War of the Ancients

This is a prequel to the book of my friend Lola Luna. You'll know it when you see it but later. This is about a race of Vampires and Necromancers who really hate each other. They put it aside as best as possible when threatened by a rising race of Dragons and faeries. Will they make it? Or will the Dragons wipe them out?


1. Princey

Andrese's P.O.V

The sky was calm, the full moon was shining bright. I sat in my garden watching the flowers bloom in the pale moonlight. I ran my long fingers against a blood red flower, its petals were so fragile and smooth. I glanced up at the moon, my vampire fangs coming into play. I chuckled to myself as I heard whimpering exactly 50 feet below me. I stood up and went inside my great stone castle which had cracks and crannies but it was thick enough for almost any attack. Large scale windows lined the walls now open. Some had the stained glass art work taken from the humans and placed here. It made me laugh as I passed them by, remembering when I was only 100 years old. Humans had thought that they were superior, not knowing that beings like me existed. It was my best century when we spread like the plague. Humans died and we became a stronger and more powerful race. We took what we needed and what we wanted.

I shook my head with a smile as I walked to a big old wooden door. I opened it easily while a human would spend too much time on it. I descended down the pitch black staircase, winding around one center coulomb. I could see perfectly fine, my vision was enhanced and also night vision. I was basically the perfect hunter. With that thought my stomach growled, it echoing in what seemed to be a quiet space. It echoed to far below where more echoing could be heard, a scream or two also. I chuckled looking down to my feet. 

I reached the end which was still dark far from any sources of light. There was iron doors lining up all along the hallway, each containing large cells. I walked to near the end, opening the 35th cell on the left side. I opened the door with the push of my finger even though it was made of 3 inches of steel. I smiled when I walked inside and closed the door. Inside was 3 females, but they were special. They were young, all AB+ in blood type and oh yes, they were necromancers. The girls seemed to tremble and feeling terrified. I could practically taste the blood in their veins, flowing quickly and their hearts pumping. I leaned in close to the blonde haired one, the youngest one. She had the purest blood, the richest and the sweetest. I licked my lips, my fangs out. 

My lips brushed the side of her neck, sending chills down her spine. She did not struggle which made me smile against her soft skin. I kissed her gently making the skin numb. She let out a sigh and I could hear the other two scootching away as far as possible. I didn't mind as I quickly sunk in my fangs. I heard her gasp as her sweet delicious blood flowed into my mouth. I drank for  a while but finally had to pry myself away. She looked faint but I only shrugged. She would survive easily. I stood up and got back to the hallway, on my way back to my room.

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