Forever Yours

Danielle and Louis were friends till the end, now they are much more than friends till the end. But for Danielle, which we soon come to call Dani, the end may be coming sooner than originally planned. Will she survive it or die strong? Will Louis stay strong alongside her or will he crumble under the hardships?


26. 2 Days Prior

I wake up everything around me is prickly.  I turn my head, my eyes blinded by a devilish light.  The sun is really rude sometimes.  I'm outside, I don't remember coming outside.  All I remember is being in Louis's arms.  We all watched The Purge.  Jillian and an old friend of mine had spent the huge fighting part of the movie laughing, "Oohh, Kill Em".  Very amusing, ruining the action for me as well.  I sat up, grass covered my body.  Where am I?  I don't see a house, I don't see anything except for an old hut.  It was so old that when the wind blew it shook intensely.  I, being so tired, walked inside.  I pushed the old ragged door to the side and looked at my surroundings.  An old bed and night stand in one corner, desk in the next, a miniature kitchen in yet another, then a bathroom or something concealed in the last.  The roof had no point, just a pane of glass.  I sat on the bed and looked at the pictures on the nightstand.  One was of my grandparents probably around their college years, I could tell by my granddad's round glasses.  Another was of my parents, college years as well, my mother's ringlets flying from her face.  The last one was a sketching, it was of me and a blank image, in love was the framed caption.  The silhouette was clearly of Louis.  The blank image and I were intertwining our fingers as we swung on the swing set.  Who would have such a run-down hide out with pictures from three relationships in my family with a blanked out image of my "loved one."  The memories from last night flooded my thoughts.  Little ripples from my terrorizing dream flew around.  I had had night terror.  I always moved in my sleep, but when I had night terrors I would wake up in another place.  I would find myself in other cities sometimes.  I walked away from the hut, searching the nearby land until I found something of a signal.  I held myself steady in a tree, I must have been at least 8 feet up in it.  I heard the ringing, on the third tone he picked up.  I was shaking, trembling. 

"Hello?" his voice hoarse, I woke him.

"Hey, it's me.  Lou I don't know where I am.  I had another one of those dreams.  Louis I have to show you something when you find me too."

"oh, okay.  I'm getting up right now.  Don't hang up please.  I'm gonna start tracking your phone okay." he ordered.

"Louis, hold on." I heard something.

  I turned my volume down and flipped the phone to FaceTime.  It was lagging, but he had to see me right now.  I heard footsteps.  Leaves rustled and I put my finger to my mouth, Louis muted himself.  The person on the floor looked dark, bad.  He was tall maybe 6'1".  He had an unnatural hair color, it was forest green.  He was tan too.  His clothes were dark as well, black shoes, black t-shirt, black jeans, black hoodie. My balance is shaky as I hold onto the branches and my phone.  I carefully flip the camera, Louis sees what I see now.  The stranger looks around one more time and sprints in another direction.  I sigh, who was he?

"Doll, stay still." Louis whispered.


"Shhh." he was staring at something in the distance.  I had the phone back on the inner camera.  I turned around, the face of the man was right behind me. 

"Hello Danielle.  It's been a while." it was my mother's old boyfriend, from her high school years.

"What do you want Sven?" I question.

"Oh, just come with me, I wanna show you something." he pulled me from the tree, I withheld my scream.  My phone sat in my pocket, Louis could still hear me.  He was smart, silencing himself.  He was tracking me, I know it.

"Where are you taking me." I know where he's taking me.  I can see the hut in the distance, he's the one who owns it.  But, why?

"Oh, I just want to show you something.  You're a smart girl.  Having a night terror and showing up here.  You are such a good girl too, not fighting me."

"I'm not fighting you, I wouldn't win." I slipped a Swiss Army Knife from my boots.  I guess when I dreamt I prepared myself more.  I hid it behind my back, he arrived at the hut.  He tossed my at the bed.  I faked a gasp at the pictures on the nightstand. 

"Who is with me?" I ask.

"We don't know yet." he whispered.

"We?" as soon as the words fled my mouth two more people unfolded from hiding in a closet, in a counter.

"Hello again." it was the girl my mom told me about, she was struck with lightning when she was younger.

"We saw you come in.  Have a nice slumber?" I don't know him.

"Who might you be?" I counter.

"Oh, so sad.  You don't remember me." his face was hidden by a scar, cutting across his face.  I remember now.  I did that to him.

"I know you.  Come out of the shadows.  I like to see my work." I sneered.

He steps forward, the lightning lady fakes a barfing motion, "Like what you see." he was more let go this time.  He was a man I knew from my double life. 

"I only like it when you're bleeding." I curl my fingers around the blade.

"Lights out." Sven came out from somewhere.  I saw the smiles of my successors as my vision darkened.


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