tell me the official term for the lung stone, and all that stuff, refill the machine." I explain.

"Dani, for the last time it's called a Cannula!" my mom sighs.

"Alright, Doctor.  You teach now, you don't have to be my doctor before my mom.  Calm down.  I'm callin' the 'cannula' The Machine!" I counter.

"Oh, can I come?  I want to know who Dr. Royce is.  Does he-" we all cut him off, even my dad sticks his head through the door, "He drives a Silverado!" we say simultaneously.

"Oh cool." Lou says.

"Yeah, let's go out on the town before we go to the office." my mom says.

"Have you told Miss Kim?" Louis asks.

"Great Idea!" I say, finally breathing correctly.

"If we go out starting in like, 20 minutes Dani might have to bring the Cannula." my dad adds.

"If I'm seen with the machine....." I counter.

"We are bringing it just in case!" my mom fires.

"Well then!" Louis laughs.

Louis and I leave the porch with the machine, heading upstairs.  We open up my bedroom door and we see Jillian half off half on the bed with her mouth wide open.  She's......unattractively snoring..... I unplug the machine and run to the bed.

  I jump last second and scream at her, "YOGURT CHIKLD WAKEY WAKEY!!"

"OH, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD CHIKLD!" she yelps.  I landed to hard, I lay on my back breathing deeply.   This lung thing is taking the fun out of everything.

"We are going into town for like three hours and then I have a doctors a-p-p-t with Dr. Royce."

"Does he-" "NO! He drives a Silverado, it's blue and the tag says BREATHE!" I cut her off.

"Oh, PLOT TWIST!" she laughs.

"Get dressed, we are too.  We leave in 15 minutes." Louis says.

Louis opens the dresser drawers, goes to the guest room and changes.  I leave to the bathroom with some skinny jeans, a black hoodie with maroon letters and white bordering around the letters that says, #CATCITY,    and some black ankle boots.  I shower and change, I unlock  the door and start to blow dry my hair when Jillian walks in changed and has headphones in.  She showered last night I'm guessing.  I finish the blow dryer and plug in the flat iron.  While I wait for it to heat up I check my Instagram.  Nothing important, but random pictures from people at school, I take a picture of us right now, not noticing the machine photobombing the picture and post it with the caption, Out On The Town With The Total Babe.  We straighten our hair and Louis walks in while I'm finishing up.  I almost opened the Mascara, but I remembered that Dr. Royce won't let me wear make up until after the surgery.  Something about "anything near my nose that has chemicals like this, insert name of chemical here, cannot be on your face my darling!" he said.

"Looking sharp ladies!" Louis jokes. He's got a white t-shirt on and some skinny-ish jeans rolled up at the hem with some random shoes that happened to match, they were black.  Sometimes I worry about his fashion decisions.

We pile into the car and drive into the main part of town.  We park the car around the centre of town and get out.  We grab the machine for "just incases" and walk into the dance supply store. The door chimes with the bells over the door.  Miss Kim and the owner are talking again.  Miss Kim looks up and greets us, then she sees the machine, "Dani?  What is a Cannula doing within ten feet of you?  You hate things like those right?" she asks. My mom explains while I shop around and Louis comes with me, there aren't really any dancers prancing around in TuTus this time.  A random few girls come in and out looking for random hair ties, leg warmers, things that can heat you up.  It is, after all, fall in the South.  I'm too tired feeling to try anything on, but before you know it we were leaving and heading to the mall and going to the food court.  We spent probably the entire time sitting there eating and laughing at random things.  Before long we had to leave for the appointment.

We pile back into the car and head to the office.  We turn right and left and go straight and turn onto another road and finally arrive at Dr. Royce's office. We exit the car and walk into the waiting room.  The second the Rochele, the front office lady, saw me she buzzed Dr. Royce and told him that I was here.  Not many people come to his office, but no one was there so I didn't feel guilty for cutting in line when there was no line, ya feel me.  We settle down in my special room, it's just another room where they examine you and stuff I just happen to be picky about things, with me on the patient's table.  Dr. Royce comes in after what feels like an eternity, when really it was only a few minutes.

"Hello everyone.  Hello my little prima ballerina!  How's the machine working?" he greets us.

"The machine is doing wonderfully, I cannot say the same for me.  This is Louis, my boyfriend, and Jillian, my best friend slash yogurt chikld." I reply.

"Oh, well hello there boyfriend and yogurt chikld." he chuckles slightly.

"I'm sure you know what we are doing today darling, the usual examinations and refilling of the machine." he continues.

"Yes, all's well that ends wells we suppose." I say as I stand and so does Dr. Royce.  We have everyone leave as I help him set up the x-ray machine and step up onto the monitor.  He adjusts it, clicks the x-ray camera, and we turn the lights back on.  I never get to see the x-rays while he does it, I see it with the rest of the family.  He leaves the room with the pictures.

  We sit in silence until Louis ask me, "How'd it go?"

"I don't know...I refuse to look until everyone else is with me, 'just incases' you know." I answer back to him.

He nods and we return to silence.  A few minutes on the clock tick by as we sit, still waiting.  Almost 10 minutes pass and we still are waiting, what is taking him so long?  I think to myself.  It's been 15 minutes, Louis hands me an earphone and he turns on music, it seems like we might need it to help pass the time.  He starts humming to the song, it's I'll Be Home For Christmas.  I hum along as he starts singing, Dad and Mom, Jillian too soon are singing along.  I'm still humming until it reaches the chorus and I soon join in.  We sit in my room singing to the song when Dr. Royce comes in, head down, frustration and tiredness cloak his eyes.

"Sorry for the long wait, I had to figure some things out."  he says, his voice hoarse.

"Was there a problem?" Mom asks.

"Let's talk about that.." he trails off as he hangs up the x-rays, they won't show up on the pictures until he turns off the lights.  He walks over to the light switch, he seems wary as he turns off the switch, now I know why he's wary, these pictures hang on the wall.



Those were my lungs?  "Those are mine?" is all I can manage to say.  No tears, nothing.  I'm filled with anger.  I'm fuming, "Will you explain what is wrong with me?" I muster once again.

"What we have here are the x-rays we just did.  One is black and white and of your left lung, the other is a different and newer x-ray photograph of your right lung.  The problem areas are, on the right lung, around the tube where the air flows in and carbon dioxide comes out of your lung here." he points to where the tube would be and moves his pen around in a circular motion, basically a diagram of the air pathways, "On the left lung it is harder to tell, but there problem area is towards the bottom of the lung.  It is the size of about....a snow globe I would say.  The right lung's problem is around the size of a deformed softball.  There are many difficulties with these things, I can diagnose you with cancer, but you do not have cancer.  You, my dear, have two neoplasms in opposing lungs in opposing directions.  This means the surgery has to be moved up, closer to today and further from Christmas and your graduation.  The surgery I told you about before had a 30 percent success rate, that surgery is not equip with everything you would need to remove and rid your body of these neoplasms.  A neoplasm is basically a tumor, but it isn't stone hard or anything, it also doesn't develop the same way.  By the looks of this, you've been carrying this disease around for, since your birth.  Things like this are purely genetic." he faces my parents, "Do either of you have lung problems?" he asks.

My dad raises his hand, "I had very bad asthma when I was younger."

"I understand that, maybe it is in your past ancestors deaths or something.  This new surgery you have to have, it has everything we are going to need to fix  you up.  The only catch, there is no.....success rate." he finishes.

"So, basically, she's going into a surgery she might not live through?" Jillian speaks up.

"Yes, but my team is very good in these no-success-rate obligations." he replies.

"But, I'm different.  Aren't I..." I say under my breath.

"Yes, you are the first person to have this surgery." he replies, his voice shakes. " You're one of a kind."

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