Forever Yours

Danielle and Louis were friends till the end, now they are much more than friends till the end. But for Danielle, which we soon come to call Dani, the end may be coming sooner than originally planned. Will she survive it or die strong? Will Louis stay strong alongside her or will he crumble under the hardships?


17. I dare you to...

Dani's P.O.V.

I texted Jillian a video of Louis and I dancing and singing to Lou's favourite song Show Me How You Burlesque, because I got this feeling like a sixth sense that she had it on. We were cleaning up around the house with the country channel on. All of a sudden while I was "fluffing" pillows and putting the chairs all up in place, my JAYUM came on, "Cowboys and Angels is on now with the top charts record! HAPPY LISTENING RADIO-HOLICS" I mouth the words until the song for real comes on. Louis screams from the bathroom, " Dani Dani Dani" as he runs up and down the corridor, " CAA IS ONNNNNNNN ITS ONNNNNN!!!!!!!" "I know now shut your mouth I wanna listen to it!" I feel a text vibrate in my pocket so grab my phone

Liam :Payne: Hey Danielle and I are going to be a few minutes late don't forget us! Be there as soon as possible, but Danielle's mom had a little "problem" this morning

Dani: Okay get here whenever, you guys are finnee hope it wasn't anything to bad. xoxo Dani!

I guessed it was business or something, but you never know and I don't want to be nosey or anything. The song ends and I lay down in the middle of the living room, Lou walks in asking about when everyone's getting here, "Lou, Ni and Jillian are gonna be here in like 5 minutes, always first, Liam and Danielle have something important, don't ask I don't know what it is, Zayn and Perrie are always last." "You as always are right, but what are we watching?" you see it was movie and a sleepover night like every Saturday with our little group and for the next 8 Saturdays it's going to be here. Next 2 months are at Niall's House and so on. "Hmmm.... How About The Help, Robots, and Cyberbully? I almost cry in The Help, Robots is our Favorite, and Cyberbully makes Jillian cry and so forth Zayn can pick a scary movie so Perre will cuddle but whatever" He wagged his eyebrows at me seductively. We sit in comfortable silence until we here the doorknob jimmy. Jillian. "FOOODDDD" Niall really you are right outside. "I'm COMIINNGGGGGGG!!" Lou and I scream and we race for the door.

Louis's P.O.V.

I win of course! I open the door and a breathless Dani jumps on my back, closes the door, and opens it once she has full reign once again. 29-2 She wins another... "Hey guys Niall you hungry Jillian Cyberbully is in tonights que!" We get a squeal and a low grumble from Niall's stomach region. I walk to the kitchen with Niall as Dani and Jillian have yet another race to Dani's bedroom. "Dani wait uppp!" Haha she in winning! score! "Sooooo, Ni, how are 'things'!" "Well Lou she's wonderful and I kissed her again today. She was changing and I went through her music drawer, found her favorite song. All the cute things, did'ya know she likes photography mate?" Nope never woulda guessed!" I reply he is so smitten! I hear a scream I see Niall perk up and we both WALK up the stairs like HUMANS the CIVILIANS we are we carefully peak into Dani's room to see the strangest thing we have ever laid eyes upon.Dani has both of her legs behind her head and Jillian is doing the superman jump incorrectly,but Niall noticed only Jillian. "Yer doin it wrong girlfrand it goes like this!" He runs up and jumps landing on a giggling Jillian, but knocking Dani and her  pretzel self completely off the bed! I run up and start a tickle fight. *laugh gasp for air laugh gasp for air* craziest laugh ever but she's all mine! We here the door downstairs open and we scream in unison, "DANI'S ROOM IN HERE COME HEREEEE" I wait for the people to walk into the room, Liam and Danielle! YAY!, "Hey guys Danielle and I had an idea while we were getting here! Why don't we call my Danielle by her middle name, Kate! that way we won't confuse the girls if we call them or anything you know!" Liam suggests. Dani nods in approval and "Kate" smiles. We tell them about the movies we are watching tonight and somehow we ended up downstairs. Zayn and Perrie made their way about 30 minutes after Liam and "Kate" got here and we all started spouting ideas for what to do. Liam suggested hide and seek, child's play. Zayn and Perrie thought we could try some challenges for Dani's Youtube Channel. not half bad guys. Niall giggles and made Jillian say, " Truth or Dare not backsies?" everyone went for that one! We set ourselves up in a big circle(boy girl boy girl boy girl boy girl pattern) and we start the game.


"Okay who's first?" Jillian says. "Oh I will go," Perrie insists, "How about 'Kate' T or D?"

(Danielle Peazer) Kate giggles and picks truth. "Hmmmm.... Is it true you secretly love Zayn?" Kate can hardly control her laughter, " I thought no one knew!" we break into a fit of laughter even Zayn's laughing. "Okay, ummm Dani! T or D?" everyone pauses, no sound. "Dare?" she says excitedly. "Make out with anyone of the OPPOSING gender for 2 minutes.!" Kate exclaims to Dani

Dani's P.O.V.

I have to make out with someone of the opposite gender for 2 minutes. Easy! Louis and I are already together so like no questions its him. "Okay." I turn to Louis and I lean in. we kiss at first but then he tugs on my bottom lip and our tongues fight for dominance, I let him win and he "explores" before we know it the 2 minutes are over. :( ;) I blush a deep red. "okay, YOGURT CHIKLD T or D!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?" "Dare obviously!", I knew ittttttt! " I dare you toooo..... take off your shirt for the rest of the game." Niall wagged his eyebrows and she did the dare. we finish the game and start the movies

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