War of the Ancients

This is a prequel to the book of my friend Lola Luna. You'll know it when you see it but later. This is about a race of Vampires and Necromancers who really hate each other. They put it aside as best as possible when threatened by a rising race of Dragons and faeries. Will they make it? Or will the Dragons wipe them out?


3. Sorra


Sorra's P.O.V


I sat in the forest of Malyka, enjoying the moonlight in the cool breeze. The light shone on my silver-grey fur and illuminating my copper red eyes. I licked away the red clots of blood that stained my coat from my recent kill. A small rabbit lay near me, dead and meat ripped off from its flesh. I smiled softly to myself, remembering how the wind blew around my fur and how my paws thudded against the soft ground. I let out a great howl, echoing through the forest and out onto the sky. I craned my neck to the side, gnashing my teeth in slight pain. In seconds my paws turned into nimble fingers, tanned. My fur faded away, I don't know where they went. Perhaps into my skin? Who knows.

"Sorra! Sorra! Jack's back!", a shrilly voice called through the thick brushes.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Be right there Becka...", my voice replied with strength and obvious hint of annoyance.

I walked over to the clearing they were in, gazing briefly at my small pack. Well my personal back anyways. I stopped in the middle, watching as the others bowed their heads down. I nodded and looked over to Becky. She flipped her golden locks over her shoulder. She attempted to flirt with Jack, winking with her dazzling blue eyes. I could hardly contain a smile as Jack grimaced.

"Jack. Good to see you again.", I said in an honest tone. I didn't tell the truth often.

Jack smiled at me and I nodded. Gosh It was hard not to smile at him. His canine teeth were so sharp but he had the most irregular eyes! His eyes were bright green with flecks of silver. I shook my head slightly and regained focus to the cause.

"Great to see you to Sorra.", he said with his slight Italian accent. "I went to the eastern forest and saw the camps that have been rumored around".

Focus now Sorra, focus, I thought to myself then began to pay attention to what Jack was saying. "So It's true? The Dead walkers are taking our land?".

Jack nodded with a tint of anger in his eyes. I looked to everyone else in my pack, looking into their eyes.

"You all know what this means, correct?", I asked knowing the answer.

The rest nodded, understanding the plan now. Jack looked up to me, tilting his head slightly then stood up walking into the brush.

"Alright, go rest. We leave in a fortnight", I ordered before following Jack into the brush.

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