Forever Yours

Danielle and Louis were friends till the end, now they are much more than friends till the end. But for Danielle, which we soon come to call Dani, the end may be coming sooner than originally planned. Will she survive it or die strong? Will Louis stay strong alongside her or will he crumble under the hardships?


22. 10 Days Prior and 9 Days Prior

10 Days Prior is written in Jillian's P.O.V. 

I walk up to Dani's house, I tried holding Niall's hand.

 He seems so detached lately, "Hey?" I try to make conversation.

 "Yeah.." he responds.

 That was all he said, that day was the first in many I heard him talk.  What?  I just want to know what's going on.  I feel like he's removing himself from me, in every possible way.  It's been a day or so, nothing from him.  He hasn't talked me, but i got to paranoid.  I called his mom, told her i would be stopping by.  

"Darling, I'm in the Bahamas.  I haven't been home in 2 weeks, tell Janet and Glenn that I'm going to call them later tonight.  Tell Dani I hope for the best.  I don't know what's going on with Niall, but you guys shouldn't be fighting, I still like you, you know.  I think you are daughter-in-law material!" she practically yelled through the phone.

"Oh, okay, uhh thank you?" I comeback. 

"Did anyone ever tell you, you have a gorgeous smile?" she asked.

"Niall did, Mrs. Horan can ask you something?" i asked again.

"Call me Mara darling.  Anything." she replies.

"I just wanted to know, has Niall called you or anything to talk about me recently?  He seems to be detached lately." i asked.

"Oh, one day he called. About.... a week or so ago.  I think he called to ask if you had called me too.  He seemed really worried." she answered."

"Okay, thank you anyway.  Have fun in the Bahamas!" I quickly hung up.

Why would he be worried over me?  What did I do to make him think what ever he though?  I quickly pulled some jeans on and ankle boots.  I grabbed a t-shirt and a little jacket too.  He couldn't be far.  I busted through my house and texted Dani.

Hey, Niall's acting skittish-ish.  Is Louis being this way too?

She texts back faster than i could imagine.


sigh, it's green images time


I text her back as I leave my house.  My hair caught by the frigid wind.  I shivered, pushing my hands into my pockets.  I made my way to his house.  I was thinking a million things at once.  I finally reached the familiar driveway.  I take a shaky breath as I ring the doorbell.  DINGDONGDINGDONG.....DINGDONGDINGDONG, "ONE SECOND!" his thick accent yelled through the door.

 I wait and soon enough he opens the door.  He looks terrible, hands taped up, face sleep deprived, he had tears streaking his face.  I caught a glimpse of his home.  Litter everywhere, i pushed passed him.

 "What's happening to you?" I ask, my voice shaking.

 "Nothing that concerns you." his snide comment sent a shiver down my spine.

 "Niall, it clearly concerns me.   My own boyfriend won't talk to me anymore.  I called Mara, she said you called to see if I had talked to her, you sounded worried Niall, what is going on?" I pushed him, too far maybe.

 He moves forward with every word, "Jillian, it doesn't concern you.  I want to talk to you, but all you ever do is be with Dani!  I get it.  She's your CHIKLD I understand.  Louis and I are best friends too, but I give him space.  I haven't heard you talk in days, I was trying to see if maybe you called Mom.  I wanted to know if you had talked to her about breaking up with me.  I thought we were going to be together for the long run.  Now,.... I can't see anything.  I want to be with you, but i just feel like you don't want to be with me."  he pushed forward too far, I'm up against the wall, I catch a glimpse of something shattered on the floor.  His phone. 

"Babe, I've tried to call you, text you, Time the Face.  Everything imaginable.  You just don't know because you broke your phone, evidence standing 5 feet away from us." I try to calm down.  

"I didn't break my phone, i threw it at the wall.  Nothing was working.  I felt alone.  I'm just not sure anymore.  All I wanted to make sure of was that I wouldn't lose you, but apparently that's what's happening." he was somewhere between crying and screaming.

"Niall listen to me." I tried.

"I needed to keep you with me.  I tried so hard to keep you with me.  I didn't want to lose you, I still need you." he kept going.

"Niall, please listen." I tried again.

"Maybe it's your eyes, the way the corners of them crinkle when you smile.  Maybe you just look gorgeous all the time.  I don't know how long it will take me to get over you.  I don't know how long it will take me to realize you were perfect, but I already have.  And I just don't know what I'm go-" I cut him off.

"NIALL JAMES HORAN! LISTEN TO ME! I am not breaking up with you!  I am not going to lose something i love too much to admit it.  I don't want to go anywhere without you!  I have plans for us.  I have places we can go, people we could meet, edible things to try, sights to see.  Niall, I don't know what got you thinking this way or how it made you think this way, but I don't want to break up with you at all.  I  want to be with you for a long time.  Forever is a long time and I think I want forever with you." I just confessed an undying love to him, I just confessed what I figured out I wanted and then I told him.

"Jillian, I didn't realize.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry I didn't know.  I should have kno-" I had to cut him off again.  I kissed him, roughly at first and then it became softer.  There really is nowhere in the world I would want to go to without him. 

"Nowhere in the world..." I whisper, our foreheads touching.

"Without you." he finishes the sentence in his husky voice.  I smile again.  Nothing was better than being with him.

9 Days Prior (Back in Dani's P.O.V.)

I wake up later than usual today.  Louis was sitting in the rocking chair he had moved into the room not but a literal day ago.  He was reading something.  The Fault In Our Stars.  I could see the binding of the book from here.  He had gotten it from my shelf more than likely. 

"What time is it?" I asked, my throat raw.  I must have screamed last night.

"12:30, everyone is coming by in a few hours.  I didn't want to wake you.  We wanted to go to your favorite place to eat later on.  The whole gang, you know." he tells me.

"Hey Handsome, do you mind grabbing me something to wear for today, pick out something for tonight too." I ask.  I think I'm hearing what he calls a very attractive voice now.  It's kind of deep, slightly husky maybe hoarse, but I am making that sound.  Hmm, well then.

"Okay, now go shower.  No kisses for you until you smell clean." he sasses.  I fake a gasp.

"Well then." I reply as I grab a towel and walk into my bathroom.

  I hear him getting up and opening my closet door before I turn the shower on.  I wait for the glass to fog up and then I get in.  "I've been dreaming of a white Christmas.  Just like the ones I used to know." I start singing, over the water I faintly hear Louis sing along.  I warsh, wash excuse me, my hair and shave.  I step out of the shower after I'm done and brush my teeth.  I blow dry my hair and almost straighten it.  I sit there pondering the thought for a whole minute. 
"HIT IT UP HIT IT UP THIS IS NOT A TEST HIT IT UP HIT IT UP YOU'RE ONE OF THE BEST SHOW ME HOW YOU BURLESQUE!" I hear from the bedroom.  I open the door, only a little bit.

"Hey, Louis!  When you get done screaming can I maybe get those clothes please?" I confront. A little sarcasm under toned.

"Oh yeah, here." he tosses the clothes at me.

Time to examine what he chose.  My favorite jeans, good choice.  Underwear and a sports bra at random I supposed, he gets too childish when it comes to things like this.  It's a white one though, the sports bra I mean, good-ish choices.  Then on top of it all is a flannel button down shirt that was obviously his, haha, good choice.  Everything matched so I put it on.  I wonder where Jay is right now.  I let the thought leave my head as I ''check myself out'' in the mirror.  The shirt is actually pretty well fitting and everything else worked.  I straighten my hair, correctly this time, and put on some acne stuff with my hair pulled back.  Darn, I crimped it with the hair tie!  I straighten the crimped area again and then I walk out.  The most hilarious and slightly disturbing sight I may have ever seen is before me.  Louis is trying to "twerk" in the middle of my room.  Timber is blasting from the speaker system too.  I turn off the music and stand with my arms crossed.

  "Louis William Tomlinson, pray tell, what in heavens name are you attempting to do?" I say in my best Queen Elizabeth impression. 

"NOTHING! I was absolutely NOT trying to "twerk" to Timber..." he stares at the ceiling.  I know this trick.  It isn't working. 

I head downstairs, feeling better than usual today. 

"Hey!" I say, the doorbell rings as if on queue.  "I'll get it!" I shout even though the family stands a good 5 centimeters away.  Louis is standing with them also.  I opened the door to a smiling Jillian and Niall. Speaking of...

"Where have you guys been!" I hugged them, Niall first then Jillian.

"I was at Niall's house yesterday." she said.

"Yeah, she was with me." he said.

"Niall, my man!" I guess the lot of us feel better today.

Louis and Niall, Jillian and I sit in the Library, we have an activity to do.  It's time to set up the Christmas Tree!  Jillian and I find the boxes up in the attic, Niall and Lou bring them down, Everyone helps put it together. 

"So, yesterday?" I say simply.

"I went to Niall's and we worked everything out." she puts easily.

"Oh really, okay then.  Details maybe?" I pester her.

"Okay fine..." she tells the story of what happened and I interrupt here and there. 

We bring the boxes out and Niall and Lou are too, deep in conversationism as they bring them down.   We also get out all the boxes for outside decorum too.  Is conversationism a word? It is now.  It shall mean the state of being in conversation!  I tell Jillian and she just laughs. Pfft, it's a great idea!  We all open the tree box and Niall and Louis put the main structure together.  Jay and I sigh as we watch the little show before us.  After it "ends" we sit down and put the leaf pieces on it.  We reach the top and the guys put us on their shoulders.  We laugh continuously and get down, pulling out the tinsel.  Jillian and I run around the tree with two different things and Niall and Louis run around it with lights.  Bumping into each other sometimes.  We turn on the radio, it's 93.7 blizzard.  They only play Christmas Music, all year every year.  We sing along to the song we know and have a cup of cheer!  It's cocoa you guys, it's cocoa.  We grab the ornaments box and start placing them on, every once and a while we stop and step back.  Seeing if we do it right, then head back for more ornaments.  Later on we went outside, wrapped up in blankets and curled into balls.  We let the guys put the lights up, the ladies here went onto the roof and set up a little "romancy shamsy" scenery.  The upstairs room was a few steps away so we brought up two mattresses and got TONS of blankets.  We grabbed candles and put them all around the place.  The scent was like...Vanilla Cupcakes and Roses.  Nillian, or Jiall got Vanilla Cupcake scent and Douis, or Lanielle/Lani, got Roses.  Now you can ask me how it smelled of roses.  The candles are the answer.  We even brought out some freshly baked cookies and what not.  I found an old t.v. and a VHS tape.  Jillian found two Polariods, olden times too.  We put everything into place and caught the guys attention, we had changed into cuter clothing.  I wore a teal green colored spaghetti strap dress with daisies here and there, knee length, adding a thin brown leather belt.  Jillian had a 3-quarter-length sleeved dress, navy in color, also knee length, with a brown leather belt normal belt size.  We caught the boys attention by yelling at them.  They looked at each other and then looked up, at us.  Smirks spread on their faces.  The climbed up and we got down on the mattresses, we turned on the movie.  Meet John Doe played in black and white before us.  The both of us covered head to toe in blankets, our heels sat to the side of the mattresses.  N&J were cuddling, soon enough Jay was asleep in Niall's lap.  I had rested my head on Lou's shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me.  I love this movie, I really do.  I've seen it about 3 times before.  I like the theory I guess.  It hits me, I might not live to see it again.  I might not live to see Louis again, or anyone else.  Then, I'm going to live my life to it's full potential.

  The credits roll through and my eyelids get heavy, "I love you Louis, more than you know." I confess. 

"I love you much more, I guarantee that!" he exclaims.

  "Really?  I'm the Wendy to your Peter Pan then?" I respond, tiredly.

  "And I am the Peter Pan to your Wendy." he sighs.

  The corners of his eyes crinkle as he smiles.  He's all mine, until the end.  And for me, that may be soon.



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