Bloody Rabbit

Based after right after Ezio has become a assassin. Ezio has been sent on a mission to track down a bank robber that has been appearing all over Florence. The problem is he knows the robber all to well. His one and only crush Alice Bakersville, A clothing shop owner in the middle of town. What will happen when they find out each others identities? And what happens we they meet with each other years later and she doesn't remember him? Will Ezio's love for her crumble? Or will he try to thaw her cold heart? Ezio from Assassin's Creed and Alice from Pandora Hearts. I have permission from Ayase kun~* to use his Oc's.


1. The Meeting

The red metallic smelling liquid ran down her arm as she ran through the forest for her life. " Come back here you devil girl!" A voice said angrily as she ran. " Do not let fear slow you down...." She thought to herself as she dodged trees that blocked her path. She tripped as her foot was caught in a root of a tree. As she fell into a ditch, she cut her leg on a jagged rock and heavily bleed. " Please God, don't let this be the end of me" She quietly said as footsteps came closer and closer to her location. Closing her eyes she prayed not to be spotted. But as she opened them, her life flashed before her eyes....


" Another's day work!" Alice exclaimed as she walked into the castle of Hades. When she walked in, she wasn't surprised of what she saw. Hades & Wheatley fighting and Ayase-kun~* playing Bioshock. Alice sighed as her sweat dropped. " It's the same everyday" She said as she walked to her room. As she jumped onto her bed she could still hear the arguing of Hades and Wheatley. Ignoring there yelling, she got up to her mirror and pulled down her sleeve revealing at scar on her arm. " Heh.... I remember that day... i'll never forget it" She said with a slight smile. She could only remembered that moment.... She couldn't remember her savior or anything as she was drifting into darkness....Nothing except that moment and how she felt... Not even her life or how she came into that world... Tears emerged from her purple eyes and rolled down her pale white cheeks. " I just want to find my memories... that's all I want God..." She cried as she sat n her bed and curled up, broken. Soon the arguing got to her mind and she reacted with no thought. She got up off her bed and immediately opened her bedroom door. " Stop fighting for God's sake!! You guys do this every single fucking day!" She screamed out at the both of them. Both on the ground tackling each other looked up at her to she her tears fall down her cheeks. " A-Alice are you ok?" Ayase-kun~* asked her in a hush tone so she would not break into more tears. " I-I-I am fine Ayase-kun~*" She stated as she walked to her room silently. How she came to find this place was unknown. But she knows that she is safer here than anywhere else.....


His boot's clattered against the cold stone floor, making the walls echo. " Is that the target?" He asked walking over to a man, on the balcony, with a scar over his eye. " Yes that is him" The man said silently as both stared down at the target.


He ran roof to roof following his target that was in the streets. The guard looked up to the roofs knowing that he was being watched. Ezio hid in the shadows, To not be seen by him. The man tried to pay no mind but kept looking behind him as he walked. Ezio followed the man until he had reached and entered one of the Borgia towers that kept watch. He smirked with pride. He climbed up onto the tower, out of sight of any other guards. He soon was right behind the guard that watched over the section of the town. Ezio quickly snuck up behind him and covered his mouth before driving his hidden blade into the guards back. He threw the dead guard to the ground before igniting the tower on fire. " I love this part " He said smiling before he jumped off the edge of the tower and into a pile of flower petals. Ezio got out of the petals, quickly running to his destination to meet up with his uncle Mario. Once he had gotten to the destination he was greeted by the face of his uncle Mario. " Good work Ezio... I have a new mission for you " He advised Ezio. " Uncle! cant you just give me a break?" Ezio begged with a smirk. " Heh, actually Ezio you might like this one... its quite a challenge for you " Mario advocated to him as he passed a scroll with his mission on it. Ezio red the letter and smiled at it. " This is perfect" he thought...


Alice came out quietly from her room, hoping to disturb no dreaming minds. She looked around carefully to see if anyone was roaming around the castle. "Good" She sighed in relief as she crept to the living room down stairs. Once she got down stairs she made a B-Line for the couch and immediately started watching TV. Not soon after she had done this, there was light tapping at the door. Doing her best to ignore this Alice told her herself it was just the wind. Soon the tapping became louder that soon she could not tolerate it anymore. She picked herself up from the couch and opened the door revealing a cloaked man. " Reason of presence?" She said rudely to the man. " Ah please for give me-" " I said reason of presence, not your life story..." She addressed him once more crossing her arms. He looked a bit shocked but composed himself again. " My name is Ezio Auditore... I've come to speak with him.." He replied to her giving a bow. " Affiliations with him?" She toyed with him trying to make him angered. " A close colleague of his..." He countered with a smirk. Alice sighed in defeat as he won this fight. " Come in and do not touch anything... I shall go get him for you.." She said to him rudely once more as she went off to get Hades. Ezio looked around his environment, studying everything closely. Hades soon came down with Alice. Hades walked up to Ezio giving him a greeting of a handshake. " Ah! Ezio it has been long since I have seen you... How have you been?" Hades questioned as he shook his shoulder playfully. " I have been doing well Hades.. And what of you?" " I have been well also!" He boasted. Soon both were into a deep conversation. " So it is agreed that you will be staying with us now?" Hades asked him. Ezio nodded and soon his eyes drifted to Alice in the kitchen making a batch of muffins for upcoming breakfast. " Ah I see you've taken a liking to-" "Alice..." Ezio cut him off in Mid-sentence. Luckily Alice did not hear this. Hades looked shocked. "You know her?!"

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