War of the Ancients

This is a prequel to the book of my friend Lola Luna. You'll know it when you see it but later. This is about a race of Vampires and Necromancers who really hate each other. They put it aside as best as possible when threatened by a rising race of Dragons and faeries. Will they make it? Or will the Dragons wipe them out?


5. Acheri


Raphael's P.O.V

I walked down the stone paths in the village belonging to necromancers. Here, no one is particularly different. Everyone here can summon, communicate or raise the dead. Only one could become them. And that one person was his-

"Son! What brings you here to my humble home? Finally come to your senses and leave that wench of a girl you call your wife?"

I sighed in annoyance as... charming, as she was. I looked down at my feet, hearing the waves crash against themselves as I stood on the wooden bridge. "Mother, I bring bad news"

"I should think so. You would never come to visit me after all I have done to raise you! After all, your only my eldest son" the older woman replied with a tone as if trying to make me guilty.

I shook my head as I walked into her home. It was warm and roomy but decorated oddly. With animal statues, bows and swords hanging on the wooden walls and even animal skin on the floor. Dim lights brightened the room but casted an eerie glow to it all.

"Mother, I need to use the bell so pull down the rope" I demanded.

She scowled at me. "What on earth do you mean?"

"Mother, please. I need to alert the town of an on coming threat!"

"Nothing could penetrate our walls or even get through the security."

"A ghost can! Mother, ring the bell. We have an Acheri on our hands!"

I heard scuffing in the back and I frown on the inside.

"Abigail, what is all this noise? Who's here?"

I froze at the sound of the rough voice. It cut through me like a bunch of sharp knives, digging into my soul. My head began to spin and fingers went numb. I could hear my mother let out a soft sigh then nothing. I looked at the doorway and saw a tall, broad man. He gazed upon me with curiosity. Mt mouth wouldn't work as I fell to the ground. My vision began to darken as I saw someone approach the man from behind.

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