Bloody Rabbit

Based after right after Ezio has become a assassin. Ezio has been sent on a mission to track down a bank robber that has been appearing all over Florence. The problem is he knows the robber all to well. His one and only crush Alice Bakersville, A clothing shop owner in the middle of town. What will happen when they find out each others identities? And what happens we they meet with each other years later and she doesn't remember him? Will Ezio's love for her crumble? Or will he try to thaw her cold heart? Ezio from Assassin's Creed and Alice from Pandora Hearts. I have permission from Ayase kun~* to use his Oc's.


2. Attractions

----------------------------------------------------------------------------Third Person-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

He lied in his bed looking up at the ceiling. He frowned as tears swelled up in his eyes at the thought of her. " How?.... How could she not remember?...." He thought to himself as he tossed and turned under the sheets. As his tears rolled down his cheeks, many questions were in Ezio's mind. "Does she not remember? Or is she pretending not to know me? Has she moved on? How did she get here?" The thoughts lingered in his mind. That night Ezio could not fall asleep no matter how hard he tried.


"Damn!" She thought as she tossed and turned herself, "Why am I thinking about that Ezio guy?". She turned her head at the ceiling to draw herself into a state of drowsiness but it did not work once again. " Maybe I am just paranoid protecting this castle and that he looked suspicious at first.." She thought out loud as she turned the lantern by her bed off. " And hoe he kept toying! He looks like a playboy by my eyes!" she whispered to herself, " But he does look familiar for some reason...Where have I seen him before?" She asked herself. " Nevermind...It is not worth thinking about..." She whispered to herself as she made herself comfortable in her sheets and drifted off into a world of slumber...... What she did not know he was on the other side of the wall listening to her careful..... And idea shot through his mind... Maybe he could try and make her remember... And he knew how he could do just that...

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