War of the Ancients

This is a prequel to the book of my friend Lola Luna. You'll know it when you see it but later. This is about a race of Vampires and Necromancers who really hate each other. They put it aside as best as possible when threatened by a rising race of Dragons and faeries. Will they make it? Or will the Dragons wipe them out?


6. Jack


Sorra's P.O.V


Jack sat under a tree, admiring the shadows that danced on the ground. He glanced up as I approached him stealthy. I felt concerned about him, he has been gone for weeks. Some didn't make it back. I sat down across from him, causing him to look at me. I couldn't read his expression clearly but something bothered him.

"Sorra. Somethings not right. The others, they died but not normally. Sorra it was horrible." Jack started then stopped, shaking his head.

I sat down beside him, cross-legged. "Jack. It's going to be okay, they volunteered for the mission and they knew what was coming."

"Sorra no! You didn't see what happened! This wasn't a normal flu spreading around! Sorra, they were alive when their flesh was falling off of them, not bleeding, just flesh falling off so all that was bear was the bone. Finally after all that pain they could die... Sorra...' Jake whispered.

I could only stare at him with an open mouth and my head tilted to the side. "Jack... I didn't know. I mean, Jack. I am so sorry. What could possibly do something so, so sinister?"

Jack sighed and looked me in the eyes. He looked so vulnerable. I just wanted to snuggle up to him and kiss him until he laughed and tell him stupid jokes until he became irritated. I loved him but, he didn't love me back. I had imprinted on him and no one knew. No one ever would.

"Sorra. Sorra, snap out of it!" Jack shouted while shaking me.

I snap my head around and face him. "Oh um yea? Sorry."

Jack shook his head and looked towards the darkening sky. I leaned against a tree and closed my eyes in weariness from the day. Too much had happened and I would deal with it later. Jack stood up and walked away into the brushes, shifting into a wolf.

A few hours later he came back with blood around his snout. He saw me laying on the ground with my mouth wide open, snoring loudly. His melodic laughter echoed in my dreams as I dreamt of happier times. Jack walked behind me and curled around me in a protective manner. I immediately snuggled into a ball, into his soft underbelly of fur.

"Sweet dreams Sorra. I will always be there."


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