War of the Ancients

This is a prequel to the book of my friend Lola Luna. You'll know it when you see it but later. This is about a race of Vampires and Necromancers who really hate each other. They put it aside as best as possible when threatened by a rising race of Dragons and faeries. Will they make it? Or will the Dragons wipe them out?


2. Raphael

Raphael's P.O.V

The sun was shinning bright, illuminating the forest floor. I smiled holding hands with my darling wife, Amanda. We walked down the path together feeding a few birds. I sighed in annoyance, letting go Amanda's hand. I walked to a tree, an oak tree if you couldn't tell. It was large and old, older than me that's for sure. Behind the tree I see a small girl with black hair and in in Indian style. I frowned backing up quickly, taking Amanda's hand. I squeezed her hand tightly as I lead the way to the Necromancer villa, Mornalla. She gave me a worried look but stayed quiet knowing that I would have explained what was troubling me.

We reached a small hut in the villa of Mornalla. It was small yet large on the inside. On the outside it was black and grey with red painted symbols on the door. Amanda made me some tea as we sat down on the floor together. Her skin had an odd glow to her today along with her sapphire eyes. 

"Tell me now what happened out there", Amanda asked with growing concern in her voice.

I sighed softly and looked at Amanda in the eyes. "Sweetheart, I saw something. An omen".

"An omen?", she replied confused and startled.

"A bad omen Dear. An Acheri was in the forest.", I say quietly with nervousness in my voice.

Amanda looked at me with wide eyes. She muttered something I could not hear as she stood up quickly. Amanda walked over to her countless herb counter and grabbed some powdered quartz. She started sprinkling the powdered quartz over windowsills and the door ways. She looked over at her counter, her long pale fingers trailing over countless bottles. Some blue, swirling and maybe even hissing.

I took her hand and lowered her to sit on the floor beside me. I smiled a goofy little grin and she blushed. I pushed black a lock of her black hair behind her ear. I leaned in closer to her, my hand on her cheek which was blushing red. Amanda looked at me her eyes buzzing nervously in her eyes. I leaned in close and kissed her softly, calming her down. She kissed me back slowly and smiled warmly at me.

"Now go. Go warn the villa...", she whispered. "Warn them of the Acheri". 

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