Forever Yours

Danielle and Louis were friends till the end, now they are much more than friends till the end. But for Danielle, which we soon come to call Dani, the end may be coming sooner than originally planned. Will she survive it or die strong? Will Louis stay strong alongside her or will he crumble under the hardships?


27. 1 More Day

I wake up, but I don't open my eyes.  I want to hear before I see.  I did this before.  I did this when Scarface was not yet Scarface.  He threw me at the wall, I didn't move.  I stood still, he advanced.  I turned around and drew the blade across his face.  He fell to the ground and I ran.  I remember it, I was thriving on the energy adrenaline had surged me through.  Nothing truly was as powerful as that, not even dancing.  Not even kissing Louis, nothing gave me more energy than carving a mark in someone's face and bolting.  It was a pure act of energy.  I had walked into a club, I was 15 and I snuck in the back alley.  I caught the eyes of Scarface. 

"Who are you?" he slurred.

"I'm nobody.  Who are you?" I counter, I'm using an old greek legend. He's to drunk to catch on.

"Juliard.  Most call me Jules.  Because I ring them the money." he gave me the information I needed.  I wan looking for my uncle's shark.  Look it up.

'Thank you shark, now follow my lead." I was in his face.

  He didn't know.  I was pulling my S.A.K from my pocket.  He heard the click.  He threw me at the wall.  You know what happened next.  Running turned to leading Louis into believing he had made a sexual advance on me, he found me and took me to his place, the first time I was with him.

"I want to scar her.  I want to tear her face to shreds.  Don't hold me back Sven." Scarface was fuming.  I was still laying down.  When did they tie me up?

"She won't go down without a fight.  She's the best person with a knife since Jack the Ripper.  Understand me when I say she is not as collected as she appears, she's like her mom.  She's ruthless when provoked, we have provoked her." Sven is smart, he understands me.

"I wonder, since she's a teenager, how long she's gonna sleep." oh shit, whoops.  They were watching me.

"Oh, I don't sleep deep enough to drown out Scarface's words of wisdom.  Tear up my face eh?"

I stated as I sat up.  I reach into my pocket and start cutting at the ropes.  They don't notice.

"Who are you really, Danielle?"

"Don't call me that.  I think you know, Sparks." I stare at Lightning Lady, evil sneer on my face.  She glares.

"Well then, Delphine is an evil person.  She's here from a terrorizing nightmare?  Think again, she's been here before.  She's seen these photograph before.  She came back to find us.  She knew who we were, she knew we were coming back."

"I remember here giving me the name Nobody." Scarface speaks out.

"How could she know about The USSR?" Sven questions.

"The USSR, America's biggest Loan Shark society.  United States Shark Reunited.  Not just the fish." I point out.

"Do you know what today is?"

"Christmas Eve." I heard the voice, it was Louis.  He found me.

He was behind Sven closing a blade around his neck.  Sven didn't move.

"It's also my birthday, so give me my gift." He slit Sven's throat and I pulled the blade from my hands, freeing my grasp.

  I tossed the blade at Sparks, or Lightning Lady, it stuck in her gut.  I walked up as Louis cocked a gun at Scarface.  I retrieved my blade.  My dagger that was usually strapped to my thigh was on the counter.  I grabbed it and cut his skin, his face has a new skin friend now.  I ran outside, Louis hot on my trail.

"Who were they, what's USSR?  Was that what actually happened to your uncle?" he asked as we ran.

"A corporation with sharks, not the fish, they give you money and you have 10 days to pay them back or else.  My uncle was the effect of 'or else' he didn't pay them back in time.  I paid them back for him." I explained, something enclosed around my arm as I was pulled back.

I scream and Louis turns around, Scarface held a blade right over my collarbone, he was going to cut me.

"Now it's your turn to be a scarred body." he sneered.

"Get away from her!" Louis charged at him, Scarface drug the blade across his arm.  Louis yelped.

He placed the blade before me, almost touching my skin.  He held it, placed it against my skin.  It was dangerously close.  He laughed, the blade cut me from my right collarbone.  He didn't stop cutting until he reached my left hip bone.  There was a gash across my back now.  I didn't care, I thrashed through the pain and grabbed Louis.  We ran to the car. 


 The engine stopped outside of Doncaster United Hospital.  I ran inside, Louis on my trail.  The lady didn't even ask questions.  She had gurnies prepared, did Louis know this would happen.  They tossed my body on the gurny and started stitching me up.  No, I felt no pain, adrenaline surged through my body.  Louis was another story.  They just finished him and it was evident in his voice that he had screamed and cried his way through it.


I was home now, twas 4:45 p.m.  Louis and I were cuddled up on the couch with Peter Pan, Return to Neverland and Castle playing at random intervals of commercials.

"Pan looks like you." I state.

'Wendy looks like you." he counters.

'I wanna kiss Peter, you know."

"And I wanna kiss Wendy, ya know?"

His lips were plush and pink, so soft.  His beautiful eyes were an iridescent blue.  I placed our foreheads together, his hand placed on my cheek.  The tree lights show in the darkness of the room.  It's about perfect.  He brushes my lips with his, sending chills down my spine.  I smile, my eyes now closing.  He presses our lips together, my hands wrap around his neck, like in the movies.  I smile again.

"Merry Christmas Doll." it's been awhile since he called me doll.  I found a newer light to it.  I hug him and we cuddle some more.

"It's getting late, maybe you should go home." I pest.

"But, baby it's cold outside." he serenades to me.

"Alright, but invite all your family over here tomorrow or no presents for you." I tease.

"You got it Mrs. Claus." he laughs.

Maybe Christmas would be okay.

"You're the Wendy to my Peter Pan..."

"And you're the Peter Pan to my Wendy."

 I just can't wait for Christmas Morning.

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