When Lives Combine...

When Zoey meets Niall, they end up very close as friends. Over a long time with friends and all the school drama, could their trust stand when others lie to them? When other people they've trusted try to make each other look bad, can Niall and Zoey stick together? Will they? Can they? The lies the people say sound so convincing, but is it enough to let go of your best friendship?
Zoey is so confused about her life as it is, being a teenager can be hard... Especially in London. Niall and Zoey had plans to be a combination team on The X Factor, with their melodic voices to combine. But, will they last long enough to be a team anymore?
Follow Zoey on her long tight-rope path of a life, and follow Niall, telling the story from his point of view. And maybe from some of the liers points of views.
****WARNING**** This may contain some bad language and other types of things not considered 'nice', so bare with me.
Can good translate over bad? Will it?
Can the bond between two friends stand?


1. Things Change...


I look in the mirror, my hands on either side of the marble sink, and take in my look. Hair disheveled from sleep, eyes all red and puffed up, my face looked oddly pale. Like I'd seen a ghost. I took a step back, releasing my death grip, and letting my fingers regain their colour. I took one more step back before looking again. My marble grey eyes shot as if through me, and my dark brown hair fell into the middle of my back, in a pointed form. I take care of myself, and I don't let my hair die. No split ends, no sir. School notes? Yeah, nope.

"Come on, we can look so much better than this Zoey!" I snap at my own self, cursing under my breath. Why did I slip under everything? When I die, it'll probably be near the water, and I'll probably drown there too. I can hear my friends now, 'oh Zoey? She died a few weeks back, drowned.'. I frowned and watched the mirror me copy. I walked from the bathroom, and over to the table by my bed. I grabbed my iPod and my iPhone and walked back to the bathroom. My feet sunk into the hot-pink carpet with every step. I look into the mirror while I walk in again, and frown, grabbing the brush and running it through my hair, taking out all the bumps and messed up spots in my hair.

Looking better than I had before, I smiled a little and flipped the radio on, full blast. It hurt my ears at first, and then I got into the music. A good heartbreak song by Demi Lovato. Man, she's been around a long time. How does she stay at the top of the chart?

She's relatable, Zo. Remember that.... She relates to many peoples problems, she's perfect. And, so unlike you.

My inner self practically whipped me with those words. Why do I make myself feel so bad? So sure, I've been having so much trouble in school, but calling myself unrelatable and imperfect? I can be so much better than this.

One day, one day, one day. I will, one day, be better to myself. But not today...

I sat down on the toilet and took out my usual tools...

These things just make me upset. So, so upset. I just feel like..

I feel tears streak down my face, from pain and sadness, as the razor comes in contact with my wrist. I stifle a yelp as another cut ruins my skin. I look down, not even being able to look at my own self...

I told you. So stupid, and so, so, SO imperfect. Think people will like the scars? Nope. This'll turn out worse than your grades. Don't forget that, you little--

I stop myself before I finish my own thoughts. More tears streak down my face. I feel nothing but cold bitter, numbness in my wrists.

All those people, whispering. All those people posting things and texting things about me. Those voiceless insults. They mean so much, they mean so much more to me than anything. Anything bad. They're the worst things in my life. To them it may seem like making their buddies laugh is so much more important. I know some people who would have loved for me to bleed out on the floor just in spite of their names.


Author's note:

Does anyone think this story needs to go somewhere? Like, should I continue? Is the first chapter a good, strong solid beginning? Or should I stop now? I can handle hate, give me everything you've got to say! Whats good or whats bad, I just need to know:) Thanks Bye:)

-NotTelling17- (Tommo&Hazza)


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