Forever Yours

Danielle and Louis were friends till the end, now they are much more than friends till the end. But for Danielle, which we soon come to call Dani, the end may be coming sooner than originally planned. Will she survive it or die strong? Will Louis stay strong alongside her or will he crumble under the hardships?


6. Just the thought

Louis .P.O.V.

We let Dillard's and walked in awkward Silence, but every time I looked over at Danielle she was blushing or slightly smiling that was more than likely her first kiss.  If I am right than I feel really good about giving her first kiss I think it meant more that way good thing it was my first kiss too!  We walked to the food court got to the Subway, I swear she knows every Subway worker in the world, and went to a more quite part of the seating area. I pulled out her chair and let her sit easily sliding her chair back in, and sat down  opened the sandwich bag handed her the ham and cucumber foot long and just stared at her, taking in her every perfection and flaw even though there are none! she finally looks up and says, " Like the view? I think you are drooling!" I almost fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard, she started laughing I love her laugh its the silliest thing. She stops laughing and looked confused she questioned me, " Am I actually attractive? Like do I really look okay at least okay enough for you to kiss me?" I looked at her this time we locked eyes. " Dani, you always are beautiful, I just never had the guts to kiss you or tell you I liked you, but I took one look at you in that dress and was like, SHE IS MINE!!!!" she looked at me like I was crazy and said," Louis, I sometimes wonder about you."




SORRY GUISE FOR BOTH THE WAIT AND THE SHORTNESS running low I'm having writers block!

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