Forever Yours

Danielle and Louis were friends till the end, now they are much more than friends till the end. But for Danielle, which we soon come to call Dani, the end may be coming sooner than originally planned. Will she survive it or die strong? Will Louis stay strong alongside her or will he crumble under the hardships?


14. Did He REALLY JUST SaY THaT??!?!?!??!

Dani's P.O.V.

Louis and I spent the weekend doing random things and acting out the most gushy relationship scenes we could think of, but today was Monday :( I tug on a piece of Lou's hair to wake him up, doesn't work, I get down on my knees and whisper sweetly, "Louis Darling, its morning gorgeous, wake up I want to see your beautiful eyes." He grins from ear to ear and mumbles," I'm only opening my eyes if you kiss me like I kiss you." oh the nose thing okay. I lean down and peck him on his nose, he scrunches up his face imitating me, or at least trying. I tickle him and he's up. I leave to get ready and he does the same, soon we are ready to hit the school! We ride into the parking lot on the two person bike and meet up with our friends. My friend Jillian was waiting for me at the entrance to the school so I told Lou to head over to the others and that I would be there soon. I finally reach the anxious Jillian and she starts talking to fast for even me! " Dani I need help!" "What do you need?" "Okay so that guy you hang out with when your around Louis' friends, you know Niall, He's the blonde and has oceanic eyes that are so beautiful." "Yes Jillian I know him wait are you crushing like I think your crushing hard Jillian, we are going over there and I'm introducing you. First as a friend, Niall and I are besties now I can tell if he's crushing act cool okay." I start walking with her towards the group I glance at Niall, his eyes wide, I look back at Jillian, she's smiling at him, he returns the favor in a gentle smile. " Hey guys, this is a friend of mine her name is Jillian, Jillian that's Danielle, we have the same name, Eleanor and Josh, Harry, Zayn, you know Lou-bear, and Perrie, You know Niall I can see." Everyone says hi to her and Niall speaks up. "Dani, lou-bear's Dani, can I talk to you a sec." He pulls me to the side as our social group shrugs it off.  "Dani, that's Jillian Johnson!" Yeah Niall, I obliviously, I know her" "No, Dani that's the Pretty Smile!" Niall has been going non stop about PRETTY SMILE since about a week or so after we started being better friends. "Niall, are you serious, I think you guys are cute, you are probably gonna end up together, but be cool for now. She is real sweet don't scare her off please!" "Oh trust me Jillian isn't getting scared off." he shoots me a grin and we walk back to the group, he joins Harry where they have a good flowing convo with Jillian, while Lou and I never let go of each other we smile and talk with zayn, perrie, liam, and Danielle. Eleanor and Josh seem a bit heated with each other so we leave them to whatever they do. We eventually head to class and before we know it its lunch.!


Niall's P.O.V.

I can't believe Dani brought in Prett- I mean Jilllian into the group, talk about nervousness. I walk into the cafeteria, best part of school, and go through the line. I notice Dani and Lou are not eating a lot so I grab an extra from them. Jillian sits beside my left with Dani and Lou next to her. Everyone kind of forms around us and I hear Jillian and Dani talking bout girl things and then," Are you gonna eat that?" Jillian blurts out. "Well, Yogurt Chikld I sorta was..." Dani shyly says. "You can have mine." I blurt out. She turns around and I hand he the pizza and she smiles, Pretty Smile for a reason, we just kinda look at eachother for a while. I can see everyone at the table jumping, fidgeting, widened eyes, mouths agape, they think i'm mad because I gave her MY food. Ii have always said that who every I share my food with will be right for me. Well here we are! "We care share!"

Dani's P.O.V.

DId Niall JusT SaY Share His FoOD!!!!!!! I'm so surprised I look around at everyone and we are all saying she's the one, She's the Princess, she's gonna be with us for a WHILE now we should be better friends now, and "DID HE JUST SAY SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!" "HE GAVE HER HIS FOOD!"  yup we all officially ship Nillian or Jiall. we can make it work!

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